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over 2 years ago
I had been lugging around a canister vacuum and thinking everything was fine. I was wrong. This vacuum cleaner is extremely lightweight, cleans amazing on both carpet as well as hard floors and has loads of attachments. I also love how easy it is to empty all the dirt you suck up. I will never go back to bags and my heavy canister vac!
over 2 years ago
As someone with pets, hardwood, and carpet - this vacuum works wonders. As an avid vacuumer, I adore the Shark Duoclean because it comes with a detached piece that you can use on stairs, or in my case, my couch and chairs. Great piece of machinery!
over 2 years ago
We have the Shark Professional and I think it works well for stairs. The canister lifts away from the base, so you aren’t lugging the whole thing up and down the stairs. It also comes with a pet hair attachment and the hose detaches for hard to reach corners
recommended by Katie Taylor