10 Best Seattle Tattoo Shops

  • 5307 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle • University District
    Shannon Garbaccio - This shop is amazing with ear piercing for kids. They treated my 10 year old daughter with such care and respect. They very patiently explained the entire process to her so she was informed and felt comfortable. They spent a lot of time educating her on how to care for her new piercings. They were also really supportive for after care. They are not the cheapest way to get your kids ears pierced, but they use medical grade metals to give your piercings the best chance of no complications. I cannot say enough good things about this shop!
    Flora Ku - Got my nostril piercing from here. Clean, quick, and professional!
  • 513 N 36th St suite f, Seattle • Fremont
    Minda Lane - Jude is incredible. They are a very talented artist and easy to work with. If you are wondering if your tattoo will hurt: it will. But Jude will make you laugh and then you won't feel so bad about how much your skin effing hurts.
    Aileen McGraw - Jude is creating amazing art and their studio just gushes with incredible line work. Inclusive. Every body - literally - feels welcome.
    Keara McGraw - Jude's art is stunning
    recommended by Vishak G
  • 508 NW 65th St, Seattle • Phinney Ridge
    Lindsey S - Slave to the Needle is where the majority of my tattoos are from and I've been very impressed.
    Lawrence Lerner - How have I not reviewed my favorite tattoo shop? Three of my four tattoos were done here. I have two more planned for this year. One is a raven then wraps around my chest, right shoulder, and around to my back. Eight hours in the chair and it was a delightful experience.

    The shop is super clean and well-lit. My $.02 is that any tattoo parlour should be like where you get your haircut. Three C's comfortable, clean, and consultative. If they don't ask you a lot of questions and just try to get you in and out, you're getting the quick-serve meal versus dinner from a chef.

    Prices are reasonable for Seattle and to date, I wouldn't consider going anywhere else.

    Bonus tip:

    1. Plan ahead. Please plan ahead. Did I say plan ahead? They are very good which means the artists book up months in advance.

    2. Know what you want and spend the time to do a consult with your artist. They are the experts in ink, style, and drawing. Only you are the expert in what you want. Make it a partnership. I designed three of the tattoos myself then reviewed them with the artist. Lindsay was amazing with my raven. When I go shirtless, yes I am 50+ and comfortable with it or my partners see it I get tons of compliments.
  • 1121 E Union St, Seattle • Capitol Hill
    Kari O'Driscoll - Thomas is an exceptional tattoo artist. He listened to my vague idea, spent an hour with me to come up with a sketch that I loved, and then did a diligent, meticulous, beautiful job on the tattoo. Go see him!
    Debbie Steele - I have been a client at Laughing Buddha (formally Damask Tattoo) for several years. I love the shop for many reasons. Always friendly and professional staff. Very clean, their covid guidelines are above and beyond amazing. I recently had a four plus hour appointment at their new location. I parked at a reasonably priced nearby pay lot. Very easy and there are plenty of two and four hour spots close to the shop as well if your appointment is not as long.
    Laura Exley has been my go to artist. Her work is stunning. I'm always amazed how her artwork transpires to skin! Check out their website because all of the artists are very skilled. I highly recommend Laughing Buddha!
  • 4517 University Way NE, Seattle • University District
    Henok Belay - Recently had my consultation with this shop. Friendly staff and my artist let me know exactly his scope of experience, pricing, and availability. Ask for Debate!
  • 305 NE 65th St, Seattle
    Vanessa Laughlin - You'll find absolute artistry and professionalism in this friendly neighborhood tattoo shop in Greenlake/Tangletown. The owners, Mary and Bryan, are two locals and parents to young children and are well invested in serving all kinds of Seattle folks. They welcome curious walk-ins and advance appointments alike. Check it out!
  • 5451 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle • Ballard
    Daniel Ybanez - Tracie is the best
  • 1520 11th Ave, Seattle • Capitol Hill
    recommended by Matthew
  • 7408 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle • Phinney Ridge
    1.9k karma
  • 3216 NE 45th Pl 203, Seattle
    DE Williams - Perfect for tattoo removal.


Thinking of getting your first tattoo but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you have a design in mind, and now you need to find that just-right tattoo artist to bring it to life. These tips from Fresh Chalk and Tracy Zumwalt at Anchor Tattoo can help ensure you’ll walk away with an awesome piece of body art that you’ll want to show-off.

Establish A Style

What is the art style of the tattoo you want? Most designs will fall under a specific category—is it Traditional Japanese, Tribal, Traditional American, Realistic? Not every tattoo artist has the same style, or excels in all styles, so identifying that style that speaks to you is important. “Once you know what style you want to go with, look for someone that does this style, and does it well!” says Anchor Tattoo’s Tracy Zumwalt. Many tattoo artists have their own unique art style that can result in a truly one of a kind piece. Browse the portfolios of lots of different artists before you take the plunge—you may find inspiration for something boldly original.

Research Your Local Tattoo Shops & Tattoo Artists

Once you’ve figured out the style for your tattoo, do your research and don’t be afraid to shop around. Most tattoo shops will have portfolios of their tattoo artists’ work available to browse on their website or Instagram. Use Fresh Chalk to ask your friends for recommendations and referrals. “Find out what you can about their reputation,” advises Tracy. “If you're getting a smaller design, you're probably okay to just set an appointment with the artist you've chosen and get your tattoo. If, on the other hand, you're planning a substantial piece for your first tattoo, definitely meet with the artist before making an appointment to see if your personalities are compatible. Nothing is worse than spending time and money with someone you don't get along with!”

Be Picky

Have we mentioned that a tattoo is forever? It’s totally okay to be picky when looking at tattoo artists' work. Look closely at the lines—they should be smooth, not jumpy, jagged, too thick, or shaky. Circles should look like circles, not ovals. Colors should be bold and completely filled in, and watch for scabbing or scar tissue, which can be indicative of an overly heavy hand. Don’t choose someone just based on their flash sheets. Be sure to find both fresh and healed tattoos that they’ve done to truly judge the quality of their work.

Recommendations and Reviews

Your friends can be a great resource to you. If you have a friend with a tattoo you admire, find out more about their experience. You can find out a lot more about the tattoo artist’s process, the atmosphere at the tattoo shop, how well the tattoo healed or aged over time by talking to the people who’ve actually been in an artist’s chair. Many people are passionate about their tattoos and would love to support their tattoo artist with a recommendation. Read the reviews on your artist and the tattoo parlor itself—cleanliness is certainly a factor, as is the layout and location of the tattoo shop. Is it well lit? Dusty? Are the tattoo artists’ stations next to street facing windows? Take the time to find out so that you can find a tattooer and a tattoo shop that fits with your comfortable level.

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