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10 Best Seattle Hair Salons

  • 1923 1st Ave 100, Seattle • Downtown
    Carolyn Gracz - Anne McGowan
    Mikaela A Kiner - I have been seeing Ann since I was 15 - best cut every time.
    Tony Oteromarrero - Great staff, amazing and knowledgeable hairdressers. Right in the heart of Pike Place Market. Valet Parking at Thompson Hotel across the street.
  • 2. Nola
    1090 N Northlake Way, Seattle • Fremont
    Matt Shobe - Brandon is awesome for men's cuts; I've been going to him since I moved here in 2009. As he's the owner, you'd sure hope so — but he's an excellent guy who knows how to listen, interpret, and give you the exact cut you want with a little bit of flair. Shop has a chill vibe, is dog friendly, and a convenient Fremont location.

    Pro Parking Tip: You can almost always parallel park free on Stone Way or Northlake, north and east of the shop, respectively. They're one hour max spots.
    Alicia Nakamoto - Jenny and Brandon are amazing hair stylists and Jenny specializes in color.
    Scott Haug - Brandon is old-school enough to get my Dad's seal of approval. He's good with kids and my wife has no complaints when I get home from one of my 1:1s with him.
  • 528 2nd Ave, Seattle • Pioneer Square
    Ginger Hultin - I enjoy this beautiful location and have worked with a number of stylists - all of them did a great job.
    Amy McCullough - *Update* Kathryn is hanging up her shears at the end of 2019 (sad!).
    I will update this review to reflect the new stylists I will be trying out in 2020! Kathryn and Robbie are both terrific -been a client for many years!
    Peter Hamilton - Dan is the man. Incredible style and professionalism.
  • 100 NW 36th St, Seattle • Fremont
    Wendy Quast - Anjanette is the first stylist to get my blonde color EXACTLY as I described and desired. She’s quick, experienced, and a wonderful person all around.
    Michelle Flandreau - Would highly recommend Susie for color and Erica for haircuts.
    Devon Burns - Erin Bradford is a wonderful stylist. She is very meticulous and provides guidance for what kind of style will work best for you.
    recommended by Robin Warren
  • 2684 NE 49th St, Seattle • University District
    Kari O'Driscoll - Charlotte (University Village Gene Juarez) has been cutting my hair and my daughters' hair for over ten years. She is fast, efficient, incredibly pleasant, and someone I trust to help me figure out what to do when I want a change. I'm never disappointed in the results.
    Snezana Popovic - I love Stella at Gene Juarez at U Village. She is great.
    Shannon Swift - Charlotte Kane is the BOMB! Anyone who can work with this fine, straight, fly-away hair is amazing!
  • 2101 N 55th St 120, Seattle • Wallingford
    Ali White MacBeth - Jessica came recommended to me through another contact. I love her cuts. I have been going for about 9 months and I haven't been disappointed. She is a lovely person and has great recommendations for styles.
  • 6417 Roosevelt Way NE 204, Seattle • Ravenna
    Mikaila McLane - Great facials and haircut stylists. I would love to try more services from them!
    Minda Brusse - Erica does a great haircut!
    Dave Laird - I love my hair cut from Natasha at the Steele Barber.
    recommended by Jenna Rayachoti, Sara Wooster
  • 4105 E Madison St, Seattle • Madison Park
    Omar Shahine - Tim is a fantastic person and has been cutting my hair for years.
    Lora Shahine - Love Tim - great hair cuts, friendly, reliable
    Rich Tong - Super reliable and easy. He’s also great at answering text and email. Great conversation too!
  • 1511 6th Ave 200, Seattle • Downtown
    Amy Bates - Julianna is amazing- great with my fine curly hair and does a great job managing my grey
    Jana Riggan - Shelina is the best!
    Danielle Lobo - I’ve been going to Shelina for years and adore her. I have a lot of thick, wavy hair and she is great at keeping it manageable.
  • 401 NE Northgate Way, Seattle • Northgate
    Susan Stocker - I have felt very comfortable and confident with Gene Juarez's safety protocols at Northgate. I saw them send someone away after he didn't complete his COVID questionnaire and said he just returned from out of state. They make sure the salon is not very full, and there is plenty of distance between everybody. They are not blow drying hair either, to reduce transmission possibility.
    Kelly Crimmins - I've had my haircut by Patsy for a number of years. She does a great job!
    DE Williams - Consistent and good. Well trained. Easy to book. Reasonable.
    recommended by Stacy Vonokker

