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10 Best Bellevue Spas

  • 1032 106th Ave NE, Bellevue
    Andrew Bohrer - The spa facilities are nice, I'm kind of an idiot in the spa, I just sit there wishing I had a boat to play with. That said, I think they are well above average and my wife, who likes spas, likes this. More importantly, I have had two great massages here, one of which was an ashiatsu massage in which the therapist seemingly performed miracles on a couple injuries I had. Without hyperbole, it was the best massage I ever had.
    Dave Parker - Great facility and services including the pool.
    Cassandra Gholston - The signature massage is the best! They have a steam room and pools
  • 1020 108th Ave NE 130, Bellevue
    Mike Torres - Bellevue-based clinic with a sweet electric cryo chamber, an infrared sauna, local cryo, compression sleeves/boots, and a massage table. I always feel great after doing whole-body cryo here as it's *actually* whole body (vs. just neck down) and once you have experience, they will have you go for an extra minute for a total of 4.
    Peter Chee - Localized cryotherapy helps me recover in between races. Highly recommended for speeding up muscle recuperation.
  • 10708 Main St 200, Bellevue
    Shauna Swerland Youssefnia - super professional- anything under the sun for tanning and for light therapy - tan fat looks better
  • 41 148th Ave SE, Bellevue
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  • 925 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue
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  • 1504 145th Pl SE, Bellevue
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  • 7. LifeSpa
    11111 NE 8th St, Bellevue
    Erin Flemming - Convenient if you're a member of Life Time, but you can go even if you're not. Nathan gives great massages!
  • 1515 116th Ave NE, Bellevue
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  • 1110 112th Ave NE, Bellevue
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  • 9 Lake Bellevue Dr, Bellevue
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Anyone familiar with Korean day spas, any favorites in the Seattle area? I'm thinking I need a good scrub refresh and a little R&R in various miner...
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Gina Tran We’ve gone to Yuan Spa in Bellevue and Q Spa in Lynnwood. Both are co-ed but I prefer Q Spa since they have dedicated male-only and female-only spaces where you can be nude while Yuan only has co-ed spaces that require a bathing suit. Q Spa also has an in-house restaurant which is divine. Q Spa is great to go with a partner while I’d go to Olympus if I’m solo or with some girlfriends.
Molly von Mitschke-Collande Olympus in Lynnwood is the best. Hands down. Women only. Be comfortable in sporting your birthday suit for the day and in spending a long time relaxing there! Restaurant is on site, so you actually never have to leave. Book the scrub AND the moisture wrap, it's the best experience and worth the drive and $$$.
Arry Yu So my mother (also being Korean) wanted to check out Palace Spa in Federal Way - so that's where we went. Scrub and the works. It's also right by Heart, so picked up groceries for the weekend while there. Jenny is the scrub specialist to see, and the Emerald Package is definitely the one to get (scrub and moisturizing). I'd go back again for the convenience factor. It's also co-ed - not my favorite part of it. I'll have to check out Q Spa. And when I'm up for the hour drive up to Lynnwood, I'll go back to Olympus - I agree, that's the favorite around here still. In the NYC region, it's SPA CASTLE!!!!!!! The best I've ever been to if anyone's over on the east coast for travels or the holidays. :)