The best coffee makers of 2023

Zoe Gregorace - Love this coffee maker- I've had it for years and it's super reliable!
Carly Canter - Makes the perfect cup of coffee right from your own home. Pods can get expensive and be awful on the environment. So I recommend investing in the reusable pods! You can get a pack of 4 on Amazon for less than $10. #SaveTheSeaCreatures
Christina Nelson - I love how fast I can brew a cup of coffee with the Keurig! It's so easy to use on mornings when I just need a quick cup before I head out of the house. I love using it with a reusable k cup so I can brew my favorite roasts while reducing the waste of the single use versions.
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Victoria Grinde - We love our Keurig and use it literally everyday! I even convinced my boss to get one for my office. I love all the different kinds of coffee and tea options that is available.
Elissa Tompkins - I use this daily. I am not a big coffee drinker, but I like to have one cup every day and this is the perfect system for that. I donated my full sized coffee machine in favor of this one and I don't think I will ever look back.
Kira Carney - This is perfect for a college dorm/apartment. Especially if you're trying to save money - and not wanting to go out all the time for coffee. Be sure to clean it though, it's easy to forget!
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Victoria Grinde - Everything about this coffee maker met or exceeded my expectations. Unlike other French Presses, I don't get coffee grounds in my coffee when I make it using this.
Allison H - Love my french press - easy to use and makes great coffee.
Jeff Mullins - The French press makes smooth, full body brews.
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Dakota Stern - This nifty coffee press really does make great coffee, especially for espresso lovers like myself.
Adam MacBeth - This used to be my daily driver. I upgraded to a super-auto recently which is a bit less work but if you have the time it makes a great cup of coffee. Great for travel too.
Holli Margell - For the coffee lover who doesn't have a lot of space or who wants something they can take camping!
The Aeropress is a single serving, manual press for making your own fresh coffee. We bought the reusable filter to make it even more friendly for camping and the environment. The key is to find your...
Elexa Martinez - We love Cuisenart Coffee makers. They make excellent coffee and last what seems like forever. Over the passed 14 years we have owned 2 and we use them daily. Our newest one is this extreme brew. We found it on the more affordable side and it does what we need and is super convenient since it is p...
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Clau C - We love our Nespresso Breville. It's compact and it came with a milk foamer to make cappuccino.
Arsen Balayan - A delicious breakfast enhancer for any household!
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Natasha Willis - I don't personally have one, but my friend does and it's the best cup of coffee I've ever had. Definitely a goal to get one of my own.
Matthew Berk - I use my Ottomatic every single day. The coffee is as delicious as when I do a pourover by hand, but it does all the work. Even better, it keeps the brew warm for later.
jon mccarthy - I love this idea. It really makes the difference in taste of coffee. I am not a fan of how long it takes but I am also new to it and have no clue as to what I am doing. But follow me and I will show you the dogs and don't of it as I go along.
Liz Pearce - I think I've actively hated every coffee maker I've ever owned. They get clogged, brew slowly, and confuse houseguests. I don't need tons of fancy clocks, alarms, "keep warm" settings. I just want reliably good, fast, coffee that I can still manage to make when I'm barely awake.

I finally found ...
Dakota Stern - This is the perfect purchase if you're looking to make a quick cup of coffee before getting your day started.
Melissa Gallagher - I love coffee brewed via Chemex. If the soot at the bottom of a cup of French press coffee is a turn off for you, you might like Chemex. It's a clean cup that can pick up the nuance of fruit and earth in beans.
Allison H - I love the coffee (smooth and bold) and the ritual of making it in my Chemex.
Carly Canter - Great Coffee maker for someone who just wants to brew a pot on a regular basis.
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Cindy Sersig - I love this coffeemaker because I can make a full pot for the mornings and if I just need a quick pick me up in the afternoon, I can make a single cup.
Cindy Hawkins - With The flex brew, I can make a carafe of coffee up to 12 cups or a single serving using individual style pods or specialty ground coffee. There's also the option to brew a small cup up to a tall cup of coffee from 6 ounces to 14 ounces.
Carol Mullins - I want my coffee fast and the Bunn is almost instant. The chamber keeps the water hot, so when you're ready to brew just add coffee to the basket, pour in cold water and it pushes the hot through the brewer. Almost no waiting. The thermal pot keeps your coffee ready to drink for hours, warm all d...
Jeff Mullins - I worked in a restaurant in high school that used Bunn Coffee makers and they were quick and durable. I've always had a Bunn for great tasting coffee, perfectly brewed.
Cindy Hawkins - Especially love the idea of freshly ground coffee beans!
Tess Arciniaga - Over 2 years old, love that we can grind beans, love that you can set it to brew coffee before you get up.
Sandra J - We also bought this when i was pregnant knowing we would need a good coffee maker. My husband LOVES ground coffee... not realizing the sound it makes also HOWEVER it also brews pre-ground so - either way it is AMAZING!. I also didn't know Breville made Nespresso machines. I LOVE this brand.... th...
Hilda Jacquemin - If you like fresh fresh ground coffee this is worth it
Amy Woidtke - We got a Capresso for Xmas and love it. It has two features that help the grounds holding cup not fall into the used grounds pot (we use an oversized coffee mug) when you are tapping them out.
My partner purchased it on Amazon for under $150.
Lawrence Lerner - I've had the original Capresso with the built-in grinder since it came out in 2001. It's a bit indulgent but makes an amazing pot of fresh ground coffee every time. It's programmable and you can set it up to 24-hours in advance to make your coffee. The built-in burr grinder is considered one of t...
Karline Nogales - I love my Nespresso Essenza Plus. It is compact, easy to clean, and has espresso and lungo options of coffee size.
Andre Palacios - Awesome machine!
Amber Neuhold - This is a great coffee making. There are some many k-cups to choose from. It has lasted over 2 years and still works great!
Tonya Evans - Make coffee a cup at a time or a pot at a time. Don't waste your time with other brands.
Catherine Hazen - We have had a Keurig for years and really have been very happy! It's so convenient because everyone can make the kind they want and everyone is happy! It's nice to have the option for different size cups as well as an iced version too for those hot summer days!
Shannon Garbaccio - This thing is a powerhouse. Full disclosure I don't drink coffee, but gave this to my coffee loving hubs for Christmas a few years ago. He uses it every day and it is a total work horse. He absolutely loves it. He makes himself americanos, lattes, espresso and he steams and froths milk for my kid...
Emily Midgley - Simple coffee maker! Easy to clean the filter basket and love that is makes 14 cups. Could do without the beeping when ready, but at least we don't forget it is brewing!

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