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The best pet harnesses of 2022

Victoria Grinde - We love these harnesses! We have one for our 100lbs ridgeback and he doesn’t pull when we are walking. Easy to control. Worth every penny!
Molly Pearcy - My chocolate lab loves her walks! Unfortunately, she loves them so much I feared for the long term health of my rotator cuff. This harness was the perfect solution. No more pulling and yanking. Plus the ability to adjust it makes it a comfortable fit for her.
Kira Carney - This makes walking your dog so much easier! They pull less on the leash and you don't have to worry about their necks when they do pull.
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Erin McDonald - We have two dogs and need them to not get tangled or rowdy in the back seat. These come down from the head rest (rather than leg level that clip into seatbelt) and we love them. Also nice to open the door and they prevent bolting out the car.
Kali Thompson - these are great for keeping your dog in one spot and also for keeping them safe!
Morgan Keith - Keeps your furbabies safe!
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Esther Kast - We have used this harness for all of our pups! They fit nicely and they make walks more enjoyable. Easy to control without feeling like you are hurting you pup.
Kim Rachmeler - This harness by TrueLove works well for my Frenchie. It's adjustable, has clips front and back, and it doesn't have a strap across the shoulders which makes it more comfortable for him.
David McConnell - We like the Truelove brand of harnesses and collars...and they come with reflectors built in if you walk at night.
Julie Joyce - We have a Rabbitgoo brand harness and it is an easy on/off.
Blake Alvarado - This helps me control my dog the way I want to control her, just like myself she too gets the best of the best. This is just one of the harnesses that she owns
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Cindy Sersig - We ordered this cute pink harness and leash to walk our cat. She's an indoor cat but always looks out the doors, probably daydreaming to go out. So we got this. I think she thinks she's being punished and it took her a while to get used to it. But it fits well and secure unlike a previous harness...
Carly Canter - My cats are indoor/outdoor...but I bought this to try anyways. They just sat on the floor. The harness however, offered really great support and their mobility wasn't altered!
Morgan Keith - I found my cat as a stray kitten and he hasn’t been outdoors since. Every time he would get out from escaping he’d run up a tree and freak out. It is a hassle to get him back in the house. He wasn’t skiddish outside at all when I found him. I got this as a way to slowly reintroduce him to nature,...
Carol Mullins - Sturdy, no frills, great construction and durability. I want something that's comfortable to hold, especially when a squirrel is close by. This leash has it all.
Jeff Mullins - Comfortable for the walker, durable snd well-made
Joshua Van Sant - This is the best harness and we've tried a lot. Great for larger dogs that get excited easily and want to explore.
Jessica Graham - Ruffwear harnesses are well made and keep up with your dog for lots of trail adventures. We've had ours for 3 years and our pup has run hundreds of miles in it, and it's still in great condition!
Erin McDonald - Wonder Walkers are the best! We have a mini husky with a tiny head and EXTRA fluffy neck so good fitting harnesses and collars are hard to come by. Wonder Walkers are easily adjustable, with a ton of sizes and colors to choose from. Our big pup is all legs and a skinny mini. He is a bit leash rea...
Kristen Cole - I would 100% go with a Wonder Walker. It is comfy for the dog and helps them resist pulling. I have a 15# chihuahua mix, but we've been using the WW since he was half this size. My friend with a larger dog also uses the Wonder Walker. They come in all sizes. Extra super cool bonus - MADE IN SEATT...
Janie Duckett - The best harness for strong dogs. Our 90lb dog stopped pulling immediately!
Christina Nelson - My pup and I both love this harness. I love that it is easy and hassle-free to put on and take off, unlike some other brands I've tried. It fits snuggly on my dog without rubbing or irritating his skin. Great harness!
Jessica Graham - This vest keeps your dog visible on those dark walks, which are pretty much any walk before or after work in winter in the PNW. The vest can be solid color or flash, and is rechargeable.
Amy Posner Wolff - This is the coolest leash for hiking! When your dog loves to run off leash and you quickly need to leash them up for oncoming dogs/hikers, all you have to do is grab the handle on the collar and the retractable leash comes out.
Karline Nogales - Does your cat love to go outside, and you wish you had a safe way to bring it out? This cat harness & bungee will solve your problem. I have two cats, and I use this product to walk my cats in the parks. It is easy to put on and safe.
Sandra Jacquemin - We have always been dog people, our family has always adopted dogs since I was a little girl and we've had our share of harness, colars and leashes. For our little pet rescue Ellie (chihuahua/italian greyhound) this was the ONLY one that was not only comfortable, she couldn't slip out of and made...
Jeff Mullins - We used this harness before and after surgery for one if our large dogs. The fit, form and function allowed help on lifting comfortably without pinch points or binding on the stomach.
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