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10 Best Seattle Tree Service

  • Adam Doppelt - They were great! Very organized and professional compared to some other arborists I've worked with. They did a nice job working on one of our problem trees. Crew seemed to care about our trees. Recommended!
    Tom Laramee - I hired Out On a Limb to remove a tree that died during the long period of drought in 2018. Because it was located on an Environmentally Critical Area, there were all kinds of special permitting requirements, as well as very specific requirements from King County in removing the tree. Out On a Limb did a great job.
    Shannon Garbaccio - Kathy and her crew are wonderful. They have taken down a diseased tree in our yard, pruned our trees and diagnosed an issue with another set of trees. I thought a tree needed to come down ,but they told me it did not, that it only needed heavy pruning and extra mulching. I really appreciated that type of trustworthy service. They know their stuff and are reasonably priced. They love trees so they want to do everything they can to save them if possible!
  • 14419 Greenwood Ave N Ste A-330, Seattle • Bitter Lake
    Leslie Feinzaig - Reliable service and reasonable pricing. They've trimmed our trees and also cut down a tree that was creating problems with our pipes.
    Martina Welkhoff - Very efficient and cost effective.
    Gaurav Oberoi - They did a great job trimming our trees.
  • 19331 21st Ave W, Lynnwood
    Omar Shahine - Wonderful company to handle all tree issues such as annual pruning and fertilizer for trees
    Mikaela A Kiner - The folks at Bartlett were the best. From the initial call, to scheduling, to on time and great service. The guys who came to the house were knowledgeable and gave us great guidance. It's clear they care about trees and think long term. Fantastic!
    Lora Shahine - This is who we call when we have any tree issues. Wonderful team!
  • 12533 1st Ave NW, Seattle • First Hill
    Patrick O'Donnell - They're reliable, and they were able to quickly help us when we needed emergency tree work
    recommended by Amy Barker, Carolyn Gracz
  • 6402 14th Ave NW 4, Seattle • Ballard
    Boaz Ashkenazy - I've used James a bunch for tree removal and large scale trimming. Very professional and trustworthy. Competitively priced as well.
    recommended by Danna Redmond
  • Meredith Fife - These guys were amazing! We had a couple of high risk trees next to our house that needed to be removed. The team was not only fast, but efficient. Our whole neighborhood came out to watch these guys work because they were so good at what they do.
    Karen Huh - We recently used Northwest Tree Surgeons (based on recommendations on this site!) to remove a very tall and long laurel hedge and some old, sizeable shrubs. They did a great job. Fast, fairly priced, and definitely experienced. I wouldn't recommend them for smaller jobs as I think their minimums are too high, if you've got a lot of work like we did, it was cost effective. Would highly recommend!
    recommended by Wesley Parker
  • 17500 54th Pl W, Lynnwood
    Adam Doppelt - They did a nice job with my trees. Reasonably priced. Found on Angie's List.
  • 14515 NE 87th St, Redmond
    Stephen Nash - I can always count on Davey Tree to keep my yard from taking over.
    recommended by Annette Kraus
  • 9000 Lake City Way NE, Seattle • Wedgwood
    Troy Dennis - Vitalitree removed a large plum tree we had on our lot. They did a nice job and the price was reasonable.
    Debra Willendorf - We have a very large big leaf maple right next to our house so we needed to make sure it is still safe. Vitalitree culled a lot of weight off the top and cabled the 3 sections of the tree together to make it safer (it is split at the bottom and makes 3 trunk sections). They also inspected and culled our large western red cedar tree. The crew are all employees of Vitalitree (so not contracted workers). I don't know anything about trees, but it appears they did an excellent job. Good clean up as well. They also were attentive to our requests. I would hire them again.
  • 319 Nickerson St, Seattle • Queen Anne
    Tom Laramee - I hired Kelsey and co. to come out and help with upkeep of three large trees on my property. They did a great job.

Ask for Recommendations

Need help finding the right tree service? Ask your friends.
Sara Eizen
6 months ago • Maple Leaf
The house behind me has HUGE pine trees and many of the branches are over my yard dumping TONS of pine needles! Looking for an arborist who can car...
8 replies
6 months ago
Darlin Gray We had an amazing experience with Collin Wheeler at Ravenna Arborist this past year. Highly recommend!!
Amy Woidtke A client has used Seattle Tree Consulting and was very happy.
Shannon Garbaccio I will second Out on a Limb, I have used them several times and they are fantastic.
Edward Nevraumont
8 months ago • Queen Anne
Hi, We have two pear trees in front of our house. Apparently they have “pear rust”. Our research says we should have done something in April. We di...
4 replies
8 months ago
Josh Barnard We used TapRoot Tree Care for some tree pruning and were really happy with them; not sure how much they do with fruit tree care but definitely work a call!
Adam Doppelt Following... I have a tree that needs attention and our tree guy is more of a chainsaw kinda person
Liz Pearce I reached out to the Master Gardener I've been working with (Peter Lavagnino) to get his recommendations, and he had three: Legendary Tree, Renaissance Tree Care, an Tolt Tree Care.
Ryan Bruss
8 months ago • Redmond
Does anyone know if Honeycrisp and Fuji apple trees will pollenate each other?
7 replies
8 months ago
Marston Gould That’s great. Honey bees and bumbles typically won’t pollinate trees. Mason and American bees will. Masons are usually spring bees. So most are already moving back into hibernation. Remember to give them both a water and mud source.
Susan Stocker They do pollinate each other. Some growers recommending planting a Crab Apple tree in between apple trees as bees love them and it helps pollination all around. Here's a cool link that you can check for all sorts of information on fruit trees
Ryan Bruss Thank you @susanstocker!!! That's a super helpful resource.
Karen Huh
9 months ago • Wedgwood
Anyone have a recommendation for someone who can remove a couple sizeable shrubs and grind their stumps? I'm not sure if this a job for a tree remo...
4 replies
8 months ago
Josh Barnard We were really happy with Taproot Tree Care, though I think they do more big tree stuff than shrubs:
Marie Mills I recently hired Kenny Tree Service. They are fast, professional, and do quality work. You might want to check them out.
Colleen Morris Not sure if they'd do this or not, but Jose and crew at Triple D Landscaping are great!
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