The best cookbooks of 2023

Molly Pearcy - Thug Kitchen was the first vegetarian cookbook I ever purchased. I have no regrets! They have a variety of recipes that should satisfy any picky eaters. My family loves the Black Bean Tortas with Coconut Chipotle Mayo! Yum! The authors do use some spicy language so it may not be the vegetarian co...
Kira Carney - I love the recipes in this vegetarian cookbook. The descriptions curse at you and it's not a fancy cookbook. These recipes are easy and messy, and that's totally okay. The food always comes out amazing. 10/10 recommend.
Rene Foley - Any of the Thug Kitchen cookbooks are awesome - there is swearing in them but I myself find how they do it extremely funny and not offensive at all.
Tori Dixon - A great cookbook for those of us who love desserts. This book has a wide range of recipes, all with different difficulty levels. Clare Saffitz is a baking wizard! It has recipes, as well as an entire section of "baking basics" that includes recipes for baking staples like pastry cream and a varie...
Meena Caputo - Such an awesome sweets cookbook!
Cindy Sersig - I love all cookbooks by Ree Drummond, but my favorite one is probably her first one "Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl". The recipes are easy to follow, but if you don't plan on feeding several people, plan to freeze half or cut the recipes in half!
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Julie Joyce - Not just a cookbook, a great source of cooking information and FAQs. I refer to it for times, temps and different cooking style ideas.
Heather Long - This is a staple go to in our home. What I love about it most is the detailed technical and scientific descriptions of cooking techniques, choosing cuts of meat, storing, carving, in easy to find categories. There are also great reference sections in the back and an awesome index to help you quic...
Victoria Grinde - We did a month of only vegetarian/vegan meals and this cookbook was a game changer when it came to making meals that the whole family would eat!
Nadia L'Bahy - You really can't go wrong with the recipes in this book. They're all amazing and pretty creative!
Liz Stella - I was searching for cookbooks that would enable me to make simple delicious meals throughout the week and this has been a winner. I particularly like the breakfast suggestions and baked goods, which includes a buckwheat pancake recipe that is now on regular rotation. Beautiful pictures too.
Meredith Fife - Bought this cookbook after seeing a recommendation on Fresh Chalk and I have been really happy with all the recipes I've tried so far. The ginger blueberry muffins are my personal favorite so far.
Cindy Hawkins - Just dump, slow cook and enjoy with these amazing hassle-free dishes, 76 different recipes. I used this cookbook a lot when I worked full-time.
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Cheryl Brenner - We use America’s Test Kitchen cookbooks for all recipes since they’re tested and practically impossible to screw up. This one is wonderful for tweens/teens learning to cook…or for anyone who wants to learn the basics of cooking without complicated ingredients.
Victoria Grinde - This book was written by Meredith Masony, who is one funny lady. Every mom needs to read this book! She literally tells it "like it is" and leaves nothing out when it comes to talking about being a mom and parenting in general. Awesome read!!!!
Kim Rachmeler - I followed Stella Parks' blog Bravetart for years before she came out with her baking book and I'm happy to say it's a winner. Parks takes all your best known desserts and comes out with variations that let them really shine. From Brown Butter Carrot Cake to Blueberry Crisp, there's something her...
Meena Caputo - This cookbook is amazing! If you know Molly Baz from the Bon Appetit Youtube channel, her book is full of funny words and shortenings as well as lots of amazing recipes. Both vegetarian and not!
Cheryl Brenner - If you love chocolate and cooking, this cookbook is fantastic. The Millionaire’s Shortbread is one of our favorite decadent cookies. It’s like a gourmet Twix bar but better!
Z M - Brings your vegetable dishes to the next level. It's also got content on processing, pairing, and producing vegetables.
Kelsey Lockard - So many delicious recipes in this book! So far my favorites are the Indian lentil-cauliflower Soup and the roasted rainbow carrots with cumin-coriander tahini sauce! I love making food that makes me feel good.
Michael Gallagher - If you're intimidated but want to learn how to cure meats, make sausages and Salumi this is the book you must get. It's just that great.
Allison H - This is one of my favorite cookbooks - Dorie Greenspan is the best.
Cindy Hawkins - I love to use Bisquick baking mix; they even have a gluten-free mix for those of us who like to bake GF. These recipes are online but I love having a cookbook to look at rather than a computer screen!
Michael Gallagher - This is top-five cookbooks that I have reached for throughout the last two years. The exclamations are great, and the recipes are simple enough to make at home. You can assemble meals in a reasonable amount of time and the food comes out delicious. I highly recommend it for the base recipes for s...
Liz Stella - This has been a life-saving cookbook for a culinary cook with minimal time. A selection of global recipes that breaks down into easy chapters based on cooking-time, 45 minutes and less. Made so many meals from this!

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