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10 Best Seattle Landscapers

  • Piragash - They pay a lot of attention to detail.
    Carly Kiser - Ernesto and his crew are incredible! They were responsive from the time of our first meeting to bid the project all the way through until the end. They were on-time, on-budget, and communicative. They executed the vision we had in our heads, and we are looking forward to enjoying our yard for years to come.
    recommended by Adam Broetje
  • 13511 30th Avenue NE Seattle
    Jessica M Shapiro - Seth and his team are the best. We've worked with for decades. Reliable. Great taste. He makes things beautiful.
    Melinda Torres - We've been using Seth and his team for 3 years and we love them. They keep our yard looking great year round and show such genuine care for their work. Good people.
    recommended by Josh Pollock
  • Adam Doppelt - I've used Vien for over ten years, both at my old house and the current one. The lawn looks nice when he's done. He loves his work and is very dedicated. Very cheap and reliable. He just shows up each month during the growing season, does his thing, and leaves me a bill. Zero effort on my part. Plus he has super interesting stories about his families flight from Vietnam. 206 363-2763 (or email son Kevin)
    recommended by Piragash
  • 5430 17th Ave SW, Seattle • Delridge
    Ken Goldstein - They uprooted old hedges and installed a fence. On-time with good communication. Years later it's still sturdy with no issues.
    recommended by Michael Mattmiller
  • Ron Zanetti - Fair cost and responsive.
  • Matthew Berk - Roberto has been working for me for years, and he keeps our place looking so nice. Everything from ongoing yard maintenance to larger clearing and planting projects.
    recommended by Liz Pearce
  • 3809 Rainier Ave S, Seattle • Columbia City
    Laurel Buckner - Sayers Fuel on Rainier is great! I use them for compost delivery and they also have firewood!
    Tina - I’ve used them for many years, they are an original small family owned business in Rainier Valley. They deliver.
  • Jay Bjorn - Nick is the best around
    Kendra Bjorn - Nick and his guys are great! Friendly with great quality!
  • Tom Laramee - I hired Britt for a large, new project and she did a great job. I also got on a quarterly maintenance schedule, which removes any/all hassle.
  • Hadi Partovi - Joel’s crew is incredibly reliable and worth every penny for the work they do
    recommended by Negar Partovi

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Our backyard oasis has been cut out to a view of a honey bucket and substation. Recommendations for an arborist or landscaper or just the right tal...
5 replies
Last reply 2 days ago
Liz Pearce I asked this same question a few months back and got some good responses....
Leo Montagne Hi Kristen, sorry for the delayed response! I own Ecomimicry Designs and would be happy to give you an estimate if you are still in need of help.
amy pennington pleached hornbeam trees - no landscaper needed. They are elegant and fast growing - google an image