10 Best Seattle House Cleaners

  • 11742 15th Ave NE, Seattle • Pinehurst
    Liz Pearce - I recently switched to using Susan's Green Cleaning, and I'm very happy with the move. The house looks spotless when they're done, and I appreciate that they use environmentally-safe methods and products.
    Ben Gilbert - Susan's Green Cleaning was fantastic! I got a 4-hour clean, which was especially great because the stove and kitchen area really needed it with grease/oil in tough-to-reach places. Would definitely recommend!
    Tammy Savage - Susan's Green Cleaning cleaned our house this week and I could not believe the fabulous job they did! The team deep cleaned my kitchen and bathrooms to perfection. Susan, thank you for your excellent work! Your business will be my go-to house cleaner forever.
  • Seattle • Ballard
    Amy Woidtke - NW Spotless Cleaning is family and latinx owned. Their employees have long term stay because they are good to their team. Lourdes and team are often available at last minute notice and do a great job with both routine home cleaning and move out cleans.

    I have happily referred them many times to my organizing and relocate clients.
    Deb Escher - I love co-owner Latina sisters, Liliana and Lourdes, who are excellent communicators and do their best to be accommodating of even last-minute projects or special requests. Their team is really fast, but thorough and always go the extra mile. They have cleaned for me for 13 years--including move in/out and post-construction cleanings. Their team is always punctual, professional, very trustworthy and kind people. I love supporting a women- and Latina-owned business, and their great work is second to none!
    Ruby Rayne - Lourdes is amazing. She listens to concerns and sends the right team out to clean. We have a 2400 sq ft 3-level home. Due to medical issues there is no way we could do this ourselves, so we hired NWSC. The cleaners are fast, thorough, and consistent with the work they do. They accommodate our busy schedule and the pricing is perfect for our budget. Lourdes' team comes professionally trained, as well as bonded and insured, so we never have to worry about coverage should an accident occur on our property. Highly recommend! :)
  • 12811 8th Ave W C201, Everett
    Jay Bjorn - Great service. I recommend them to anyone!
    Kendra Bjorn - Thorough, trustworthy, and bonded. They are like the Starbucks of house cleaning! You always know what you order will be consistent and taste good. They follow a system and the quality is always excellent!
  • 9639B Firdale Ave, Edmonds • Greenwood
    Vanessa Laughlin - Cheryl and her team at CleanSpace Cleaning are fantastic, especially for move-in/move-out cleans. We refer them to clients all the time. They can handle just about anything, it's amazing.
    Dave Giltner - They do a fantastic job. They handle our personal and commercial space. Having used other cleaning services, it is an easy recommendation as they are prompt, professional and extremely thorough! Definitely a recommend.
    recommended by Blair David
  • 6. Zimp
    2251 Thorndyke Ave W, Seattle • Magnolia
    recommended by Kyle Rolfe
  • 2528 NE 98th St, Seattle • Lake City
    Johnny Tomas - This place is the BOMB!
    recommended by Adam Loving
  • 4615 Aurora Ave N • Lake City
    Ron Zanetti - Sharing a good local vendor for house cleaning.
  • 7700 12th Ave NE, Seattle • Maple Leaf
    Maile Bohlmann - April Lane's is so great to work with. They are very responsive to customer needs and all the cleaners have been wonderful people. They can handle basic regular cleaning or special cleaning needs.
  • 10. MaidPro
    2047 152nd Ave NE, Redmond
    recommended by Michael Mattmiller

House Cleaner

The endless repetition of household chores can make one feel like a true adult, or drive you mad. Unloading the dishwasher, vacuuming up pet hair (and your hair), constantly wiping up spills and drips, and cleaning the bathroom is a bummer after a day at work. Or if you enjoy not having fun on your days off—cleaning your house over the weekend. Once children move into your home, your house cleaning endurance and standards are tested in a way that you didn’t even know you had to prepare for. At some point, it is time to call in the professionals. Here are a few things to think about before hiring a house cleaner.

House Cleaner FAQ

1. How much does it cost to have someone clean your house?

Many factors go into the cost to have a team or a solo-cleaner come and clean your home. The biggest factor is the size of your home, number of adults, kids, pets, bedrooms, bathrooms, and current level of cleanliness. A basic cleaning for a 2,000 sq ft home in Seattle takes an average of 3-4 hours, at $25-$50 per cleaner. Cleaning services are usually scheduled on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or one-time cleaning basis. Regularly scheduled cleanings are usually priced lower than one-time cleanings.

2. What’s included in a basic house cleaning? What’s the difference between basic cleaning and deep cleaning?

Basic house cleaning includes: dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping floors, cleaning the bathrooms (e.g. mirrors, toilets, showers, baths), cleaning the kitchen (e.g. clean outside of appliances, clean inside/outside of microwave, counters, and sinks), general tidying up of rooms, and empty trash cans and recycling. Price: $100-300 for a 2,000 sq ft home.

Deep cleaning includes: Changing bedding/making up beds, scrubbing doors/windows/baseboards/decorative moldings, cabinet fronts, inside of the refrigerator, inside the oven and stove top, blinds and window coverings. Price: $250-400 for a 2,000 sqft home. Expect to pay more for move in/out cleaning, after-event clean up, exterior windows, upholstery or carpet cleaning, dryer vents, and laundry.

3. Should I hire an individual house cleaner or a cleaning company?

Individual house cleaners are often less expensive than most cleaning companies. You’ll benefit from building a relationship with the same person and you can customize your home’s cleaning. Larger cleaning companies run multiple cleaning crews, so you may not have the same people cleaning your house each time. Additionally, larger companies use standardized pricing, contracts, and check lists, so expect to pay more for anything not on that list. Larger companies usually offer customers the ability to book/rescheduled their home cleaning through a website or app. With individual house cleaners, you’ll likely text or email them directly to schedule.

4. Who provides the cleaning supplies and tools?

Depending on the cleaning company you select and the types of cleaning products you prefer, you have several options. Some companies provide eco-friendly products and their own vacuums and mops, where others ask that you provide your own cleaning products and tools. Ask ahead of your first cleaning what to expect the team to bring with them, and if you’re providing the supplies, what to have on hand.

5. How does a house cleaner gain access to your home?

If you’re booking your service for the first time, it is best to be there in person to let them in and show them around. However if you will be out and about during your home’s cleaning you’ll need to provide an access code or front door key to your house cleaner with instructions for turning off your home security system. Your front door key can either be a copy that you give to your house cleaner to keep at their office or a secure lock box outside of your home. If you live in a dense city or in a neighborhood without easy access to long term parking in front of your home or driveway, be prepared to provide a parking spot or parking permit on your cleaning day.

6. What should I do to prepare for the house cleaner to arrive?

Make sure they have access to your home and they know how to turn off your home security system. Crate your pets or put them away in another room of the house or garage until the house cleaners have finished their work. Put away any important documents, mail, valuables, and anything else you would like to keep private. Pick up toys and clutter so the cleaners can spend less time sorting Legos and more time cleaning your home. If you have any areas of your home that need special attention (looking at you kid’s bathroom), let your house cleaner know before they arrive so they allocate the proper amount of time for your cleaning.