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  • Omar Shahine - Incredible kids photographer. Has been photographing our kids and family for 7 years.
    Douglas Pearce - Libby is a long time and much beloved photographer of events in our community. She uploads her photos to a website that is great for sharing the photos with your friends and family.
    Lora Shahine - Amazing with kids!
    recommended by Melinda Torres
  • Sara Eizen - Shannon is amazing! Shannon has an incredible eye for catching special moments, is super friendly, great at engaging with kids during a photo shoot (adults too) and has such gentle manner about her that relaxes even the most uptight person. Shannon creates beautiful photographic memories that will last a lifetime.
    Adam Tratt - Shannon is an amazing photographer with an artistic eye and lovely disposition. Highly recommended.
    Cassie Walker Johnson - Shannon has captured our family both personally and professionally for several years. With a husband who detests getting photos taken, she truly can charm him to smile genuinely. But the way she captures our true personalities is bar none. Book her immediately!
    recommended by Christine Clark, Deb Rappaport
  • Laura F - We have worked with Jenn for family photos for five years. She is super talented and fun to work with. She understands toddlers and has a variety of tricks up her sleeve for keeping them entertained and engaged so that she captures everyone's best side.
    Denis Ford - Jenn's wonderful. She's done our family photos for years and is a delight.
    recommended by Abbe Tolzmann
  • Jen Hope - The best family photographer in the Seattle area. Headshots too!
  • 4216 Winslow Pl N, Seattle
    Jordan Lyon - She is simply the best!
    Daniel Ellis - Catie provides a professional and personal experience, and has a knack for catching genuine moments and interactions. She's great working with kids and families too!
    Mary Bergman - Catie has photographed multiple events (garden club, historical sites and birthdays) for us. Everyone always comments how beautiful the photos are. She is an artist.
    recommended by Catie Bergman, Nora Pitaro
  • Ben Shorr - Tom is an incredible photographer (and my neighbor and friend).
  • Jennifer Haller - Holli is my go-to photographer!
  • Prudential, 114 Alaskan Way S 104, Seattle
    Rebecca Lovell - Michael has a great eye and a gift for putting people at ease. I don't generally enjoy getting my picture taken but Michael made the experience delightful and the results were even better.
  • Wendy Quast - Erica is an up and coming Seattle based photographer who makes every single individual who comes into her studio feel welcomed, loved, and accepted as they are. She focuses on helping everyone love themselves as they are and find comfort in their skin through positivity and encouragement.
  • Andrew Bohrer - I've done a few food styling projects with Ryan and he's great to work with. I like collaborating with him, he challenges me, and he genuinely likes his job. When I look at his real portfolio, (not just food) I'm always floored with the quality of his work.

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Looking for a headshot photographer for kids (for professional headshots for acting stuff) Thanks
13 replies
Last reply 14 days ago
Aileen McGraw While not headshot specific, I absolutely LOVE Sparkfly Photography - they specialize in kids photography and headshots, so I bet a combo would work wonderfully! Dan and Stacia are just amazing humans as well.
Shannon Garbaccio Hi Edward and Carl, I have taken several kids shots for their comp cards. And I used to be a producer who worked with casting agents a lot so I am familiar with what is needed. If you haven't found what you're looking for, please give me a call, happy to talk to you more about what you need. Thank you!
Edward Following up: We ended up going with a recommendation that came in through this discussion: We were really happy with both the process and the results: Recommended!