10 Best Seattle Pet Groomers

  • 2407 10th Ave E, Seattle • Capitol Hill
    Liz Pearce - My dog is pretty low maintenance as far as grooming goes, but I've been taking him to Kristi's for nail trims and toothbrushing for the last couple months. While the dog is (unsurprisingly) anxious during the process, it's an easy one for me. Staff is friendly, competent, and I can always seem to get an appointment when I need to.
    Steve Dossick - Kristi is like a dog whisperer ... all the dogs in her salon are calm and it’s because of her and her great staff...and our dog comes back looking sharp and handsome!
    Martina Welkhoff - Our pup loves this place!
    recommended by Laurel Buckner
  • 3111 W McGraw St 102, Seattle
    Jeri and Amy Andrews - They take great care of our cat- nail trimming/hair trimming.
    Cheryl Brenner - This is where we take our skittish, 15-year-old dog every five weeks. When we first moved to Seattle, we tried out different locations, including mobile grooming. We live this place, and the owners and groomers are genuine pet-lovers. One day, I had car trouble, so I thought I had to cancel our appointment. One of the owners came to our house and picked her up for us!!
    recommended by Jen Hope
  • 4457 36th Ave SW, Seattle • West Seattle
    Andrew Bohrer - I have a chihuahua mutt and she has four dewclaws, she is piecemeal, and I love her. And because I want her to love me, I have Dog City cut nails so I don't have to be the bad guy. They do fast work, my dog doesn't fuss much, and the price is great.
    Marston Gould - We’ve been taking Luna and Olive to Dog City for 4 years. They both love it. Great grooming and play time.
  • 2717 E Madison St, Seattle • Madison Valley
    Kathleen Judd - This place was great! They offer a walk in service called a “skinny dip” for a quick doggy clean and air dry. No wait to get in, and took only 15 minutes. Dog pranced out happily after, not stressed at all. Friendly service.
    Mary O'Connor - Very nice people who do a great job on my pomeranian. There's sometimes a lack of communication between the person who greets me and takes Casper at check in, and the person who actually grooms him. I've taken the time to explain in detail how we'd like Casper trimmed and I feel the groomer hasn't been given this information because it's not done the way I asked. He's gone in maybe 20 times and on 4 or 5 times, it's been groomers choice. I'd rather believe that it's because the groomer hasn't been given the information as opposed to thinking that my instructions are being heard, yet completely disregarded.
    recommended by Cassie Wallender
  • 1428 31st Ave S, Seattle • Leschi
    Amy Posner Wolff - Lucky (labradoodle) will vote for Doggissimo any day over the other the other hairdressers. They do a great job, but most importantly, they don't crate the dogs. Lucky feels happier and safer in that type of environment. She gets to roam around inside and out in the back while she is waiting her turn or pick up.
    Laurie Krisman - They take such good care of the pooches!
  • Seattle, WA • Downtown
    Susan Stocker - Rose is the best cat groomer in the world! She does my little boy's Lion Cut every 6 weeks, and she does an amazing job every single time. She has never once cut him, and she is so amazing with kitties. My cat also trusts her and, although he is not a fan of the grooming, he is relaxed with her. She does several of my customers' cats as well. Her being a great, caring, wonderful human being is just a bonus!!
  • Steve Dossick - Kayla was the groomer we always used at Kristi's Grooming on Capitol Hill. Now our pup gets the same great spa treatment but she comes to our house! All the work is done in her very well appointed van, and our dog doesn't have to deal with other dog customers being around while he gets coiffed.
  • 9412 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle • Maple Leaf
    recommended by Russell Jones
  • 7741 1/2 24th Ave NW, Seattle • Ballard
    Aaron Rhodes - We've been taking our labradoodle here for a year now and love them. They are kinda old school, note cards for their record keeping, but always remember our puppy.
  • 10. Posh Paws
    6411 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle
    Shannon Gould - Faye does an amazing job with our sweet goldendoodle. She’s always happy to go get her haircut!
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