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9 Best Seattle Groceries

  • 600 N 34th St, Seattle • Fremont
    Meredith Fife - I love that they carry local vendors!
    Amanda East - We've been PCC members for decades. It's an investment to shop here, but it keeps money in our local economy and in the natural food and wellness businesses. We generally bring cloth bags and stock up on bulk items to reduce packaging waste. You can place bulk orders of products through them if you need more of something and want to save some money on ordering more up front (they offer case discounts). If you don't know about the PCC Farmland Trust program, check them out. You'll feel better shopping here and putting your hard earned money into something this important. They take the cake over TJs, WF, and AmazonFresh any day of the week.
    Monika Mathews - I love PCC! A great local market.
    recommended by Arry Yu, Carly Canter
  • 11435 Avondale Rd NE, Redmond
    Ryan Bruss - Lots of grocery options in Redmond, but PCC is the best. We really like their produce!
  • 1801 41st Ave E, Seattle • Madison Park
    Omar Shahine - Really dammed convenient. We go here for in between needs as we mainly use Amazon Fresh. Friendly staff.
    Annette Kraus - They have a great wine selection and the produce is always fresher than the bigger stores.
  • 532 19th Ave E, Seattle
    Flora Ku - I love C&S! Dani and her team are awesome. Coffee and food are amazing. And their catered boxed lunches are a great option for a quick grab and go meal!
    recommended by Javier Soto
  • 13721 Lake City Way NE, Seattle • Lake City
    Ido Ohad - This is where I buy all the Mediterranean food.
    Fresh veggies, fresh (and best) lamb meat you can find.
    And many more good stuff.
    There's also a restaurant upstairs (falafel, Humus etc.)
  • 1530 Post Alley, Seattle
    recommended by Patrick O'Donnell
  • 2106 NE 65th St, Seattle
    Tonya Peck - Tierney from The Herbalist was great support to my Mom during her treatment. She provided (by-phone and email) various smoothie recommendations which included tinctures for nausea, energy, tender emotions and so forth.
  • 1410 NW Gilman Blvd Ste B, Issaquah
    Erika Yelle - Gemini Fish Market in Issaquah has the best quality in season seafood around! Small business, local owners, and always source high quality stuff- not as cheap as buying at Costco but worth the price. Their dips and sauces are delicious too!
  • Diane Lansinger - Home delivery of slightly imperfect groceries - fresh produce, proteins, dairy, non-perishables.

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