About Hair Salon Services

Finding the right salon for your hair needs can be daunting, especially when you’re looking for a transformation. It all comes down to what you want, whether it’s a new dramatic cut and color, a blowout, or a stylish, refreshed look sculpted and shaped to the latest hair trends. Stylists at these salons are hair experts, trained to understand the texture, shape, and color of hair, and correct those at-home DIY jobs that left you asking DIWhy. They understand your needs, the look you desire, and the right products for you to maintain happy, healthy hair at home until your next visit.

To help you differentiate some of the various services they provide, we’ll highlight some recent hair trends, techniques, and processes commonly used to help you decide. Of course, you should always consult your hair stylist to determine if it’s right for your hair (and right for your budget).


From the French word that translates “to sweep” or “to paint”, balayage is a popular hair trend that some simply call hair painting because color is quite literally painted on your hair with a brush. This effect gives the hair a more natural highlight with softer regrowth lines, enabling you to grow your hair longer between appointments. Not only is it more cost-effective than foiling, since it takes less time and uses less product, but is also lower maintenance and works great on both light and dark hair.

Ombre Vs. Sombre

Whereas balayage is a dye or tone directly painted into the hair, the ombre effect is achieved from a foiling technique, where the hair is sectioned off before application, then wrapped in foil for processing. It starts with darker roots and lightens with a casual fade through the middle of your hair to its lightest point at the hair ends. Ombre can be done in all types of different colors (browns, blondes and reds are most common), and is usually more dramatic and eye-catching, but does require more maintenance as your natural hair color comes in at the roots.

Sombre is the flip side of the ombre coin. The S in Sombre stands for “subtle” and “softer.” With Sombre, your natural hair roots are kept as is, but lighten in color toward the ends. This is a popular style for brunettes to brighten hair with hints of golden, caramel, golden and blonde tones and requires less maintenance between appointments than a standard ombre, as the lighter sections of hair start higher for a naturally blended, gradual fade.

Bleach and Tone

Bleach and toning hair is a two-step process, at times requiring a follow-up appointment once the hair is healthy (which can be up to ten days later). In some instances, both processes can be done in the same day if the hair is healthy enough. Since the bleaching process removes the pigment completely from your hair, it causes the hair to be fragile and needs to regain health before being toned.

Depending how long the bleach is left in the hair and how dark your hair is to begin with, it can sometimes leave brassy undertones in hair. Toner helps to neutralize the brassy and warm undertones of hair, and brings your hair to the shade you desire (platinum, blonde, etc.). Purple shampoo also helps tone out unwanted warm shades for natural blondes, but your hair might require an ammonia-based toner to when you’re making a more dramatic color change. Since roots will come in with your natural color, you’ll need to make regular appointments for touch-ups, which does make bleaching hair a considerable investment.


Full Balayage - $170-$220+
Partial Balayage - $130-$160+
Full Ombre/Sombre - $80-200+
Partial Ombre/Sombre - $100-120+
Bleach and Tone - $120-$200+

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Susan Waldrum
4 months ago • Gig Harbor
Need a new stylist to cut curly hair. One that is a good listener and won’t feel like they know my hair better than me. I have tried 3 and gave up ...
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Susie Owen
6 months ago • Edmonds
Recently moved to Edmonds and had an appointment with a salon. A color and haircut was $240.00 plus 20% tip. I was satisfied with the treatment, bu...
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