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10 Best Seattle Landscape Architects

  • 18426 Beall Rd SW, Vashon
    Liz Pearce - David Berleth did a beautiful job! He took on a massive project of removing structures, old bricks, and lots over overgrowth. He installed a beautiful fountain, new pavers, a new fence, and even oversaw moving the position of the front stairs.
    Douglas Pearce - David Berleth is a great landscape designer and all around good guy. He designed a beautiful front yard for my house, making smart use of existing assets and bringing in new plants and pavers as needed. He also installed a fountain and irrigation system which he’s helped maintain over the years.
    Lila Pearce - He did my houses front yard and it looks great!
    recommended by Kristen Cole
  • 5715 NE 60th St, Seattle • Sand Point
    Sara Eizen - Highly recommend Cindy Hazard. She's done work for me as well as many of my clients.
    Leo Montagne - Cindy is professional, timely and articulate. She has a great eye for design, and is environmentally conscious. I have had the pleasure of working with her on multiple projects.
  • 1148 NW Leary Way, Seattle • Ballard
    Andrew Bohrer - Recently hired them to plan a large project that includes, construction, landscaping, and engineering. I contacted a dozen landscape architects and decided on them. I'll let you know how it goes.
    Helen Mapes - I am still very impressed with their designs even months after the work was completed. They planned out a winding stone pathway from the front yard to the garden. Looks mesmerizing, thank you for such a great quote.
    Wilson ZMina - The team from SCJ worked with us to make sure we were happy with the results to my landscape renovation. They designed and created a great birdbath with a masonry setting for the out door fireplace. We could not be happier with the quality service and their pricing.
    recommended by Maria P
  • Anne McGowan - Katherine has created some of the most beautiful landscapes in Seattle....
    Simply elegant spaces
  • 7410 S 129th St, Seattle
    Lisa Hufford - Carlos is very creative and transformed our backyard to become an outdoor room
  • Kristen Hamilton - Dean Backholm is awesome.
  • 2612 23rd Ave W APT 1, Seattle • Magnolia
    Robin Warren - Susie Thompson has been doing design and landscape work for us for 15 years. So talented and lovely.
  • 7315 West Green Lake Dr N, Seattle • Greenlake
    Amy McCullough - Martha is one of the principals at Shapiro Ryan Design and did an amazing job designing the garden we were hoping to create. Front and back, full overhaul complete with stone, walls, turf, and beautiful greenery. Absolute professional, one of my favorite folks to work with.
  • 1911 30th Ave S, Seattle • Mount Baker
    Bill Carr - Darrell does an amazing job with our garden. Everything from design to ongoing care for our plants and trees.
  • Sherri Monte - As interior designers at Elegant Simplicity, we have recommended Flora + Bee to many of our clients.

    Manda is simply fabulous, she has a great process + is super approachable.

    You’re going to LOVE LOVE LOVE HER!

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Need help finding the right landscape architect? Ask your friends.
Ben Shorr
2 months ago • Ravenna
I'm looking for a landscape contractor (landscape architect or designer) that is RainWise certified with the city to install a rain garden in my ya...
7 replies
2 months ago
Liz Pearce @Marston Could you help educate the newbies here? What does it mean to "tie in" more of your roof? How does the city pay for it?
Marston Gould Rainwise is a city sponsored program. They contract with lots of companies who will come out and measure the size of each roof section and estimate how much water will go from your roof to the downspouts that you tie into the cisterns. I have 3 - 650 gallon. If the size, pitch of your roof ties into rain gutters they will determine how many gallons of water you can save. If it meets some minimum threshold, city pays for pretty much everything. You have to sign docs that you won’t disengage. We had to tie more roof into ours to qualify. City didn’t pay for that bit. So subcontractor addd some gutters to tie out stand alone garage to the house.
Adam Doppelt Wait, is this a thing? Marston, take a pic and try our new photo feature! I want to see your rain garden. This might be just the project to brighten up the covid fall.
Marston Gould
4 months ago • Seward Park
Hi folks. We are in the unenviable position of having to sue our neighbors for the damage done to our property for their unconstrained bamboo. I've...
10 replies
3 months ago
Adam Doppelt What's your estimate of the total damage? This sounds like a complete nightmare
Marston Gould @amd / $35-40k yet to go. Similar already spent. When we moved in we found ryzomes in the main pipe to sewer.
Adam Doppelt That is unbelievable. So frustrating. My guy can probably help with the patio if you know what you want, as long as it doesn't involve pouring concrete. Are you looking for patio design, or just rebuilding the same patio?
Laurel Buckner
6 months ago • Mount Baker
We have a great, bright, sunlit patio (over a two car garage) which has big trees on one side and is very private but open to a driveway and close ...
2 replies
6 months ago
Sara Eizen Definitely recommend Cindy Hazard with Trillium Designs
Laurel Buckner Thanks!
MaryHeather Lines
7 months ago • Kirkland
Hi - We have a not too residential concrete project - driveway, retaining walls, walkway and stairs at our house in Kirkland. Decorative, but not a...
2 replies
7 months ago
Liz Pearce Hi, MH! My friend @LisaH (do you know her?) recommended a landscape architect who helped her with her house in Kirkland -- the company is Juxtapose Design. I just spoke with Carlos there and he does exactly this type of work and has availability right now. Might be a place to start!
MaryHeather Lines @Lizprc Awesome! I just reached out.
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