The best washing machines of 2023

Julie Joyce - We have the LG front loading washer and dryer. It has been a workhorse. We got the model with a sanitizing cycle because when we bought it our kids were still little and we wanted that for all the germs, and such, that comes from little ones.
Steve Dossick - Great, quiet top loader with an impeller, not an agitator. Keeps clothes looking great, and simple enough that you can make your kids do their own laundry!
Test Out - Best washing-machine I've ever had! Clothes feel new after wash!
Chanette Campbell - Samsung 6.0 ! I have this product and when I say a washer machine is an investment trust me lol ... I love mine, its really easy to use and last a long time.. Ive had this one for about 4 years now :)
Susan Stocker - We use Speed Queen Commercial for our business laundry and nothing beats it!
Troy Dennis - We own a few rental properties and there is no better washer/dryer to install than Speed Queen. They are most often known for the commercial washers and dryers they build, but they are great for residential use as well. They do cost a little more, but the biggest benefit we've noticed is their lo...
Brooke Piszczor - We just replaced our Whirlpool wash machine with this LG & I feel like our clothes were never clean before this machine! It is quiet & has a large tub.
Elexa Martinez - We absolutely love our Samsung Aquajet top loader we have the dryer as well. It’s been almost 3 years and no problems. Cleans well and easy to use even the kids can do their own laundry. They were on the affordable side but not cheap.
Susan O'Neil - I have a Meile front loader and dryer and love it. I've had the set for 10 years and have never had a problem. I feel it is easier on my clothes than a top loader. When we moved (twice), we took the set with us. The washer spins the clothes almost dry; so that it does not take much time for a loa...

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