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Cindy Sersig
29 days ago • San Tan Valley


What is your favorite eyeglass company through the mail and why? I've seen some that will send you so many frames to try on and choose, but there's so many companies to choose from. This option appears to be much more affordable than local eyeglass shops.
10 replies
8 days ago
I was just talking to Adam Doppelt about this on Friday because I received my try-at-home box from Warby Parker. The frames are cute, I like the shopping experience on their site, and everything is basically $95 so you know what you're getting into. That said, I haven't tried other online optical stores -- have only bought in person up to now.
  • 28 days ago
We've used Zenni five or six times and we're quite happy. The frames look great and the glasses are inexpensive to say the least. We typically order two or three at a time for our kid who tends to lose them, sit on them, chew on them...
  • 28 days ago
I’ve tried costal contacts and zenni and have been happy with both. I have ordered the wrong size before but when you only pay $10-$15 for a pair, it’s ok!
  • 28 days ago
Cindy Sersig Zenni Optical is my FAVORITE site. They are super affordable and high quality. Last year alone I purchased 3 pairs because I wanted to be able to change up my style. Plus you can upload a selfie and "try on" the style before you decide!
  • 27 days ago
Thank you everyone! I'm going to check these out!
  • 27 days ago
I ordered from and they weren’t the right fit or reader number. Easy return at no cost and exchange for new ones. The new frames fit great but the magnification is still off so I need to return or exchange.

I saw a Warby Parker ad on tv and ordered the Home Try On box. Found some great pairs and maybe I will like them better. Plus they give back. When you buy a pair, they give one to someone in need!
  • 27 days ago
Amy I love the giving back campaign!! Thank you!
  • 27 days ago
I don't wear glasses (I know, super helpful when people chime in on product recommendations when they have zero experience!), but my husband has always been a fan of Warby Parker. I like the simplification they offer. There aren't 500 frames to choose between with a price range that spans multiple tax brackets. It's like buying a Mac computer. You can pick small, medium, and large but you don't have to learn about processors or pixels to know you are getting a quality product. They've built trust and have a minimal range of products that are easy to navigate. Anyway, that's my take on Warby, and my husband always goes back to them! If you're overwhelmed, they might be the answer!
  • 26 days ago
I'm a fan of Krewe glasses. Great website, good selection, very well made. I own a few frames and love them.
  • 16 days ago
I can't speak from my own experience, but a friend of mine ordered frames off of Firmoo. They are really really inexpensive and they look great on her. I'm not sure about their home try-on policy but they might be worth checking out!
  • 8 days ago

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