10 Best Seattle Banks

  • Rand Fishkin - Solid bank. Good customer service, low costs, fair, and much less evil than the big boys.
    Yaprak DeCarmine - I've banked with BECU while living in 12 countries and 4 states. Never had a problem they couldn't resolve immediately. Their app is extremely helpful!
    Laura - Great banking services for a small business. They pretty much are a no-fee bank.
  • 2. Chase
    Ben Shorr - I would love to not use Chase - but their website is great (now); mortgage, direct deposit and bills are tied to an account that I've had since they were Washington Mutual. Remember that?
    Amy Barker - Madison Park! Frank the manager is great!
    Kyle Shurtleff - I've used many local and national banks in the last 2 years, Chase has what I'd consider the best tech (web + mobile) if that is your primary way of interacting with your bank.
  • Susan Stocker - Homestreet Bank has been wonderful for us.
    Vanessa Laughlin - Julie Rideout is the manager of several north end Homestreet banks and she always goes above and beyond for her clients. She is a true gem, as is the rest of her teams.
  • Daniel Robbins - good app
    good web site
    not enough locations
    Frédéric Dubut - Have been banking with First Tech ever since I moved to the US. Online banking is solid and I don't think I've ever paid a single dollar of fee in 10 years. But they really earned my loyalty by coming through, several times, when other institutions let me down - saving the mortgage of my first home when Wells Fargo bailed out on *the day of closing*, providing medallion signature guarantee when I needed it, etc.

    The only small thing I wish they'd improve is the savings rates - they are not quite competitive with the best high-yield savings accounts out there.
    Mukund Mohan - Great rates for savings and good app
  • Sherri Monte - As an Interior Designer at Elegant Simplicity, I could not recommend a better credit union.

    Since 2009 they have taken great care of us + handled all of our questions with the utmost professionalism.
    Kari O'Driscoll - Love this credit union that gives back to the community. I have business accounts there and they've always been helpful and accessible.
    Brian Glaister - Verity is within walking distance of my house, is dog friendly, and doesnt have any fees or minimums. Hard to beat
    recommended by George Reilly
  • 901 Fifth Avenue, 901 5th Ave 3900, Seattle
    Shauna Causey - They have personal support for startups and are really designed to support the startup community.
    Carl Haynes - I've been with SVB for about 2 years now. When you use Stripe Atlas to startup your business they get you an SVB account. Their website is amazingly bad for a "silicon valley" bank. Overall they have been solid and have not had any issues with them, but have not used them for anything more than to store money and get a debit card.
    Boaz Ashkenazy - Have set up my company with SVB and enjoy working with Min
  • 721 2nd Ave, Seattle
    Erin McDonald - My small business has banked with Columbia Bank for almost 10 years and I never plan on switching! The bankers have always been helpful, they let me do some banking virtually or they are prepared for me to stop in quickly to sign something on a busy day. I've always appreciated their quick responses to my questions and requests.
    Dan Sundgren - Great local bank and still has that "get to know you" branch feel, we use them for our company and are regulars at the Bellevue Branch.
    recommended by Lawrence Lerner
  • 8. USAA
    Jennifer Haller - USAA wins hands-down on customer service!
    David Geller - Superior service, sophisticated online tools. Non of the bullshit associated with traditional banks.
    Petra Harvey - Full portfolio of products that I enjoy including Checking, Savings, Insurance and Investment. Special attention to military families and their needs including remote banking and comprehensive App.
    recommended by Dave Laird
  • 508 Union St, Seattle
    Patrick O'Donnell - They cover all ATM fees, built in connection to brokerage account. Nice bill payer
    Kyle Shurtleff - Great "online first" bank + investment firm.
    recommended by Bill McAlaine, Ben Shorr
  • 2901 2nd Ave, Seattle
    Katie LaPoint - Great Bank! Every branch is friendly and welcoming. I have several loans and accounts with them and have always been happy with their products and service.
    Tonya Peck - Pam Anderson and her team with Tara and Matt have been creative business partners and trusted advisors for years.
    Ken O - Great service, nice people, local banking.
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