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10 Best Seattle Painters

  • 4200 24th Ave W, Seattle • Magnolia
    Omar Shahine - These guys are simply fantastic. They are also very expensive but worth every $. Their attention to detail, follow-up and desire to get it right are amazing. When anything is a miss they correct it in the moment. They provide daily written reports of their work and a final check through. Fantastic employees.
    Tom Laramee - Alejandro is the horse whisperer of wall prep for painting. He's incredibly skilled and dedicated to his craft. If you have a gig that you really, really want done well, these guys can help.
    Stephen Nash - Wonderful experience with Queen Anne. Very happy with results!
    recommended by OC FLooring, Ryan Metzger
  • 9585 8th Ave S, Burien • Eastlake
    Omar Shahine - I guess many painting companies double as holiday light companies. We are happy with them for holiday lights.
    Lora Shahine - They do our holiday lights every year - professional and beautiful work
    Pepper's Personal Assistants - Contact: (Peggy, Danielle)
  • 922 NW Leary Way, Seattle • Ballard
    Erin McCaul - We hired these guys to paint our house. They were professional and fast!
    Pepper's Personal Assistants - Experience: Interior, exterior, gutters, pressure washing, maintenance, Christmas lights. another good experience putting up Christmas Lights. Moderate pricing, about 2600 for 3500sq ft roof line plus 5 bushes and a yard tree. $80/hr. Contact: Nik Palladino (Kara, Alison)
    Kara K McKeage - Phinney Ridge Painting is about quality and trust. They aren't the cheapest because they don't cut corners. They do the job right.
  • 2229 12th Ave W, Seattle
    Liz Pearce - Sandi is the Paint Fairy. You don't have to move furniture or belongings before she comes. She paints about one room a day, and when she leaves you literally cannot tell that anyone has been in the house. Over three days and three rooms + a hallway, I never saw a drop cloth, piece of tape, or any mess whatsoever. The painting was beautifully done to boot. Highly recommend! (Thanks @lauraliz )
    Laura F - Sandi Rathbone is an excellent painter and a delight to work with. She painted the entire interior of our house, including multiple built-ins, a pocket door, and many special cabinet doors. Everything looks beautiful and absolutely perfect. Sandi is extremely tidy, has very high attention to detail, and is an excellent communicator.
  • 9102 236th St SW unit A, Edmonds
    Sherri Monte - We have used Hedlund Painting on almost all of our projects at Elegant Simplicity.

    As interior designers I could not recommend a better team of painters.
    recommended by Erica Thomson
  • 2720 6th Pl S, Seattle • Industrial District
    Omar Shahine - They painted the outside of our house. Big project and they did a good job.
  • 13120 Bel-Red Rd, Bellevue
    Sherri Monte - As interior designers at Elegant Simplicity, we have one go to paint shop when selecting colors + stains for our clients.

    This is it!
  • Ron Zanetti - Gary offered the best value overall. He's very knowledegable about paint chemistries and proper application. He painted the rental house for us in early 2019. He can get pretty busy, so best to allow for planning ahead of time. This is the same issue for most good painters as the busy season is Spring/Summer and a bit of Fall. We've found that if you want a job done in the Spring/Summer you better get it schedule in the Fall of the preceding year.
  • Ben Shorr - Excellent house painting - indoors and outdoors. Great quality and price. Full disclosure - Yeyo is my brother-in-law.
  • 13810 169th Ave SE, Renton
    Tom Murphy - Father / Son operation; really high quality

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