The best sandals of 2023

Clau C - I'm in love with these! They're so confortable!
Brittany Menestrina - I’m obsessed with the rubber Birkenstock slides! They’re always so colorful and they really last me.
Kali Thompson - i wear mine like everyday! super comfy and convenient!
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Victoria Grinde - I recommend Chacos!!! I love mine so much!
Melissa Gallagher - There's never been a hike I couldn't tackle in my Chacos! I don't like dealing with socks bunching or sweaty feet. God forbid you get really wet, and there's not a lot worse than hiking in wet shoes/socks. Chacos (for me!) are comfy on day one, have great traction & arch support, and are perfect ...
Christina Nelson - I picked up a pair of Chacos to bring on hikes where I knew I'd get my feet wet. I've brought them on every backpacking trip I've been on since I bought them. They stay on my feet really well without having to readjust them, and they don't get slippery when wet. The strappy design also makes it e...
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Mandi Pacer - Living in the Great Outdoor State of CO having a pair of durable sandals is a necessity. Teva's come in many different colors and styles and their perfect for everyone in the family. I like the velcro strap aspect as they feel secure and they don't cause weird blisters like many flip flops and ot...
Erin McDonald - I'm a huge Teva fan!! After two foot surgeries plain old flip flops just don't mesh well with me so these are super supportive, comfortable, and easy to get on/off or adjust. I loosen the top ones for quick outdoor trips and even wear them as water shoes when paddle boarding or hiking.
Autumn Azar - These are great for hiking and festivals. They’re really easy to keep clean and easy to pack!
Carly Canter - I will never NOT own a pair of these shoes. In my life I have managed to fracture both of my feet(at different times!!). These sandals offer the best support. They are truly molded to your feet. The first couple weeks are little rough breaking them in, but once that is over... you'll never take t...
Blake Alvarado - Ugh I just adore my jesus shoes, very comfy especially when I break them in!!
Melissa Smith - I am a HUGE fan of Sanuk yoga mat flip flops. Can't go comfortable.
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Julie Joyce - I have some Havaianas that have lasted for quite a while. There are lots of cute patterns.
Augustina Liu - I have this for years and it's so nice!
Victoria Grinde - Came across this from someone else's FC recommendation. Ordered a couple pairs and let me tell you they are replacing my Birkenstocks! Thanks how nice and comfy they are.
Mandi Pacer - You can only find these amazing slip on sandals online and some high end boutiques. They mimic the famous Birkenstocks but are made out of eco-friendly and vegan materials. They feel like you're walking on air. They are super comfy, sustainable and supportive. I have the tie dye ones and hoping t...
Victoria Grinde - These are some of the most comfortable slippers I have ever owned! Worth every penny!!
Erin McDonald - Finally a pair of slippers that will last longer than a few months of wear and not get dirty with my constant inside/outside to the yard and detached office. I'm in love with these slippers! Durable bottom for not getting your feet wet while walking through grass AND the cozy middle part can be r...
Susie Cohen - Say hello to the camp counselor’s signature shoe silhouette. These fresh takes on tech-y Velcro sandals are less granola and more fashion. They come with patterns, embellishments, leather, fabric…I can’t wait to get a pair and wear them with all my Spring pieces.
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Kylie Heaton - These slides are so comfortable and you can’t beat the price!
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Gina Tran - My brother, as a Californian, was a hardcore fan of Rainbow sandals and converted me over as well! They're pricey (at $65 a pop) but excellent, high-quality sandals if you want the classic thong sandal. Takes a few wears to break in the leather but I can never go back to cheap sandals (I have 2 R...
Susan Smith - These are amazing for after runs or if you have a bad back or knees!!
Cindy Hawkins - I am extremely picky about my shoes. I go for comfort. I discovered these Clarks sandals "cushion soft" have just the right arch support so that I can literally walk all day and no achy feet at night!
Kaitlyn Steveson - They are extremely comfortable and the built-in arch support from the anatomical soles relieves pain and pressure in my legs, back, and ankle joints.
Alexa Kim - I think I might be on my 8th pair of these Keen Balis. I have hiked Acadia, Machu Picchu, and spent summers schlepping children around to various beaches in these shoes. Most recently, I went up and down Egypt, through temples, tombs and the Western Desert in only these shoes!!! The best feature ...
Amy Posner Wolff - I live in my Hoka flips flops (Recovery Sandals). They are very supportive.
Jade Hodo - The VS PINK slides are my favorite! My mom starting wearing them when she was pregnant. I been stealing them from her ever since.
Erin Lee - Quite possibly the most perfect pair of wedge sandals ever made.

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