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10 Best Seattle Handyman

  • Liz Pearce - I just started working with Kelly based on the recommendation from @SaraEizen. She's been helping me get my new house in working order and it seems like she can do it all. She's super friendly and flexible and has already saved me lots of headaches. Highly recommended!
    Sara Eizen - Who says a handyman has to be a man? The Fixit Sisters are GREAT handywoman!!!
    Ben Shorr - High quality work. Thoughtful and responsible - and really sisters!
  • 19522 NE 181st St, Woodinville
    Ron Zanetti - Responsive and great for small jobs around the house. They came on site to repair on of the units where the exterior wood had rotted. Kept costs low and worked quickly, did a fair job of it.
    Danna Redmond - They are reasonably priced, get the job done and a generally available in a reasonable amount of time. The owner is great about responding to requests and emails and they have always showed up for me when they said they would.
  • 420 S Hinds St, Seattle • Industrial District
    Libby - AmyWorks is the highest quality work you can find. They also employ a lot of women.
    Pepper's Personal Assistants - Experience: $95/hr. Mostly Kitchen and Bathroom remodels but check website for other specialties. As of April 2018, they are not taking new clients. Contact: Amy Ecklund
  • 360 Newell St, Seattle • Queen Anne
    Pepper's Personal Assistants - Very fast and does excellent work. $100/hr and gets a lot done Contact: David Rea (Rhea)
    recommended by Erica Thomson
  • PO Box 13842 Bothell, Washington 98082
    Vaneeta - Florin is the best handyman we've ever had! He is also a home inspector, which makes him a super handyman. He's fixed things for us like sinks that have fallen out of the counter, leaky faucets, water damaged windows, leaking garage roof, and installing a door in what was an open doorway. He's also fixed a bunch of water damaged ceilings and walls. Whenever we have him fix something, we know it will be done right.
  • Adam Doppelt - I just completed my first project with John. He was responsive, competent, and reasonably priced. He even rented a large ladder so he could caulk the upper floor on my house. That's going above and beyond, I think. Also did a great job texting me updated and keeping me informed. Showed up on time. Recommended!
  • Piragash - Matt is the nicest, coolest, fastest, cleverest, strongest handyman. In all seriousness, Matt is super generous and thoughtful and very efficient in fixing a problem simply and elegantly. He’s solved so many problems efficiently. He’s gone on wild goose chases on my bequest and never charged me. He’s right a lot. Our kids love him and he’s super kind. He came by last Christmas bearing gifts with his dog. The kids loved it. We love Matt.
  • 13300 SE 30th St 209, Bellevue
    2.3k karma
  • 104 217th Pl SE, Bothell
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  • 310 23rd Ave E, Seattle • Madison Valley
    Ken Goldstein - On-time and quick to respond to questions.

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Looking for a handyman to help assemble an exercise bike in the Seattle area
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Last reply about 2 months ago
Meredith Fife Hi Xenia, here is a link to an earlier conversation that surrounded handyman in the Seattle area. Hope this helps.