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10 Best Seattle Painters

  • 4200 24th Ave W, Seattle • Magnolia
    Omar Shahine - These guys are simply fantastic. They are also very expensive but worth every $. Their attention to detail, follow-up and desire to get it right are amazing. When anything is a miss they correct it in the moment. They provide daily written reports of their work and a final check through. Fantastic employees.
    Tom Laramee - Alejandro is the horse whisperer of wall prep for painting. He's incredibly skilled and dedicated to his craft. If you have a gig that you really, really want done well, these guys can help.
    Steven A. Chayer - Queen Anne will travel to your neighborhood and they are an excellent long-time Seattle painting firm. I was in the business for 40 years and I respected the work they did.
  • 9585 8th Ave S, Burien • Eastlake
    Omar Shahine - I guess many painting companies double as holiday light companies. We are happy with them for holiday lights.
    Lora Shahine - They do our holiday lights every year - professional and beautiful work
    Pepper's Personal Assistants - Contact: (Peggy, Danielle)
  • 922 NW Leary Way, Seattle • Ballard
    Erin McCaul - We hired these guys to paint our house. They were professional and fast!
    Pepper's Personal Assistants - Experience: Interior, exterior, gutters, pressure washing, maintenance, Christmas lights. another good experience putting up Christmas Lights. Moderate pricing, about 2600 for 3500sq ft roof line plus 5 bushes and a yard tree. $80/hr. Contact: Nik Palladino (Kara, Alison)
    Kara K McKeage - Phinney Ridge Painting is about quality and trust. They aren't the cheapest because they don't cut corners. They do the job right.
    recommended by Beach Blvd
  • Jessica M Shapiro - Frank is awesome! He painted our house in the fall and did a great job. He does quality work and the house looks great. Frank was referred from a neighbor, and after he painted her house and our house, several other people on the block used him and were very happy.
    Jeff Gibb - Frank's Painting came over for a small job as a part of our home office renovation. Coordinating the visit was easy, and they were in and out with no disruption to our WFH situation! They also cleaned thoroughly and were masked appropriately for COVID. Best of all, the finished product looks great.
    Madeleine Arvold - Frank painted our house inside and out prior to us putting it up for sale and it was worth every penny. We had seven offers and sold for well above asking and I am positive that our success was in part a result of Frank's excellent work. I highly recommend him and his team.
    recommended by Jeff Dossett, Alexa Rudin
  • 2229 12th Ave W, Seattle
    Liz Pearce - Sandi is the Paint Fairy. You don't have to move furniture or belongings before she comes. She paints about one room a day, and when she leaves you literally cannot tell that anyone has been in the house. Over three days and three rooms + a hallway, I never saw a drop cloth, piece of tape, or any mess whatsoever. The painting was beautifully done to boot. Highly recommend! (Thanks Laura F )
    Laura F - Sandi Rathbone is an excellent painter and a delight to work with. She painted the entire interior of our house, including multiple built-ins, a pocket door, and many special cabinet doors. Everything looks beautiful and absolutely perfect. Sandi is extremely tidy, has very high attention to detail, and is an excellent communicator.
  • Troy Dennis - A few years ago we had CertaPro paint our Magnolia rental property. We got proposals from 3 other companies, but decided on CertaPro. They did a really nice job and the price was reasonable. We are now considering their south-end counterparts paint our rental property in Puyallup.
    Trina Davis - Our eight town-homes worked together with Certa-Pro. They were prompt, thorough, and reasonably priced, and their work seems to have held up well. They could have cleaned up a bit better (paint on a decorative shared rock wall), but otherwise perfect.
  • 3250 Airport Way S 614, Seattle • West Seattle
    Eva Monsen - These guys painted our house interior. They were very professional and cleanly, carefully masked and covered all the furniture, and the account rep was very responsive to change orders. I'll definitely use them again for interior painting.
  • 7036 NE 137th St, Kirkland
    Carolyn Gracz - Very reasonably priced, attentive and professional. It’s been about 5 years and the paint job is holding up great.
  • 660 SW 132nd St, Burien
    Melinda Lane - We just used Rey Valle for our house near Lincoln Park. He and his crew did a nice job and finished in one day.
    kelly malloy - I love when Rey and the crew show up! Little worker bees who do a great job!
  • 13760 Aurora Ave N suite b, Seattle • Fremont
    Perry Atkins - The rare contractor that comes in on budget, on time and are super nice to work with in the process. Just finished a complete interior paint on our large lux home and could not be happier with the work and people.
    recommended by Cheryl

