The best knives of 2023

Liz Pearce - If I'm not sitting at my computer, there's a decent chance I'm at the kitchen counter, and there it's all about the knife. For a long time I had a bunch of cheap crappy knives and one lone Global knife that I received as a gift. Since then, I've gradually built up my collection to the point where...
Heather Long - A high quality knife set at a reasonable price
Jacob Hollenbeck - I've been using Global Knives for years! They are beautiful in their bamboo block on the counter and they grip quite well. I have sharpened them a few times (using my own sharpening block) and they become razor sharp once more. Great longevity! I have cooked well over a thousand meals with these ...
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Natasha Willis - Affordable brand of knives that can be purchased at Target. Good quality and easy to clean
Keenan Tompkins - We like the Chicago Cutlery knives in our house. They stay sharp for a while and don't break the bank
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Carol Mullins - Great quality, from tip to handle. Is comfortable to use and has a good feel. Well balanced too.
Jeff Mullins - Good knife. Weighted snd comfortable to hold.
Molly Pearcy - By far the best knife I have used and owned. Light weight it can easily cut through a gourd or a delicately slice a tomato. It stays sharp longer then any of the other knives I have owned.
Tony Wright - I'm a big fan of "spend a bit more for stuff you use a lot"-- and I probably went a bit too far with these knives. I tried them out in a store and found that each "level" of the knives cut amazingly well-- so you can definitely get the cheaper miyabi knives and do just fine. But I kinda fell in l...
Liz Stella - If you're a fan of fresh bread and are always scrambling for the right knife to carve off a slice, THIS IS THE ONE! I bought mine from a baker and it's superb! Top quality, super sharp, and lasted for years.
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Kirby Winfield - Prepping veg, meat, herbs, allium, etc for meal construction is one of my favorite things in the world. So when I get stuck with crappy knives, it seriously messes with my happiness. Shun knives are beautiful, hold their edge, and boast incredible balance and just enough heft. My only regret is t...
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Carol Mullins - This is one of the best knives for bread and bagel cutting. Comfortable, lightweight and serrated edges are great at cutting thick, thin or in between.
Jeff Mullins - My favorite for bread
Amy Posner Wolff - Cutco knives are absolutely the best kitchen knives! I also have the shears which will cut through almost anything. You can purchase them online, sometimes at Costco, but I love supporting the independent reps who are usually young adults in or just out of college.
Sarah Colton - We've had our Cutco knives for YEARS and they are seriously the BEST. The dinner steak knives in silver are so great for all meats, and they LOOK great on the table! Highly recommend - worth every penny!
Liz Stella - Our knife block set has served us very well over the years and has a blade for all my culinary needs. I favour a Santoku Knife, which it comes with, as well as bread, paring etc. They sharpen easily and have been my go-to utensils.
Steve Dossick - This is a great knife for slicing bread, ripe tomatoes, or even steaks off the grill. It's also small enough that an older child can handle it easily (with proper supervision of course). It holds a sharpening super well for a long time too.
Emily Midgley - I love my mini Swiss Army knife. It has 17 functions, but my most used are the pen and the scissors.
Julie Joyce - The Mercer 8 inch serrated bread knife is my favorite bread knife. When I started baking during the pandemic I wanted a knife that could slice my sourdough thin enough for sandwiches, and this knife did, and still does, the trick.
Elissa Tompkins - My preschoolers love to copy everything I do, and they get such a kick out of helping me cook. These knives are perfect for safety and still allow them to learn to cut foods.
Hilda Jacquemin - I love this knife set, a little pricey, but worth the price they last forever, got mine at Williams Sonoma.
Julie Joyce - My go to knife for chopping. Holds up really well with lots and lots of use.
Scott Martin Heimendinger - Yeah, it's an expensive knife. But it's gorgeous, it's powerful, and if you treat it well, it will last nearly forever. Indulge yourself.
Jade Hodo - Ikea always comes through for me! If you are looking for inexpensive knives that work these are it! I have had this set for a year now and I use them every time I cook. I had people come over and use them and tell have they are really good!
Clau C - My favorite steak knives. These last a lifetime! Or more…
Clau C - These cheese knives are beautiful and durable. I like how they complement my cheese boards.
Gina Tran - Hasu-Seizo is a local business in Seattle that manufactures Japanese knives in Osaka (the region where my partner is from). They're quality knives - looking to add more to our collection soon!