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10 Best Seattle Handyman

  • Liz Pearce - I just started working with Kelly based on the recommendation from Sara Eizen. She's been helping me get my new house in working order and it seems like she can do it all. She's super friendly and flexible and has already saved me lots of headaches. Highly recommended!
    Sara Eizen - Who says a handyman has to be a man? The Fixit Sisters are GREAT handywoman!!!
    Ben Shorr - High quality work. Thoughtful and responsible - and really sisters!
  • 310 23rd Ave E, Seattle • Madison Valley
    Steve Dossick - Just amazing service, came for a quick outside gate repair, great communication and got the work done same day. Highly highly recommended!
    Ken Goldstein - On-time and quick to respond to questions.
  • 19522 NE 181st St, Woodinville
    Ron Zanetti - Responsive and great for small jobs around the house. They came on site to repair on of the units where the exterior wood had rotted. Kept costs low and worked quickly, did a fair job of it.
    Danna Redmond - They are reasonably priced, get the job done and a generally available in a reasonable amount of time. The owner is great about responding to requests and emails and they have always showed up for me when they said they would.
  • 420 S Hinds St, Seattle • Industrial District
    Libby - AmyWorks is the highest quality work you can find. They also employ a lot of women.
    Pepper's Personal Assistants - Experience: $95/hr. Mostly Kitchen and Bathroom remodels but check website for other specialties. As of April 2018, they are not taking new clients. Contact: Amy Ecklund
  • 19612 Forest Park Dr NE, Lake Forest Park
    Pepper's Personal Assistants - Experience: "Craftmanship with Communication" Construction and carpentry. Charges $100/hr and needs 6 weeks notice. Contact:","Caleb Ingraham")
    recommended by Beach Blvd
  • 360 Newell St, Seattle • Queen Anne
    Pepper's Personal Assistants - Very fast and does excellent work. $100/hr and gets a lot done Contact: David Rea (Rhea)
    recommended by Erica Thomson
  • Piragash - Matt is the nicest, coolest, fastest, cleverest, strongest handyman. In all seriousness, Matt is super generous and thoughtful and very efficient in fixing a problem simply and elegantly. He’s solved so many problems efficiently. He’s gone on wild goose chases on my bequest and never charged me. He’s right a lot. Our kids love him and he’s super kind. He came by last Christmas bearing gifts with his dog. The kids loved it. We love Matt.
  • Seattle, WA • Downtown
    Troy Dennis - Sean did a small fence addition to our rental home in Magnolia. He was quick, thorough, did quality work with a nice price.
  • 15505 79th Ave NE, Kenmore
    recommended by Beach Blvd
  • Maria D'Angelo - Experienced handyman who's prompt, gets the job done in a timely manner and an excellent communicator

Ask for Recommendations

Need help finding the right handyman? Ask your friends.
Justin Gough
1 day ago • Wallingford
I have a new sink and show facet to install and I would love to find a handy man or company that can help. I am hoping to avoid a plumber because t...
2 replies
1 day ago
Adam Loving Kelly at "The Fixit Sisters" (see reviews here) helped me with a troublesome faucet about a year ago.
Stuart Marshall Don Anderson is a good option: 206-909-7369
Don has done a lot of good work for me over the years
Mina Yoo
15 days ago • Rainier Beach
I need a contractor for small jobs around the house like laying a couple bricks that fell off, installing a spout from our roof. I am in South Seat...
2 replies
15 days ago
Liz Pearce Hi @mina_yoo! I recommend Frank's Painting - he's a general handyman in addition to being a painter. He's super nice and reliable.
Steve Dossick We've had amazing work from Capitol Hill Handyman, not sure what his operating zone is but highly recommended.
Amy Bates
5 months ago • Central District
Need a recommendation on someone to remove a broken bathroom fan and replace it with a new one - in tight attic space 😬 Thank you all!
3 replies
5 months ago
Adam Doppelt Hey Amy. That sounds like a perfect job for a handyman! Do you need one? I'm very happy with my current person, who we've used a handful of times. I'm almost afraid to share him...
Amy Bates Would love an intro to your handyman if you are wiling to share!
Adam Doppelt Sure! I've used John Gasser several times now, including another couple of jobs coming up shortly. He's friendly, reliable, reasonably priced, and quite knowledgable. I think that guy can do just about anything. Two thumbs up!
Robert Crimmins
7 months ago • Seattle
We have simple 20' x 16' concrete patio that I want to resurface. I had planned to do it using my own elbow grease (quarantine project) using self-...
4 replies
7 months ago
Robert Crimmins Thanks, Meredith! I will give Gonzalo a call tomorrow.
Tom Laramee This is a tough one. In my experience these guys don't like to ride shotgun (assist), they want to run the show.

I used to check in with Industrial Coatings & Sealants in Mukilteo prior to doing this kind of work .. they were wickedly helpful in advising on which type of concrete to use (apparently, there are some that lose very little volume when they dry), how to apply acid-reactive stain, also hot-tar-rated epoxy-based sealants, and clear epoxy top coats. They also recommended contractors to advise and sold the requisite tools.

They were purchased by a huge chain a few years ago .. I don't recall the name, so they may not be around anymore. You could try to look them up and see who bought them:

Industrial Coatings & Sealants - Mukilteo, Washington
12521 Evergreen Dr, Mukilteo, WA 98275

That said, if you look for Kemiko dealers in WA State, there's a place call Westside Concrete Associates in Lynwood. I'd call them. Kemiko makes some really great products to treat concrete (like a set of acid-reactive stains), and they require expertise above and beyond "mix concrete and pour", and they're likely to have contractors who are skilled in this area (they definitely have a massive set of concrete products).

Westside Concrete Associates – Lynnwood
412 164th St SW, Lynnwood, WA 98087

I've also walked into Salmon Bay Sand And Gravel in Ballard and they were pretty helpful. Their product selection is fairly limited. They were annoyed with me because I didn't really know what I was doing, so be prepared to be mocked if you go in and ask questions .. but you'll eventually get what you need.

FWIW here's the Kemiko site:
Robert Crimmins Thanks Tom. Very helpful. It's clear you know your way around a bucket of cement!

I know what you mean about pros not wanting to work with amateurs. I'm prepared to be mocked (that happens all the time) and to get the cold shoulder... and be relegated to full DIY. Seems that once you figure out the correct materials and do the prep, it's a pretty straight forward project. Here's to hoping I don't have to eat those words someday.
Melinda Torres
7 months ago • Madison Park
We have a very tall garage and we need someone with a tall ladder who's willing to hang a rope hook and get a rope up there. It's a small job, but ...
6 replies
7 months ago
Melinda Torres right on!!! thank you!
Liz Pearce Fresh Chalk operators are standing by 😉
Ange Spring Not sure if this is the right place to make a comment like this, but what a great catchy opening line to your request @MelindaT .

Out of all the new stuff I had in my inbox today, yours totally stood out.
LOL- @Lizprc, I had the same questions.
Super glad your keeping active during this time (& not something else) 👍
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