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10 Best Seattle Plumbers

  • 14315 Lake City Way NE, Seattle • Lake City
    Adam Doppelt - They were hardworking and competent, plus they had the cheapest bid. Highly recommended.
    Ryan Bruss - Found these guys from friend recommendations on Fresh Chalk and was not disappointed. Very friendly, knowledgeable, and well priced. They will be my first call any time I need a plumber from here on out.
    Patrick O'Donnell - The sump pump for our basement bathroom stopped working, and Price Busters was able to send someone within an hour. They diagnosed the problem and were very transparent with the low/medium/high options. I will definitely use them again next time we have a plumbing need!
  • 4129 Stone Way N, Seattle • Central District
    Omar Shahine - We call them in every emergency and they come quickly - they have also done some installation for us.
    Lora Shahine - This team has saved us a few times over the years - when you need a professional plumber - this is the one in Seattle.
    Brian Glaister - Dave and greg bailed me out when my side sewer broke. Would you believe they scope your line free? Easily the most professional group I have used.
  • 3609 Whitman Ave N, Seattle • Fremont
    Patrick O'Donnell - Joanna is very competent, and she's not trying to sell big projects. She just gets the job done.
    Shannon Garbaccio - Joanna really knows her stuff and is conservative in what she recommends so you really feel like she is taking care of your problem and not upselling you services you don't need. She is prompt and very tidy in her work space. Highly recommend!
    recommended by Alan Steele, Ray, Carolyn Gracz
  • 1112 NW 53rd St, Seattle • Ballard
    Maile Bohlmann - We've had fantastic service from Quality Plumbing over the years with different toilet repairs and drain clean outs. They are responsive and friendly and take care to keep the space around their work clean. The work they do is solid and we've had great results.
    Gregory A Collins - They've completed several different projects at my house over the last few years, from small jobs like clearing clogs to much larger more complex ones. Each time they've made coordination, estimates and communication easy. Highly recommend!
    Fiona Lennard - Dependable, reliable, responsible.
  • 10115 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle • Greenwood
    Liz Pearce - I had a positive experience with Scott. I needed a drain unclogged and he did that quickly and cleanly, then threw in a few extras, including giving me an educational tour of the plumbing of the house (which I was sadly ignorant of :) Price was reasonable and he was responsive in communicating.
    Adam Tratt - Scott at Simple Solutions has been providing us with excellent services for over a decade. Highly recommended.
    Leslie Feinzaig - Scott is honest, quick, and reasonably priced. Highly recommended.
    recommended by Rathna Sharad
  • 10710 Lake City Way NE, Seattle • Lake City
    Sara Eizen - Great local, family owned company to work with.
    Melinda Lane - Kevin Flynn at Raymark must be one of the best humans on the planet. He is a cornerstone of the local rugby community and committed to including everyone in the positive spirit of sport. What does this have to do with his trade as a plumber? Just that he’s full of integrity, and no stranger to the hard work and occasional discomfort required by the job. With years of experience you can rest assured the job will be done well for the right price. And I guarantee your day will be made just by by meeting him.
    recommended by Beach Blvd
  • 6056 California Ave SW, Seattle • West Seattle
    Kim Rachmeler - Came on time, took care of a variety of jobs quickly and cleanly.
    Aashish Dhamdhere - We've used O'Neill for small and big projects over a decade. Prompt and high quality service!
  • 7306 210th St SW, Edmonds
    Liz Pearce - Used them for a sewer scope - very professional and seemed to know their stuff. Family-owned business.
    Ron Zanetti - Love this team. Always helpful, quick, and professional. Saved us several times when we had emergency drain blockages.
  • 12404 E Gibson Rd A106, Everett
    Jay Bjorn - awesome company
  • 10046 21st Ave SW, Seattle
    Amy Barker - Adam is fantastic!
    Pepper's Personal Assistants - Big applause. 2 plumbers and a handyman couldn’t figure out a client’s kitchen faucet change. Chris thought outside the box. Fast, personable, polite, highly recommend! Contact: Chriss Wright (Rhea)

Ask for Recommendations

Need help finding the right plumber? Ask your friends.
Michelle Flandreau
about 1 month ago • Queen Anne
I'm looking for a plumber to look at my kitchen faucet and help fix a toilet chain.
4 replies
about 1 month ago
Shauna Swerland Youssefnia Southwest plumbing!
Ryan Bruss Price Busters Plumbing is awesome.
Lawrence Lerner I used Fox at the recommendation of other Fresh Chalkers. Expensive but they fixed my very fancy and complicated toilet :)
Justin Gough
about 2 months ago • Wallingford
I have a new sink and show facet to install and I would love to find a handy man or company that can help. I am hoping to avoid a plumber because t...
2 replies
about 2 months ago
Adam Loving Kelly at "The Fixit Sisters" (see reviews here) helped me with a troublesome faucet about a year ago.
Stuart Marshall Don Anderson is a good option: 206-909-7369
Don has done a lot of good work for me over the years
Ryan Bruss
4 months ago • Redmond
During hard rains water pools up in front of our garage. There's a drainage pipe that goes to the back of the house, but water just pools up there....
2 replies
4 months ago
Marston Gould Hey Ryan, I had much the same problem with our home when I first moved in. In fact, I probably have the exact same garage picture somewhere. What I would say about the garage drain is that these often get built without the appropriate slope to drive the water into a drain - and those drains almost always need to be cleaned even with a debris screen every year. For your gate area, someone needs to dig a trench, put in a pipe -at the right angle and either drain somewhere where it will naturally go to run off or into the sewer. I rented a ditch digger, dug a trench, bought PVC pipe that I drilled holes into (that was fun) and covered those with screens that I glued on and then covered with very lightweight landscape paper to reduce debris. I can say its a lot easier to do when its not raining. If you want to hire, look up drainage contractors.
Adrian Chu Try Wu Construction, they specialize in drainage and foundation work.
Kuber Sharma
4 months ago • Ravenna
Looking for someone to help replace a couple of outdoor faucets
5 replies
4 months ago
Ryan Bruss I can't recommend Price Busters Plumbing enough. They were very knowledgeable and reasonably priced.
Troy Dennis We are totally with you re: Price Busters Plumbing! We've had a great experience and will go to them if we need to in the future.
Kuber Sharma Thanks everyone!
Ryan Bruss
8 months ago • Redmond
The water pressure in my house is garbage. The pressure at the hose bibs is 40 PSI, which is on the low side (should be more like 60). I'm wonderin...
2 replies
7 months ago
Ryan Bruss I'm fairly sure it's a problem with the flow between where the water association meter and my house. Has anyone ever had those pipes checked or replaced?
Bobby Kulvanish I work for the government specially the Water Dept. I'll find out what they say
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