10 Best Seattle Junk Removers

  • 11601 NE 67th St, Kirkland
    Liz Pearce - We hired Tao to help us clean out the last of our office furniture (😟) and he delivered as Amy Woidtke and Sara Eizen promised! Fast, flexible, and cheerful.
    Amy Woidtke - Tao is my go to hauler of choice for my home organizing and relocation clients. And myself, of course :D He always arrives with a contagious smile and a can-do attitude. Seriously the happiest hauler I have ever met. I love it when a client needs him because that means I get to see him too! The world needs more folks like Tao.
    Sara Eizen - Tao is super nice and great about making sure your items don't end up in garbage. He tries to recycle as much as possible.
    recommended by Mary Haggard
  • Adam Doppelt - They were great. Easy scheduling via email/phone. Showed up on time and they were all smiles. The two guys were very efficient with our old king mattress, which was not light.
    Sherri Monte - As interior designers and Home Organizers at Elegant Simplicity, we have used Seattle Rubbish Removal.

    They were great!
    Amanda London - Best garbage removal I’ve ever had. Moving is rough and they helped out bigfime
  • 4229 W Marginal Way SW, Seattle • Delridge
    Omar Shahine - These guys are great. We had a bunch of furniture we just wanted out of our house. College Hunks came by and carefully removed all the items and hauled away to Goodwill. They were very reasonably priced. 329.00 for 1/8 of a truck.
    Chris Manderino - College Hunks is great...and not just because of the name. We've used them about four times over the last two years including in and out of a storage unit.
  • 3100 Airport Way S 70, Seattle • Industrial District
    Ryan Bruss - Maybe a little more expensive than you'd like, but they arrive quick, fast, and in a hurry.
    Kirby Winfield - Super fast response times, reliable, friendly. Great service for a non-local brand.
  • 15700 116th Ave NE, Bothell
    Marie Mills - I've hired Sasquatch three times in the past couple of years. They are super fast, friendly, and easy to work with. They an haul a ton of stuff in one truck load, pro-rate the fee based on how much you fill the truck, and donate and recycle when possible. I highly recommend them.
  • Danna Redmond - So helpful in hauling nearly anything and everything away - whether it is donations to take to goodwill or recyclables to go to the recycling center or things for the landfill - they come, haul it all away. They show up on time and have always been courteous.
  • 914 164th St SE Suite B12, Mill Creek
    Susan Stocker - This company is wonderful for taking loving, gentle care of hoarding situations. We've referred to them numerous times, and every time we've had great feedback. Hoarding can be such a delicate and sensitive issue -- often with the owner feeling vulnerable, judged, a bit lost or scared. This company approaches with kindness, and that is exactly what the hoarding doctor ordered!!
  • 12742 Lake City Way NE, Seattle • Lake City
    recommended by Jennifer Porter
  • 7020 44th Ave S, Seattle • Rainier Beach
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  • 14327 124th Ave NE, Kirkland
    recommended by patrick guertin