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over 2 years ago
Scoop is one of those places that I wish we could find on every street corner. Shopping in bulk is such a great, eco-friendly way to get your shopping done. They did such a good job of making it easy to bring in my own containers, weighing them, and getting all the goodies I needed. They also have a bunch of other great eco-friendly household products!
almost 3 years ago
Scoop is the baby of zero waste powerhouse mama Stephanie Lentz. She is on a mission to bring zero waste shopping to the forefront of our modern grocery, home and personal care shopping experience.

At Scoop, products are sold in bulk. You can also buy containers to put your products in - and they have an online storefront as well. Any packaging used is minimal and recyclable.

You can buy food, personal care and I think home care products. It's pretty awesome - and they are in process of expanding even bigger!

About Scoop Marketplace

Scoop Marketplace is a zero-waste grocery store that makes it easy to buy package-free and bulk goods. You will find a variety of food, home-goods, and personal care products. Bring your clean, reusable containers to Scoop, and you can fill them with as much or as little product as you want.


Monday - Wednesday: Closed

Thursday - Friday: 12pm - 4pm

Saturday - Sunday: 11am - 4pm

Visit Scoop Marketplace website for in-person shopping updates and to order online