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10 Best Seattle Exterminators

  • 7323 Aurora Ave N Suite B, Seattle • Fremont
    Ryan Bruss - I needed a non-toxic way to prevent sugar ants from invading my house since we have two dogs and two cats. They were very responsive and were able to come out quickly. The guy who came respected social distancing and wore a mask, which I appreciated.
    Shannon Gould - Great customer service - nice team!
    Evgeny Goldin - Very punctual and professional service. Couldn't be happier!
  • Omar Shahine - If you have flying insects to get rid of, Jerry is the best. He even involved our children in safely removing the wasps or whatever they were.
    Gail Borod Giacobbe - My neighbor! Super nice guy and really knows his stuff. He got a hive out of our fireplace wall - no chemicals. This is the way to deal with wasp nests in and around your home.
    Adam Broetje - Jerry is the man. Had bees living in our attic and Jerry kindly escorted them off the premises in about 20 minutes. Super friendly and super efficient.
    recommended by Wesley Parker
  • Omar Shahine - We had a massive ant problem a few years ago. Every summer they would come out in the thousands in our front yard, and eventually find ways into our house. We hired Western and have never seen them since. They come by every other month.
    Ali White MacBeth - Western Exterminator has reasonable prices and easy to work with.
    recommended by Wesley Parker
  • 918 S Horton St, Seattle • Industrial District
    Ron Zanetti - Responsive and somewhat flexible on pricing. They recommend a repeating service every quarter, but they'll also do a one-time service. We had both ant and rat problems that they resolved.
    Josh Barnard - Dominion Pest Control got rid of the rats in our attic and they don't seem to have come back.
  • Steve Dossick - Super great work sealing up an under porch area that had seen some raccoon/critter intrusion.
    Linda Chow - I recommend Jack Russell Animal Control; they did a great job of ridding our house of a squirrel family many years ago.
  • 835 Central Ave N D-132, Kent
    5.2k karma
  • Seattle, WA • Downtown
    Debra Willendorf - Just had this company out to remove a nest of yellow jackets. Very professional and excellent to work with. Good bye stingers!
    recommended by JonahM McConnehea
  • 3545 NE 95th St, Seattle • Wedgwood
    recommended by Kate Leroux
  • 6016 NE Bothell Way Suite E, Kenmore
    Dennis Bye - We've used United Pest Solutions for years - really good service.
  • 9250 14th Ave NW, Seattle • Crown Hill
    Kelly Crimmins - Recently met Dan the Bee Man. He is in Ballard and has 10+ years of experience with "Poison-Free Stinging Insect Removal". Buy some honey from him, if you get a chance!

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Carl Haynes
16 days ago • Ballard
Seems a family of raccoons decided to set up house under our back porch (I think there are four of them, two young 'uns). Does anyone have a recom...
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