10 Best Seattle Speciality Food and Wine

  • 1435 1st Ave, Seattle • Downtown
    Rand Fishkin - This has been my go-to Italian specialty foods store for years. Buy my favorite, chocolate Pandorato ($25), these thick, perfect fusilli from Rustichella D’Abruzzo ($9), their unusual and amazing Cannolicchi ($9), and of course, the best aged carnaroli rice on the planet: Acquerello ($11).
    Tom Laramee - DeLaurenti's is easily my favorite food store in Seattle. They have a huge selection of olive oil, sauces, imported pastas, and also a huge cheese & speciality meat selection.
    Kristy Morrison - Hands-down a must for the Italian food lover or chef. One of the best places to shop for specialty pasta, oils, meats, cheeses, wine and so much more. If you can't find it anywhere else you can definitely find it here. They do offer delivery as well if getting into downtown is not an option. Don't forget to check their cooler cases for fresh pastas and doughs!!
    recommended by Rich Tong
  • 100 Mercer St, Seattle
    Carly Canter - Great store full of unique foods and wines. You must try "The Cookie" on your next visit!
    Elisa Lee - Everyone talks about "The cookie"... and while it's definitely tasty... the banana pudding is where it's at! SO delicious! I cannot go into this store and walk out without one.
    Rory McGowan - Service and quality
    recommended by Poppy Davis, Jennifer S
  • 1916 Pike Pl 12-480, Seattle • Downtown
    Rand Fishkin - This summer, we sent three of these boxes to various friends, and ordered one for ourselves, too. They’re great. They’re fresh. They change every week, and so unfortunately I can’t give you a tip on exactly which one to buy. What I can say is that everyone we sent one to loved ’em. If you’re not sure what a friend might like, and feel like the other items on this list might be too particular, go for Savor’s boxes. They’re consummate crowdpleasers.
    Laurel Buckner - I just ordered this week from Savor Seattle. They put together boxes of produce and other goods from Vendors at the Market. The food was fresh and delicious. I'll definitely be ordering again!
  • 1608 S Dearborn St, Seattle
    Rand Fishkin - Oh man. Are you looking for absolutely incredible Mediterranean food products that you can't find anywhere else? Of course you are. So, please, for the love of everything Italian, Greek, Turkish, and Spanish, drive on down to Big John's PFI. It's quite possibly the best kept secret in the Seattle food worlds, but really shouldn't be.
    Lawrence Lerner - Two words. Bulk. Spices. That is the best endorsement for this amazing place.
  • 1710 N 45th St 1, Seattle • Wallingford
    Tom Laramee - This small shop in Wallingford center has one of the best selections of wine in the city. Michael has a wonderful nose for wine and offers up a wide variety of regions/varietals.
    Wendy Quast - Michael is extremely knowledgeable about wine, will order anything he can for you if it is not in stock, and always answers any questions you have.
  • 2922 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle
    Anthony Bontrager - Caviar, truffles and champagne. Need I say more?
    recommended by Patrick O'Donnell
  • 3420 Fremont Ave N, Seattle
    Meredith Fife - This place is great. I love a good tea in the winter and they have a great variety so that I never feel stuck with the same old tea. They even ship to your home!
    Tom Laramee - Check out Steepologie in Fremont Center. They have 250+ teas and mix their own stuff. It's a wonderful store for people who love tea.
  • 8526 14th Ave S, Seattle • South Park
    Tori Dixon - Left Bank is a great wine shop in this South Park area that specializes in natural wine. You can enjoy a glass there or take a bottle for home. The owners are super helpful when trying to find you a wine you'll truly love. They also hold (pre-covid) wine tastings that educate you on the differences between certain wines and how they're created. I love Left Bank!
  • 2717 E Union St, Seattle
    Liz Pearce - This place is a hidden gem at the edge of the Central District at MLK & Union. Great selection of homemade, prepared food (fresh and frozen), nice wines, some baked items, cheeses, and meats. Their sandwich counter has a yummy menu of healthy-ish sandwiches and other items. The owner is usually there and super helpful if you're shopping for something specific (I purchased our holiday main course there and also a bunch of holiday gifts, for instance.)
  • 10. La Dive
    721 E Pike St, Seattle
    Robin Wehl Martin - Two women, Kate and Ani, opened this funky wine bar that has all-natural wines. They have a delicious food menu, although they've really pivoted, (who hasn't during COVID?) to just selling wine. And they will deliver to your house for free. I recently attended a benefit at La Dive for Jubilee Women’s Center, which is an organization that provides housing and stability for women who have had circumstances that have uprooted them. All the proceeds went to Jubilee, so they're also really generous. I love supporting businesses that are committed to our community and have great products.