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The best exercise equipment of 2023

Jacob Hollenbeck - Been rowing on this for years. Dependable. Long-lasting. No it's better than a truck: it gets you fit. Easy on the joints too!
Mike Torres - If you are going to do “cardio” at home, the Concept2 Rower is my method of choice (well, second only to kettlebell swings). The Peloton is an amazing invention, but it’s (very) expensive and nowhere near the full-body movement that rowing is. Rowing is very metabolically efficient thanks to the ...
larissa Cole - I recently got a Concept Model D indoor rowing machine and OMG it is fantastic! Had to wait about 2 months for it but it has been worth it.
Test Out - Best adjustable weights especially for a home gym! Gets the job done with less equipment!
Mike Torres - The original innovators are still the best adjustable dumbbells on the planet. While many have tried, no one has reached the level of convenience, build quality, or extensibility of PowerBlock. You can start with a less expensive PowerBlock set and add to it with expansion kits as you get stronge...
Arsen Balayan - Definitely on the pricier side, but with all the COVID inflation on most exercise equipment, these are a worthwhile addition to any home gym.
Mike Torres - An inexpensive ($25-$50) way to start introducing both relaxed and active hanging from a bar, which will improve your grip strength and your midsection. Progress over time to flexed arm hangs, and then to pull-ups, chin-ups, “muscle ups”, hanging leg raises, and more. There are higher quality bar...
Arsen Balayan - If you have all your limbs, there's no reason you shouldn't be doing something as simple as pull-ups, put this guy in your doorway and knock out as many as you can a day or every few hours.
Molly Pearcy - I have Fitfort Resistance Bands which I have been very happy with. They stay put during my workout unlike the last set I owned. I found them on Amazon.
Michael Lafears - This is a great piece of workout equipment. Get a total body workout. The weight of the rope and the body movement is what makes the battle rope an interesting option for a total body workout.
Karline Nogales - My favorite boxing gloves. It is easy to put them on and clean them up. Also, they are comfortable and made with genuine leather.
Mara Rosenstock - Cute ankle/wrist weights that aren't embarrassing to wear out in public :')
Mike Torres - For $25, this heinous tool of torture can be yours. Ab wheels have gone from “must be a fad” several decades ago, to “must have” equipment for anyone interested in building a rock-solid midsection. Start slowly though, ab wheel rollouts are much harder than they look—and if you progress too quick...
Julie Underwood - I've had a lot of massage, dr's appts, chiropractic care, etc. for this one. But nothing helped me like the sacro wedgy. A massage therapist sent me to a massage store on Congress for mine 15 years ago, but I've now noticed you can get one for double what I paid off Amazon! There's a male and fem...
Mike Torres - The grip can tend to give out first, cutting your training short and limiting your gains. To get around this, IronMind has a best-in-class set of hand grippers with various levels. This set also include hand expanders, which help counteract all the gripping (and are great for elbow tendinitis). N...
Mara Rosenstock - I didn't know a 10lb weight could be so satisfying to use. I literally pick it up and play with it when im not in the mood to be active and then suddenly im working out.
Peter - Decided to get gymnastic rings for our home gym after trying it out in a hotel gym (out of all places). I immediately knew it's a required equipment. After researching, I found this ring, which is on the more expensive side. I tried it out, and ultimately decided that the strap system with clips ...
Matt Gamboa - When it comes to keeping your hands dry and grippy, I much prefer the chalk ball vs. loose powder. Both are messy, but the chalk ball keeps things somewhat contained so I don’t worry when my chalk bag flips upside down in my bag or car. I also like squeezing the bag to chalk up my hands, it almos...
Sara Latronica - Wrist/ ankle weights with an adjustable and flexible wristband. I just started using them when working out and they give you a little extra without weighing you down!
Michelle Flandreau - I use this treadmill with a standing desk and work all day while walking. This has been a great way to stay fit while working from home!
Mike Torres - Made by Jill Miller’s Tune Up Fitness Worldwide, these balls are made of a special rubber that ‘grip’ the skin and relieves tension. They are great for short mobility sessions, reducing stress and helping you to relax. I use these on my neck, shoulders, and even my face/jaw to prevent tension hea...
Mike Torres - Rucking is basically walking or hiking with additional weight added, and GoRuck packs are the best for it. Not exactly for the home (though it can be used to add additional weight to ab wheel rollouts or pull-ups), this pack is a great addition to a fitness routine nonetheless… especially during ...
Mike Torres - Make it semi-official with a nice folding gym mat to move on top of. Most mats will do just fine to protect the carpet or hardwood floor, but it’s nice to have one that folds up into a corner or under a bed if space is tight.
Mike Torres - Everyone knows about foam rolling, but very few people do it correctly. I have all sorts of rollers, everything from cut PVC pipes to fancy vibrating rollers, and I always come back to the Gator when I need to move better without restriction. The Gator is “one of the only massaging rollers on the...
Mike Torres - My friend and mentor Pavel Tsatsouline, the person chiefly responsible for popularizing kettlebells in the West, says that the kettlebell is an “ancient Russian weapon against weakness… compact, inexpensive, virtually indestructible, and can be used anywhere.” A single kettlebell can replace an e...

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