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  • 2223 24th Ave E, Seattle • Montlake
    Omar Shahine - We have purchased all our kids bikes here. They offer great advice and are patient with our kids. They will also purchase your old bike.
    Ben Shorr - Bike shops can be hit or miss - really depends on who works with you and how their day is going in my experience. Montlake has been great. A few years ago, Mike went above and beyond to cut down a seat post for my son's dirt bike (Giant XTC). They also did some work on my old Bianchi - and took the time to make sure it worked after a slightly botched repair.
    Javier Soto - We got our Bromptons here. Impeccable and knowledgeable service. They love their trade and it shows.
  • 7007 Woodlawn Ave NE, Seattle • Greenlake
    Adam Doppelt - Excellent bike shop. Reasonably price and the staff is very friendly.
    Shauna Swerland Youssefnia - we have gone there in the past to get bikes- a bit pricey but great knowledge and selection
    Tom Laramee - I took my kids here for their first bikes and it was such a great experience. The staff was knowledgable, and helpful, and we've been on the Burke regularly since.
    recommended by mike grabham
  • 1007 NE Boat St, Seattle • University District
    Ben Shorr - I like this place. Mechanics are generally very helpful and generous with their time (when not busy). I've sold bikes here, bought parts, and purchased several Kona bikes that the Recycled Cycles shop builds up and then does periodic maintenance.
    Bri Dotson - I'm a year-round bicycle commuter and I get my bike tuned up here once a year. The staff are friendly and thoughtful.

    Like many women who are part of the bicycling community in Seattle, I'm definitely cautious about bike shop employees making assumptions about me based on my gender. Recycled Cycles employees have always treated me well! 💖
    recommended by Maria Hess
  • 1128 NW 52nd St, Seattle
    Ryan Burt - These guys are awesome - great service and honestly their pricing is ridiculously low. Super value bikes, and high quality. The ultimate utilitarian bike IMHO
    recommended by Darrell
  • 9614 16th Ave SW, Seattle
    Matt Shobe - Aaron is an internal hub expert - so if you've got one of those tricky transmissions from Shimano (my e-bike does) he's your go-to pick in Seattle. Of course it's a bike shop, so all the other service you might need is possible too. Aaron's got an opinionated eye for detail and will probably recommend things you weren't thinking about - lights, reflectors, replacement parts not involved with the original thing you saw him for, etc. – and I've concluded this comes from a place of concern for safe riding, not just a naked upsell opportunity.

    Last time I was there was the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and the shop stayed open a bit past closing time to wrap up my brake repairs. I appreciated that extra effort with no questions asked.
    Ted Ellis - Aaron's shop was extremely helpful - for both a tire repair - and a tune up. The fees were extremely affordable - and they were fast !
  • 3418 Harbor Ave SW, Seattle • West Seattle
    Adam Loving - Great supporter of the Seattle bike racing scene.
    Ian Lurie - If you own a bicycle you HAVE to try this shop. They have a great selection. They also have amazing mechanics. I brought my bike in 24 hours before packing it for a trip to France. I'd broken the shifters and was desperate. Their mechanic fixed it in 30 seconds and didn't charge me a dime.
    recommended by Drue Stewart
  • 3709 S Ferdinand St, Seattle • Columbia City
    Ada Developers Academy - You may also want to consider biking as an option in your commute. As an Ada student, you’ll have access to our building’s secure bike storage space in the basement. Bike Works offers free or low cost bikes and maintenance classes for women and nonbinary folks.
  • 6405 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle • Ravenna
    Ben Shorr - I've had several bike tune ups. Solid work and recommendations. Reasonably priced and straightforward folks.
  • 314 1st Ave S, Seattle • Pioneer Square
    Aren Kaser - An eclectic group of serious bikers. Fast, same day repairs and sales. The go to for downtown bike fanatics.
    recommended by Adam Loving
  • 2606 California Ave SW, Seattle • West Seattle
    Michael Mattmiller - Knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly staff can fix any bike asap. This weekend I walked in with a bike that has been broken for two years - they fixed in under 15min for next to no cost!

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Adam Doppelt
11 months ago • Magnolia
Anybody have an ebike recommendation? The store in Pioneer Square is having a 20% off sale and I'm thinking of taking the plunge. A friend of mine ...
15 replies
5 months ago
Adam Doppelt Spring is in the air and I bought a bike this week! Time to close the loop on this one...

I researched my options based on the feedback in this thread. I test rode half a dozen bikes at Seattle E-Bike and Seattle Electric Bike. I also took a Rad Power Bike for a spin at their store in Ballard. Adam Tratt had some great tips too.

There are a ton of bikes out there trying to tap into the increasing demand. After some experimentation I figured I wanted:

- traditional diamond bike frame
- mid-drive motor
- either a Bosch or Shimano motor (those two are taking over the market)
- a lighter bike (50lbs, not 70lbs)
- integrated lights for safety

In essence I want a commuter bike that looks and handles like my regular bike. There are a handful of models that match those requirements. The only one sold locally seems to be the Yamaha Cross, which I enjoyed but ultimately I wanted a more standard motor & battery.

I bought an OHM ebike for $3k:

They are made in Vancouver and I had them ship directly to the Seattle E-Bike store in Pioneer Square for assembly.

It took a couple of days to arrive and a few hours for them to put it together. Assembly was $100. They hadn't seen an OHM before and the bike mechanic didn't like the bike or the rudimentary assembly instructions. "I've assembled a lot of bikes and this one is really weird..." One part was damaged in shipping - the battery cover. The mechanic was able to work around the problem while we await a (free) replacement part from Vancouver.

Having a pro assemble the bike was definitely the right call. It took half a day to assemble, and when they figured out one part was busted it was clearly not our fault. Thanks Alex!

I rode the bike for the first time yesterday, the 6 mile route from Pioneer Square uphill to Magnolia. The OHM has plenty of power and riding was fun. I passed a few people, which is very satisfying after years of mostly being passed. Biking up Magnolia involves a 20% grade and I never cracked a proper sweat. I can definitely picture riding daily, or perhaps alternating with my regular bike if I want more exercise.

Super happy so far. Thanks all!
Joe Heitzeberg Nice! Enjoy but stay safe wrt all the distracted drivers out there
Dustin Ah I wish I saw this thread earlier, I too have done a ton of research and RAD bikes are on my short list because their RadWagon is a great deal for even non-electric bike.

However I have leaning more towards Bafang BBSHD drive units and mid-drive in General; so for that I have been eyeing DIY via (since I have a few extra bikes floating around) or even one of their turnkey kits.

However since my commute puts me on very busy roads now, if the cars don't kill me, sucking their stuck in traffic idling exhaust may put a damper on my lungs in the long run. So for now I surround myself with a metal cage and saving the biking for fun.
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