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10 Best Seattle Bakeries

  • 5821 Phinney Ave N, Seattle • Phinney Ridge
    Meredith Fife - They make a fantastic Mexican Chocolate Pie. They also offer pie baking classes!
    Chris Manderino - Wonderful pies!!! There is a location in West Seattle too for those on the accidental island!
    Erin McDonald - Strawberry Rhubarb pie was AMAZING. First time not getting the Blue Hawaiin or apple pie and I thought I would miss those two favorites but shoot they all might be perfect!
    recommended by Steve Carver, Jacob Hollenbeck
  • 3621 Stone Way N suite d, Seattle • Wallingford
    Meredith Fife - The cheese pretzel rolls are amazing. A great location with a great atmosphere.
    Tom Laramee - Everything has been better since Sea Wolf opened up a location on Stone Way. Their bread is wonderful, as are their croissants (and other baked treats).
    Yaprak DeCarmine - I bought a loaf from their Capitol Hill farmer's market tent and ate the entire thing. Their baked goods are amazing.
  • 3421 Fremont Ave N, Seattle
    Kelsey Lockard - Got two slices of the most delicious cakes ever! We tried the Lemon Coconut Cake and the Peanut Butter Chocolate one. She was so nice, even gave us a birthday candle because we forgot to get some!
    Steve Dossick - Simply Desserts on Fremont Ave makes amazing cakes with enough notice. We are always happy with their service.
    Arry Yu - Best desserts ever -- favorite and the way to my dessert heart is the white chocolate strawberry cake. We use it for birthdays. We had them for both our wedding cake and the groom's cake. Divine.
    recommended by Dae Yu
  • 1902 Pike Pl, Seattle
    Keith Funai - Owner Kristi has put together great pastries, great coffee and great customer service in the Pike Place Market!
    Neil Wechsler - The chocolatine at Le Panier is simply delicious.
    recommended by Frédéric Dubut
  • 137 15th Ave E, Seattle
    Meredith Fife - They have the best chocolate croissants. This is by far my favorite pastry in all of Seattle.
    Chris Manderino - West Seattle's hidden gem. My mother-in-law loves the macaroons and it's nice to walk for a special treat now and then!
    recommended by Frédéric Dubut
  • 1014 Madison St, Seattle
    Steve Dossick - Sugar Bakery is a great place for custom cakes.
    Laurel Buckner - Sugar on First Hill is a great place to get custom decorated cakes made. We are always happy with their service.
  • 1943 1st Ave S, Seattle
    Tori Dixon - Macrina Bakery in Sodo is a great place for fresh bread and delicious blueberry scones! The staff is helpful and patient, which is needed when deciding between all of the delicious pastries.
    Holly Mors - DELICIOUS
  • 2307 Rainier Ave S, Seattle
    Brian Schultz - Borracchini's is a great place to get custom cakes made. We are always happy with our orders, good tasting, fresh, tons of design choices.
    Kathleen Judd - We’ve had good luck with Borracchini’s, they are great for custom decorated cakes. The cakes are moist and not too dense, and they have a delicious filling layer with flavors such as strawberry, chocolate, and lemon.
    Jordan Nugent - The only cake my mom will accept on her birthday is Remo's! They're pretty great.
  • 1500 E Olive Way, Seattle
    Laura - I try to look away when I pass their storefront...and yet I always seem to end up walking inside and getting something. Usually a macaron, which they have in some of the most creative flavors around.
    Holly Mors - Amazing coffee
  • 10. Eltana
    3920 Stone Way N, Seattle
    Shannon Garbaccio - Eltana makes such delicious bagels. They are soft but chewy water boiled bagels and the toppings are on both sides generously! And they are reasonably sized too! They've been delivering all around Seattle on a neighborhood by neighborhood basis right now.
    recommended by Patrick O'Donnell

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Stefan Cordova
27 days ago • Kent
Does anyone know any places to get a sugar free cake? It's our son's 2nd birthday and he's still not eating sugar yet. Maybe something with lots of...
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Liz Pearce
4 months ago • Montlake
My kids have been asking for these for Christmas but I'm not seeing them anywhere. Any ideas?
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