The Infertility Support Dream Team

Tuesday March 12th

Eight Pros Help Seattle Couple Start a Family

Like most couples who experience infertility, Vaneeta and her husband had no idea what lay ahead when they began the process of starting their family. They’d just turned 30 and returned from an epic trip around the world. They’d been married for three years and felt ready to become parents. Although she had a thriving career, the role of mom was Vaneeta’s “dream job.”

Four months into trying to conceive, they were ecstatic to became pregnant. But the tide soon turned: in the 6th week of pregnancy, Vaneeta suffered a devastating miscarriage. According to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 10-25% of all clinically recognized pregnancies end in miscarriage, but the fact that they’re relatively common offered little comfort.

Fast forward six months: still no luck. Vaneeta and her husband got in touch with a fertility specialist who performed a battery of tests that yielded no real answers. They discussed their options and decided to start medication to help Vaneeta ovulate. When that didn’t work, they tried in utero insemination (IUI) three times without success.

The stress of the process had begun to build. The next step was IVF, but it was involved and intimidating. Vaneeta felt like it was her last hope to have a baby the way she wanted to. She felt tremendous guilt, helplessness, and hopelessness. Why did her body not function the way it was supposed to? So many people got pregnant easily, some without even trying. Why not her? She knew she would need help – both mentally and physically -- to get through the process.

Vaneeta started seeing Casey McSweyn at Full Circle Acupuncture after multiple friends with similar experiences recommended her. She was beginning to feel jaded by the process. She felt like she needed a miracle. Casey’s treatments helped her physically (as she worked in conjunction with Vaneeta’s fertility cycles), but she tended to her emotional needs as well. Vaneeta would leave her appointments feeling recharged.

In addition to acupuncture, Vaneeta needed more help to work through the anxiety, fear, and anger she was feeling. She saw Dr. Leslie Butterfield weekly for two years. Having a therapist who was experienced in infertility was instrumental in helping Vaneeta navigate all the emotions she felt.

When Vaneeta and her husband decided to take the IVF step, things started heating up. The first round of egg retrieval yielded one healthy embryo, however it unfortunately ended in a second miscarriage. The second round yielded two healthy embryos. At this point, they switched providers for a fresh perspective.

Dr. Lynn Davis at Seattle Reproductive Medicine gave the couple a new sense of calm and hope. After another round of egg retrieval, they had four embryos on ice and were ready to move forward with implantation. Ten days after the embryo transfer procedure, they got a phone call from the clinic that they’ll never forget: they got the news they were hoping for. The procedure was a success and they were pregnant. Yes!

Vaneeta loved every moment of her pregnancy, from the morning sickness to those sharp kicks. She would literally laugh while dry heaving in the morning. Her husband thought she was crazy, but she felt pure joy that her pregnancy was finally going smoothly.

To keep her body comfortable and strong through the pregnancy, Vaneeta turned to Jeremy Cheung at the Performance Fix. Jeremy is certified in pre and post-natal, so he helped Vaneeta build strength and ensure that she rarely had back pain as her belly grew. She felt confident that he knew what types of exercises were safe for her and the baby. Plus, she rocked her bump through the pregnancy!

Along with the regular gym workouts, Vaneeta worked with physical therapist Dr. Hilary Pentz to prep for the birth. She specializes in women’s health and gave great tips on posture, daily routines, proper shoes, and even how to walk safely. (Post-partum, Dr. Pentz worked with Vaneeta to repair her abdominal separation.)

As the birth approached, Vaneeta turned to Emma Christensen at Seattle Pregnancy Massage for massage. She felt at ease, relaxed, and comfortable with Emma, even as her belly grew to the point of making sleep difficult. Emma was there for Vaneeta and her husband through the birth experience, which was sudden and challenging in its own right.

After three long and painful years of trying to have a baby, Vaneeta and her husband finally got their son. They were really particular about choosing his pediatrician and spoke to multiple friends and doctors to get recommendations. Dr. Jessica Lindsay at the Polyclinic kept coming up.

After all they went through to have a child, Vaneeta wanted to capture as much of it as possible. Alicen Lum stood out as a family photographer. Her photos have a great range in style, both indoor and out. They drive from Seattle to Federal Way to get to her studio and it’s worth the trip every time.

Their son is now one and half years old and “life is amazing.” Vaneeta and her husband had a Dream Team of professionals who helped them in their quest to have a family. At Fresh Chalk, we celebrate them.

Most of us rely on professionals to help us take care of the important things in our lives, including our health, our families, our homes, and even our appearance. But for people that set out to achieve a big dream or to overcome a big obstacle, the right team of pros is often an essential part of the journey. Fresh Chalk’s Dream Team series tells the stories of the teams of professionals that help people to make their dreams come true.

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