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10 Best Indianapolis Cafes

  • 55 Monument Circle, Indianapolis • Downtown
    Sara Latronica - Love Starbucks, especially Iced Coffees and Seasonal Drinks!
    Kara Dunn - My favorite is the mocha cookie crumble Frappuccino
    miah russell - I love the Pink Drink!!
  • 335 W 9th St, Indianapolis • Downtown
    Brittany Menestrina - Off the beaten path from the center of downtown. Eclectic coffee shop with great selection. Love that their tea is available hot, cold or loose leaf.

    If you are in the area check it out!
    Katherine Wishart - The perfect place to sit back and enjoy a beautiful cappuccino!
  • 401 E Michigan St, Indianapolis • Downtown
    Kira Carney - This is my favorite coffee shop in Indianapolis! After trying all of their lattes (with oat milk), Pistachio is my go-to. They also have a seasonal latte that's Key Lime and it tastes like fruit loops and is amazing. The recently started selling breakfast: Biscuits and Gravy, Egg Biscuit Sandwiches, and always have Vegan options for their dishes.
    Hanna Carney - OMG love it. Best coffee ever. The Pistachio latte is the best - they were out of food last time I went.
  • 647 Virginia Ave, Indianapolis • Downtown
    Carol Mullins - Great coffee, great customer service, staff is always so friendly, the atmosphere makes you want to hang there all day. If you need to meet someone for anything, take them to Calvin's. Croissants are pretty good too.
  • 6386 E 82nd St, Indianapolis • Castleton
    Alyssa Lehrer - best boba in Indy
  • 627 N E St, Indianapolis • Downtown
    Brittany Menestrina - When everything first shut down due to COVID and we didn't have a chance to really have any human interaction the owner was incredibly kind and talked to me for a while and really made my day.

    Your food and your coffee is always amazing! They also have local art showcased and you can buy some!
    Kira Carney - This coffee shop is my mom's favorite coffee shop in Indianapolis! They have great bagels, really good coffee, and the owner is so kind. I recommend this place if you want a community of regulars at a coffee shop.
  • 1315 Shelby St 1, Indianapolis • Fountain Square
    Adisyn Smith - Super fun super cute experience. I recommend it to anyone looking to adopt a new cat.
    Bethany Kessler - I went maybe a couple months ago. It was really nice and relaxing, and the cats there are cute. You get to eat and drink food and pet cats, what's better than that? Heard they also have a study hour.
  • East, 2119 E 10th St, Indianapolis
    Kira Carney - Rabble Coffee is such a cute coffee shop! It's a short walk from Woodruff Place and downtown Indy. They offer vegan options and have really good vegan pot pies.
    recommended by Margaret Miley
  • 530 Massachusetts Ave Suite 180, Indianapolis • Downtown
    Kira Carney - I love Bubble Tea and I love Mass Ave., therefore Latea Bubble Tea Lounge is a must. Their tea is soooo good and they are vegan friendly!!
  • 1115 N Arlington Ave, Indianapolis • Eastside
    Kylie Heaton - We are never disappointed when we come here! Today I tried their classic cheeseburger with fries!

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