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  • 5416 Barnes Ave NW, Seattle • Ballard
    Sara Wooster - Dr Larson is patient and thoughtful and I love that she uses prescription meds as a last resort.
    recommended by KapKa Parents
  • 3513 NE 45th St, Seattle • Laurelhurst
    Melinda Lane - No doctor is more knowledgable or compassionate. I have referred several friends to Dr. McLogan with absolute confidence, and now I shall do the same for you. Whatever's ailing you, Dr. McLogan will fix you right up.
  • 7621 Aurora Ave N, Seattle • Phinney Ridge
    Shannon Garbaccio - Jenna is an amazing listener, she has great insight and is an all around excellent clinician. I would highly recommend her.
  • 2008 NE 65th St, Seattle • Ravenna
    Sara Eizen - I've been seeing Jena for a couple of years now and I feel like she really gets me.
  • 7541 44th Ave NE, Seattle • Wedgwood
    recommended by KapKa Parents
  • 902 NE 65th St, Seattle • Ravenna
    Jennifer Haller - I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Leslie, she is fantastic.
  • 1629 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle • Queen Anne
    Mike Torres - This is a pretty cool place for taking your health into your own hands. I do drip IV nutritional therapy with custom vitamin, mineral, and nutrient blends. They also have a far infrared sauna, Platelet Rich Plasma services, and other cutting edge "biohacking" services.
  • 2450 33rd Ave W 100, Seattle • Wallingford
    Troy Dennis - Dr. Amye Hadley at Swedish Magnolia is great. She treats all 4 of us in our family. We really appreciate her views on medicine and whole health care.
  • 2705 E Madison St, Seattle • Madison Valley
    Melinda Lane - Felice was with us through two pregnancies, one with a very sad outcome. She was stellar in every circumstance and we collaborated really well together throughout both pregnancies. I love her so much it almost makes me want to have another baby just to see her again! Just kidding. But she's great, and highly recommended.
  • 5502 34th Ave NE, Seattle • Ravenna
    Vanessa Laughlin - Dr. Gregory is a great naturopath to work with, very helpful.

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