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10 Best Seattle Groceries

  • 600 N 34th St, Seattle • Fremont
    Meredith Fife - I love that they carry local vendors!
    Amanda East - We've been PCC members for decades. It's an investment to shop here, but it keeps money in our local economy and in the natural food and wellness businesses. We generally bring cloth bags and stock up on bulk items to reduce packaging waste. You can place bulk orders of products through them if you need more of something and want to save some money on ordering more up front (they offer case discounts). If you don't know about the PCC Farmland Trust program, check them out. You'll feel better shopping here and putting your hard earned money into something this important. They take the cake over TJs, WF, and AmazonFresh any day of the week.
    Monika Mathews - I love PCC! A great local market.
  • 1801 41st Ave E, Seattle • Madison Park
    Omar Shahine - Really dammed convenient. We go here for in between needs as we mainly use Amazon Fresh. Friendly staff.
    Annette Kraus - They have a great wine selection and the produce is always fresher than the bigger stores.
  • Tori Kiss - It is estimated that 30% of all food produced in the U.S. goes to waste, which has harmful implications for our landfills as well as the energy & resources we use in producing this food. Imperfect Foods is tackling this problem by sourcing foods that otherwise would have gone to waste, and their home subscription model makes it super easy to get your groceries delivered to your door weekly. Even better, they now pick up the insulated liners & cool gel packs from prior deliveries (for re-use!), so there is little to no waste involved in the deliveries.
    Kiko Eisner-Waters - Our household, like many in 2020, made us fast experts in online grocery ordering. While we participated in CSA boxes and meal kit delivery services in the past, it never became routine, likely because I couldn't pick exactly what I wanted. With Imperfect, you choose exactly what you would like and while they might not have everything you need each week it's an amazing breadth of produce and groceries. Also, because the product is seen as waste because of an imperfect shape or color, it's an incredible value. (I've had reverse sticker shock, if that's a thing?) Imperfect Foods mission statement is to "Eliminate food waste and build a better food system for everyone". No argument here.
    Diane Lansinger - Home delivery of slightly imperfect groceries - fresh produce, proteins, dairy, non-perishables.
  • 151 12th Ave, Seattle
    Amy Woidtke - Scoop is the baby of zero waste powerhouse mama Stephanie Lentz. She is on a mission to bring zero waste shopping to the forefront of our modern grocery, home and personal care shopping experience.

    At Scoop, products are sold in bulk. You can also buy containers to put your products in - and they have an online storefront as well. Any packaging used is minimal and recyclable.

    You can buy food, personal care and I think home care products. It's pretty awesome - and they are in process of expanding even bigger!
    Kelsey Lockard - Scoop is one of those places that I wish we could find on every street corner. Shopping in bulk is such a great, eco-friendly way to get your shopping done. They did such a good job of making it easy to bring in my own containers, weighing them, and getting all the goodies I needed. They also have a bunch of other great eco-friendly household products!
  • 11435 Avondale Rd NE, Redmond
    Ryan Bruss - Lots of grocery options in Redmond, but PCC is the best. We really like their produce!
  • 532 19th Ave E, Seattle
    Flora Ku - I love C&S! Dani and her team are awesome. Coffee and food are amazing. And their catered boxed lunches are a great option for a quick grab and go meal!
    recommended by Javier Soto
  • 1530 Post Alley, Seattle
    Robin Wehl Martin - This is just such a great and unique product. It's permanently ruined me for Moscow Mules or any other ginger beer at all. I can not drink anything coming from a can or any ginger beer that's not Rachel's. It feels almost medicinal in the best sort of way, because there's so much ginger and so much lemon in it. If we're having people over, I feel like it's such a nice way to make an easy cocktail. Rachel and her partner Adam run this business together and our families are really close. They are truly generous people. I love supporting them and I adore their products.
    recommended by Patrick O'Donnell
  • 720 Lind Ave SW, Renton
    Lawrence Lerner - This place is a regular on my list for Asian ingredients. Still a no-frills shopping experience but an EXTENSIVE selection of ingredients. Since I first wrote this they extended their fresh vegetable selection. A lot of choices for Japanese eggplant peppers, fresh greens, and at very reasonable prices.

    There is a growing section of Mexican-style sauces, tortillas, and other food items. Some hard to get sauces from Herdez, which are a variety of authentic flavors.

    You will find European pickled veggies, canned fish of all shapes and sizes, mountains of pasta, and much more.

    Take your time going through the store, dress warmly in colder months (really) and you will be rewarded with hard-to-find items at very reasonable prices.
  • 13721 Lake City Way NE, Seattle • Lake City
    Ido Ohad - This is where I buy all the Mediterranean food.
    Fresh veggies, fresh (and best) lamb meat you can find.
    And many more good stuff.
    There's also a restaurant upstairs (falafel, Humus etc.)
  • 4416 Fremont Ave N, Seattle
    recommended by Josh Bean

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