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6 Best Seattle Groceries

  • 600 N 34th St, Seattle • Fremont
    Meredith Fife - I love that they carry local vendors!
    recommended by Arry Yu
  • 532 19th Ave E, Seattle
    Flora Ku - I love C&S! Dani and her team are awesome. Coffee and food are amazing. And their catered boxed lunches are a great option for a quick grab and go meal!
    recommended by Javier Soto
  • 1801 41st Ave E, Seattle • Madison Park
    Omar Shahine - Really dammed convenient. We go here for in between needs as we mainly use Amazon Fresh. Friendly staff.
    Annette Kraus - They have a great wine selection and the produce is always fresher than the bigger stores.
  • 13721 Lake City Way NE, Seattle • Lake City
    Ido Ohad - This is where I buy all the Mediterranean food.
    Fresh veggies, fresh (and best) lamb meat you can find.
    And many more good stuff.
    There's also a restaurant upstairs (falafel, Humus etc.)
  • 2106 NE 65th St, Seattle
    Tonya Peck - Tierney from The Herbalist was great support to my Mom during her treatment. She provided (by-phone and email) various smoothie recommendations which included tinctures for nausea, energy, tender emotions and so forth.
  • Diane Lansinger - Home delivery of slightly imperfect groceries - fresh produce, proteins, dairy, non-perishables.

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