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7 Best Seattle Hardware Stores

  • 10210 16th Ave SW, Seattle
    Carly Canter - They always have what you're looking for and more!
    Meredith Fife - We love this place--they have everything! The employees are so enthusiastic and excited to help you. We get all our grilling, gardening and hardware supplies here.
    Marston Gould - Having used the three big brands (Home Depot, Lowes, Ace), I would have to say that McLendons is the only one where customer service is still number one. Everyone is very friendly. Prices are not outrageous. Staff will take the time to help you when you really need it. I've been rooked too many times by the big 3. I've never had anything but a good experience with McL
  • 4214 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle
    Laura - If you're looking for that ever-so-unique finish (e.g. special door knob) you have got to check these guys out.
    Ron Zanetti - Great store with so many things! Good quality
    Neil Wechsler - Shopping at Hardwicks is an experience that one should not miss. Besides the experience they have a very large inventory of hardware.
  • 7201 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle
    Steven A. Chayer - The store is very well stocked with a wide array of hardware products. The sales staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. We've been doing business with them for 30 years and they are consistently excellent.
  • 9000 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle
    Vanessa - Amazing place to solve all hardware needs! Knowledgeable staff and family owned.
  • Laura - Don't have a tool, come on over. Check out their digital tool library to see what they have and its availability before popping on over. The volunteers are also great if you need someone to run through how best to tackle a project.
  • recommended by Michael Herndon
  • 1837 42nd Ave E, Seattle
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