Kristi's Grooming Co.
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Kristi's Grooming Co.


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over 2 years ago
My dog is pretty low maintenance as far as grooming goes, but I've been taking him to Kristi's for nail trims and toothbrushing for the last couple months. While the dog is (unsurprisingly) anxious during the process, it's an easy one for me. Staff is friendly, competent, and I can always seem to get an appointment when I need to.
almost 4 years ago
Kristi and her team are amazing groomers. She has groomed Portuguese Water Dogs for show. They are pros.
over 4 years ago
Kristi is like a dog whisperer ... all the dogs in her salon are calm and it’s because of her and her great staff...and our dog comes back looking sharp and handsome!
over 4 years ago
Our pup loves this place!
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