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  • 2405 10th Ave E, Seattle • Capitol Hill
    Rich Tong - Wow what a great shop. They work really hard on your watch and they really care (as well as being friendly and thoughtful). Had a watch with a difficult problem. A metal band that just fell apart. They spend time talking with Citizen trying to get a replacement and when they failed to help, help me find a replacement band.

    They know all kinds of watches. I took in a watch which had a date that was never quite right. They diagnosed it right away. This is the kind of friendly place that we should all hope live a long time. A neat neighborhood too!
    Laurel Buckner - Old world watch shop training the next generation. Love this place.
  • 4230 E Madison St, Seattle • Madison Park
    Lindsay Pedersen - Leo is a blend of jewelry handman, artist, and listener. He's fixed and designed many things for me over the years, and doesn't turn up his nose at my tiny jewels. He and his wife and daughter (who run the place together) are friendly and knowledgeable and the opposite of snobby. They also have a bowl of jelly bellies to nibble on while you browse.
    Amy Barker - LEO IS AMAZING. He's been running the business for decades and is so knowledgeable and wonderful. Family run awesomeness.
  • 1325 4th Ave 1410, Seattle
    Ali White MacBeth - Located downtown with a view of the islands, Tyler sits you down with a Scotch or Whiskey to talk about your dream ring! I absolutely LOVE my engagement ring my husband designed.
  • 4. Essenza
    615 N 35th St, Seattle • Fremont
    Tom Laramee - Essenza is one of Fremont's treasures. They have jewelry, soaps, perfumes, robes, baby clothes & stuffies, and more. It's the near-perfect pre-Valentine's Day stop for men, and Rachel/Wendy/etc will hook you up.
  • 1425 4th Ave 402, Seattle • Downtown
    Jonathan Sposato - This is an amazing family-owned watch repair store. They are so knowledgeable about every watch. If you are a die-hard watch geek like me, you don’t WANT the manufacturer to polish it, to replace the dials and hands, or to fix certain things, because it’s more cool the way it is! I love that Tom and Jan at Nesbit’s know so much about watches that they can work on any brand. They are lifesavers and they will do exactly what you want them to do. They are true artists.
  • 4628 NE University Village St, Seattle
    Anne McGowan - They have the most amazing reading glasses😎
  • Mikaela A Kiner - Jamie is an amazing designer - I get compliments on her ring which I wear daily.
  • 2106 E Union St, Seattle
    recommended by Choong Ng
  • 6409 1/2 Roosevelt Way NE 6317, Seattle • Ravenna
    Pepper's Personal Assistants - Contact: Maurice and Morgan
  • 1325 4th Ave 1404, Seattle • Downtown
    Dawn Sabin - I've known Kim for many years. He will buy old jewelry and he does custom designs. When I got married I chose a setting from a chain store and he was able to get the same setting and saved us 30% from the sales price that the store was selling it for.

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Meredith Fife
12 months ago • Auburn
I am looking for a reliable jeweler in the downtown Seattle area, preferably someone local.
4 replies
8 months ago
Choong Ng Everling did a good job on our wedding rings:
Adam Doppelt I was incredibly happy with Green Lake Jewelry Works. Of course, I completely failed to shop around. Still happy, though.
Nathan Kriege I also recommend Green Lake Jewelry Works. Meg and I got our wedding rings there, and they helped us to design our own rings. Of course, despite the name, they're no longer in Green Lake. So they may be a bit far away for you.
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