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Melissa Gallagher
about 2 months ago • Atlanta

Dandruff Cure?

I have bad dandruff, and 20 years of dealing with it, and I don't feel I've made much progress! I feel like I've tried so many things. I recently tried the whole no shampoo thing where I only occasionally washed with baking soda and/or vinegar. I've tried all natural shampoo bars, the lauded LUSH scalp treatment, and all kinds of expensive treatments (short of going to a doctor... which I'll do too if someone feels strongly about that route?). Currently, the only thing that seems to keep it at bay are Neutrogena T-Gel Shampoo mixed with a little bit of Jason brand Dandruff Shampoo. But even that combo is a bit lackluster. The itching is under control but the flakes are still present. Anyone have a miracle?
15 replies
about 1 month ago
I hate to promote Head and Shoulders because it's full of some strange chemicals, but it definitely helps. Some other recommendations, only wash your hair maybe twice a week, don't put conditioner right on your cap only shampoo and make sure to use cold water vs hot water when rinsing. Another tip is to use Listerine or Apple Cider Vinegar biweekly to neutralize your scalp, it can sting a bit, but it definitely helps keep dandruff at bay.
  • about 2 months ago
I use Dove dandruff 2 times a week and wash with a clarifying shampoo the other times.
  • about 2 months ago
A friend of mine went to the doctor about his very dry scalp and it turned out to be an imbalance that could be treated with medicated shampoo
  • about 2 months ago
I used to have dandruff and found out I was allergic to some ingredients in the hair products I was using. I use all natural shampoos and other hair products and it's much better. You can also try avocado and olive oil, massage into your scalp and let it sit for a while.
  • about 2 months ago
Hey! My husband has the same problem. He's recently gotten "L'Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay Rebalancing Shampoo" and we both noticed the difference immediately. His hair looked less oily, too. I don't know if it will work for you, but you can buy it at the drug store, so it's not a massive commitment. Good luck!
  • about 2 months ago
Medicated shampoo. I use ketoconozole 2% . It is easily prescribed by a dermatologist (or even GP). Check with your doctor and see if it would work for you. It doesn’t smell weird or anything.
  • about 2 months ago
1. Buy Listerine (I prefer the yellow one but any color will do)
2. Pour some into a spray bottle for easy application
3. Once sprayed onto your scalp, gently rub it in and let it sit for 10-15 minutes.
4. Wash your hair with whatever shampoo and conditioner of your choosing (the Neutrogena T-Gel Shampoo that you already have is what I’d recommend!)
Do this 3 times a week for 2 weeks! It was a game changer for me!
  • about 2 months ago
Like Cindy, I was also allergic to some of the ingredients in shampoos, so switched to natural shampoos. I very much like Maple Holistics Sage for Dry Scalp and Hydrate Shampoo for Color Treated Hair or Dandruff. My hair also became thicker using the Maple Holistics, and I think it's because my scalp wasn't irritated.
  • about 2 months ago
I use Prose, which is a customized hair care line. I use their scalp treatment and specified that I wanted to reduce my flakiness. After a few months of that, along with more vigorous scrubbing of my scalp with my finger pads when I do wash my hair (2-3x a week), I rarely see any flakes. I used to have large portions of skin come off my scalp (gross!). No more! :) It's a more natural solution to the medicated options out there, if that's something that is important to you.
  • about 2 months ago
+1 for ketaconozole shampoo and a visit to a dermatologist.
  • about 2 months ago
I have had itchy scalp for years and it's maddening. +1 for possible allergies and a visit to a dermatologist. Tea tree oil products work for some folks but not me. Other things really strip the color out of your hair.

What's worked for me after trying a lot of different things is:
* Kamedis botanical scalp lotion once a week at night
* NatureLab scalp scrub or L'Oreal EverPure scalp scrub
* A shampoo brush, to stimulate your scalp, get product in there, and also help rinse it out
* L'Oreal Indian Lilac shampoo
  • about 2 months ago
Thanks to everyone who responded on this! So much helpful information! I'll be excited to try through some of these and report back!
  • about 2 months ago
My salon carries a European hair care line. La Biosthetique. It has a two piece e system for illuminating dandruff. The formula comes out of skin care science and it’s highly effective. We suggest that you get a scalp treatment first which loosens all the dead skin cells on your scalp and then follow with the dandruff shampoo and it’s a scalp lotion that also is included. I’ve seen it work time and again it’s plant-based but highly scientific and we’ve seen huge results with it I think it can help you too. Rory
  • about 2 months ago
Nizoral Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
  • about 1 month ago
Omg R+co acid wash has been a life saver. I have tried all the normal dandruff shampoo brands but because they are medication not changing the ph they tend to help for a little while and then your scalp becomes dependent on them and they stop working. Also, as a person with VERY curly hair, normal drug store dandruff shampoos strip and DESTROY my hair. Like absolutely DESTROY. This stuff from R+Co is so amazing and helps keep my dandruff and scalp psoriasis in check w/it destroying my hair.
Hair Care
  • about 1 month ago

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