9 Best Seattle Internet Providers

  • Carly Canter - Best service in WA state. I used to work for them up in Seattle, as a former employee and a customer I would never switch.
    Patrick O'Donnell - Gigabit for $75 a month! Pretty reliable so far
    Steve Dossick - Centurylink fiber is great once you get through the install. Cheap too, often they have a $65/mo unlimited 1gbps symmetrical offer for homes.
  • 2. Wave
    Laura - I miss the days of having Wave Broadband. They were the best service provider I've had in Seattle with the best customer service.
    Ben Gilbert - They're great because they theoretically offer gigabit to the home, but my service has been spotty.
  • 3. Wave G
    502 Rainier Ave S 101, Seattle
    Piragash - If you are lucky enough to have access to this microwave single hope to the Internet backbone, you should get it. It’s only offered at condos and apartments in downtown and Belltown that have line of sight to the Westin Building.
    Ken O - Inexpensive, fast, great service.
  • 26125 104th Ave SE, Kent
    Adisyn Smith - I love the affordable plan and great coverage
  • 3131 Western Ave M330, Seattle
    Scott Martin Heimendinger - Consistently great service, but what really sold me was that the CEO sent out a letter saying that they'd always remain on the side of Net Neutrality despite national politics.
  • Thanh Dinh - We have Ziply Fiber and pay $60/month for 1 gig. No contract required. We have had it for about 1 month now and working great.
    recommended by Joshua Hayes
  • 9. Viasat