The best sunscreens of 2023

Elissa Tompkins - I like Supergoop sunscreen. I use it almost like a primer if I wear makeup or just as is if I’m not wearing make up.
Zoe Gregorace - Supergoop! Goes on clear and is perfect for wearing under makeup!
Paula Claure - This is an amazing sunscreen. It's easy to apply, doesn't have a white cast, even my little one loves it.
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Elexa Martinez - I really like the coverage it gives me and how light weight it is for layering under my makeup. I use this on days I know I am going to be outside in the sun a lot.
Kylie Heaton - I use this sunscreen all the time! It’s my favorite one to travel with. The lotion is very lightweight.
Liz Huerta - This is one of my favorite daily sunscreens. I have used both the spf 30 and 50 and loved them both. I don’t notice a white cast and it is very moisturizing. You could use as your morning moisturizer and spf if you really wanted to. It does have the hydro boost scent so if you are sensitive to sc...
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Emily Midgley - If I need just face coverage, I like the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer 55. Its not greasy on your face and does a great job blocking the sun.
Victoria Grinde - Use this sunscreen on my face! Love that it doesn't feel greasy and heavy!
Carol Mullins - I'm outside, sometimes all day and having a great sunscreen is important. I like Neutrogena for its protection factor, hypoallergenic, absorbs quickly and leaves my skin dry, not oily. Too much lotion and sunscreen can make me break out and Neutrogena doesn't clog pores. Free of Sulfate, PABA, dy...
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Victoria Grinde - For being someone with sensitive skin and with kiddos who have sensitive skin, this sunscreen is one of my go-to's. I have a bottle in the cars and in each backpack.
Molly Pearcy - Alba Botanical Sunscreen is a great a choice for the whole family. Both my kids have sensitive skin and burn very easy. Alba keeps their skin protected during swimming or sports. It is convenient to apply since my kids never stop moving. It smells nice too!
Brittany Menestrina - This is my go-to sunscreen. I love being in the ocean and snorkeling is my favorite thing on the planet! This sunscreen formula is safe for the environment and there's very important to me!
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Clau C - A must have!
Cindy Sersig - This sunscreen stick is always in my purse to apply on our faces whenever we go outside.
Brittany Menestrina - Neutrogena has a really great one for your face. I have sensitive skin and some even burn me! I've used the face one for years and highly recommend it.
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Cindy Hawkins - I use Elta MD skin care UV physical broad-spectrum SPF 41 facial sunscreen. It’s lightly tinted, chemical free, and provides UVA/UVB protection and is water resistant up to 40 minutes. It’s for extra sensitive skin.
Shannon Garbaccio - I am a huge fan of a couple of brands. Elta MD - we get the "clear" not tinted one, it is zinc oxide based. Not too white, and excellent protection.
Meena Caputo - Elta MD never breaks me out and great for swimming, and all outdoor activities!
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Sandra J - The best and EWG rated 1 which is SUPER clean!! So i love that it is safe for baby and mama!
Cindy Happel - I use this sunscreen when my face needs a little extra love. It's 98% organic and uses non-nano zinc oxide. Very gentle. It's also nonGMO and biodegradeable with a water resistance of about 40 minutes. I'd be using it on my little ones but they've all grown up!
Elizabeth Jimenez - My sister uses this and she said it works so good !
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Molly Pearcy - Coola Full Spectrum Sun Silk Face Sunscreen has become my everyday facial sunscreen. It is light and absorbs quickly. It kept my skin protected in the intense tropical sun better then my previous sunscreen. I love that it is scent free and reef safe. It feels great using a product that is not onl...
Kristie Real - We all know how important it is to wear SPF everyday and this one is super light and not greasy at all! I can mix it into my foundation, too! Protecting your skin is so important and the formula works great for those who don't like anything heavy on their face (like me). Plus, it doesn't really a...
Pamela Kessler - Coola is great and approved by my picky kid!
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Karline Nogales - La Roche - Posay Anthelios Sunscreen. I love it!
Nadia L'Bahy - This sunscreen dries immediately and is completely non-greasy. It prevents breakouts throughout the day and keeps my skin really matte
Z M - I like LaRoche Sunscreen. It went over an unfortunate existing burn without pain, wasn't oily, and stayed on while I swam.
Heather Montgomery - Safe for the whole family to use!
Heather Smith - Great brand. My roommate has rosacea and loves this, great for sensitive skin.
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Julie Joyce - This is a fave for the beach. Goes on well and really seems to do the job. No burns when using this sunscreen.
Stacy Gregorace - This stuff provide great protection and smells amazing!
Zan Hudson - Okay, so living in fl i need a good sunscreen that will last all day. I like how I am able to layer it with my makeup.
Kylie Lebel - One of the few that doesn't cause breakouts!
Victoria Grinde - I keep this solid sunscreen stick in my baby's diaper bag! It's easy to pack and take along in your purse, diaper bags, etc.
Heather Long - I love this solid sunscreen stick. I keep it in my bag and it's so quick and easy to use on the go. I also keep one in my bathroom and just smooth on those areas that typically get a lot of sun. Here in Colorado it's important to protect our skin ladies!
Clau C - This one has a light texture and is perfect for under makeup. I also like that it has UVA/UVB protection. Very gentle on my sensitive skin.
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Cindy Sersig - I’ve used babyganics. It’s thick but rubs in easily, though it leaves a white residue, but for my little ginger son, it’s hard to find a sunscreen that works for him and this definitely works.
Brooke Piszczor - This is a great sunscreen for kids!
Heather Smith - Great for on the go trips if you are spending time outdoors.
Preeti Viswanathan - The 1 oz tube fits easily into my Kulie and is great to hold on to for sunscreen backup. I like the Banana Boat Ultra Sport because it does a pretty good job of resisting wear-off from water, rubbing, sweating, or wiping.
Kylie Heaton - This is my favorite SPF especially for my face!
Carolyn Pearcy - I like this one but I know that Jan Marini has both a tinted and non tinted that’s goes on like silk. I really like the tinted sunscreen.
Carolyn Pearcy - Coola
Natalia Planz - Sunscreen that does not have toxic active ingredients. I used to buy any sunscreen until I read the Australian Sunscreen regulations. Most sunscreens have cancer causing ingredients. Stream2Sea also helps the sealife. Apparently all the sunscreen people wear and go into the ocean is also toxic fo...
Elissa Tompkins - Great mineral sunscreen! Works on my sensitive skin!
Stacy Kirkus - Easy to find in stores, which is a huge plus! Goes on smooth and blends in quickly- and does an amazing job keeping our family sun safe!

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