Just Around the Corner Dog Grooming and Boutique
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Just Around the Corner Dog Grooming and Boutique


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almost 3 years ago
Very nice people who do a great job on my pomeranian. There's sometimes a lack of communication between the person who greets me and takes Casper at check in, and the person who actually grooms him. I've taken the time to explain in detail how we'd like Casper trimmed and I feel the groomer hasn't been given this information because it's not done the way I asked. He's gone in maybe 20 times and on 4 or 5 times, it's been groomers choice. I'd rather believe that it's because the groomer hasn't been given the information as opposed to thinking that my instructions are being heard, yet completely disregarded.
over 3 years ago
This place was great! They offer a walk in service called a “skinny dip” for a quick doggy clean and air dry. No wait to get in, and took only 15 minutes. Dog pranced out happily after, not stressed at all. Friendly service.
recommended by Cassie Wallender
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