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10 Best Seattle Banks

  • Rand Fishkin - Solid bank. Good customer service, low costs, fair, and much less evil than the big boys.
    Yaprak DeCarmine - I've banked with BECU while living in 12 countries and 4 states. Never had a problem they couldn't resolve immediately. Their app is extremely helpful!
    Laura - Great banking services for a small business. They pretty much are a no-fee bank.
  • 2. Chase
    Ben Shorr - I would love to not use Chase - but their website is great (now); mortgage, direct deposit and bills are tied to an account that I've had since they were Washington Mutual. Remember that?
    Amy Barker - Madison Park! Frank the manager is great!
    Kyle Shurtleff - I've used many local and national banks in the last 2 years, Chase has what I'd consider the best tech (web + mobile) if that is your primary way of interacting with your bank.
  • Sherri Monte - As an Interior Designer at Elegant Simplicity, I could not recommend a better credit union.

    Since 2009 they have taken great care of us + handled all of our questions with the utmost professionalism.
    Brian Glaister - Verity is within walking distance of my house, is dog friendly, and doesnt have any fees or minimums. Hard to beat
    Kari O'Driscoll - Love this credit union that gives back to the community. I have business accounts there and they've always been helpful and accessible.
    recommended by George Reilly
  • 4. USAA
    Jennifer Haller - USAA wins hands-down on customer service!
    David - Superior service, sophisticated online tools. Non of the bullshit associated with traditional banks.
    Petra Harvey - Full portfolio of products that I enjoy including Checking, Savings, Insurance and Investment. Special attention to military families and their needs including remote banking and comprehensive App.
    recommended by Dave Laird
  • Patrick O'Donnell - They cover all ATM fees, built in connection to brokerage account. Nice bill payer
    Kyle Shurtleff - Great "online first" bank + investment firm.
    recommended by Ben Shorr
  • Vanessa Laughlin - Julie Rideout is the manager of several north end Homestreet banks and she always goes above and beyond for her clients. She is a true gem, as is the rest of her teams.
    recommended by Jana Riggan, Katie Zejdlik
  • recommended by Bill Carr, Michael Mattmiller
  • 2901 2nd Ave, Seattle
    Aaron Roberts - I love the folks at the Banner Bank in Belltown. They are always friendly and help me as soon as I walk in the door. Plus I always get a coffee or water when I visit, which just shows me again why small banks rule.
    Tonya Peck - Pam Anderson and her team with Tara and Matt have been creative business partners and trusted advisors for years.
    Ken O - Great service, nice people, local banking.
  • Aaron Roberts - Great customer support, low/no fee accounts, and people who treat you fairly.
    Robert Hobart - Kevin G and Mike C. helped my business tremendously.
    Britescape - They are interested in helping small businesses.
    recommended by Joseph Schneider
  • Daniel Robbins - good app
    good web site
    not enough locations
    Mukund Mohan - Great rates for savings and good app
    recommended by Wes Carr, Sean B House

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