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about 1 year ago
My only complaint is that I wish they were louder. The first year and a half was great, then the headphones slowly stop charging and then decide charging again whenever they feel like it, but when they work, they work like a charm
over 1 year ago
These thing are great. I haven’t had to charge them for a week and I use a couple of hours a day. Still about 50% left.
almost 2 years ago
Really love these - they are so versatile with what I am doing... Peloton workouts (they stay in place), walking, talking on the phone, on the airplane - the noise cancellation function is a game changer, too!
about 2 years ago
I thought there wasn't a difference with the old ones and these but there actually is a difference in the quality of sound!
over 2 years ago
Freaking love this! First off, buying any wireless buds is a godsend. I'm able to chat with people on FaceTime or on a call while doing chores around the house, and hear them crisply in my ear. The noise-canceling on the pros is actually incredible. It definitely works!
over 2 years ago
I used to use the first generation AirPods and ever since i got these I love them way more! If you live in a loud house these are perfect to block out the noise with the noise canceling feature. They have a long battery life and make moving around while listening to your favorite music or podcast way easier. My favorite time to use these is while I'm working out because they make it way easier than having to deal with all the wires!
over 2 years ago
These are just really good wireless earbuds. The battery life is long, the sound is great, and they're really intuitive to use with other apple devices. The spatial audio update was fantastic. I was watching a movie on my iPad, turned to look at something and the sound started coming out more from the ear that was closest to the iPad. It through me off at first, but now I love it.
recommended by Ben Lindquist