House Painter

A fresh coat of paint can boost curb appeal and protect your home from the elements. Depending on where you live, early summer or early fall, when temperatures are warm and less humid are the best times to paint both the exterior and interior of your home. Less moisture in the air means the paint will adhere better, and if the temperature is moderate (between 50-85 degrees), the paint will dry quicker. We’ve broken down the top questions to ask your house painter:

FAQ Top 5

1. How much does it cost to paint a house?

Plan to source 3-5 bids for your project and expect a wide range of estimates. For a 2,000 sqft home in Seattle, we found exterior estimates from $2,500 to $6,900 and interior estimates from $3,700 to $5,200. What is standard (e.g. paint materials, labor, and supplies) and optional add-on services (e.g. pressure washing and moving furniture) vary from company to company. What’s best is to decide on the job you want completed and compare bids “apples to apples”.

Here are a bunch of options to consider as you receive bids from house painters:

  • Exterior: The walls (duh!), pressure washing, shutters, front door, exterior siding, trim, priming, caulking, roof eaves, railings, and decks.

  • Interior: The walls, ceilings, crown molding, floor molding, wainscoting, decorative trim, doors, door jambs, window trim, and stairways.

  • Warranty: Most professional house painters offer a three to five-year warranty for their work.

  • Other: Moving furniture, landscape protection, drywall or siding repairs, daily clean up and project completion clean up.

2. How often should I have my house painted?

Where you live and the type of materials your home is built with are the big factors to determine when you need to paint your home’s exterior. Most house painters recommend painting every 10 years, however if you live in a place with hot summers and freezing winters, expect to repaint sooner. When to paint interior rooms may vary depending on how well your home manages steam, smoke, and kids with markers. In general, house painters recommend 7-10 years for interior walls and ceilings, but sooner for baseboards and trim.

3. Should you spray or roll paint?

Both will work for your house painting project. Spray is the fastest and better for exterior walls, where accuracy isn’t as big of a deal—and may save on labor costs. If you decide to go with a sprayer indoors, make sure your house painter does the required preparation to contain any messes along the way. Rollers are good for interior walls, where you need more attention to detail and have more trim work. Some house painters prefer spraying a primer coat and following up with rolling for a more finished look.

4. What type of paint should be used?

Water-based, latex paint dries faster (1-6 hours) than oil-based paint and it won’t blister, crack, or mildew. The flat finish of latex paint is also forgiving of any surface imperfections and cleans up with soap and water. Oil-based paints take more time to dry (8-24 hours), but the finish is glossier and smoother than latex paint. Oil-based paint requires a solvent (paint thinner) to clean up. It’s best to ask your Pro what they recommend and prefer to use your home’s location and building materials.

5. Does the brand matter?

Most house painters use either Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams paint. There is a long debate on which company has the best product, which we won’t get into here, but both are high quality and used widely by the top-rated house painters on Fresh Chalk. You can ask your house painter if they have a contractor discount (usually around 30%) with a specific brand, which can save you a few bucks. If your heart is set on a specific color, most paint stores will match colors from other brands so don’t let that stop you from getting that contractor discount.

Ask for Recommendations

Need help finding the right painter? Ask your friends.
Kristy Morrison
6 months ago • Seattle
We are considering painting the exterior of our 1932 stucco house. It's never been painted, and the stucco is in good shape. I want to look at gett...
4 replies
6 months ago
Marston Gould Hello Kristy. Having owned several older homes myself (including my current 1927) I very, very highly recommend Hector Samayoa. Hector's team is not only extremely professional, they do all the little things that many, many other painters won't. First off, no sprays. Never. They only brush and role. You will notice the difference, believe me. Second off, the prep they do to tapping everything off carefully is second to none. I can say without a doubt that our last home sold for about 25% above list almost completely due to the paint job that Hector did inside and out. His number is: (206) 432-1748
Kristy Morrison Thank you @dangerbruss and @Marston
Shannon Garbaccio Check out Welliver Painting - located in Mukilteo. No spraying, color matching on site and small meticulous crews!
Melinda Torres
7 months ago • Madison Park
We have a very tall garage and we need someone with a tall ladder who's willing to hang a rope hook and get a rope up there. It's a small job, but ...
6 replies
7 months ago
Melinda Torres right on!!! thank you!
Liz Pearce Fresh Chalk operators are standing by 😉
Ange Spring Not sure if this is the right place to make a comment like this, but what a great catchy opening line to your request @MelindaT .

Out of all the new stuff I had in my inbox today, yours totally stood out.
LOL- @Lizprc, I had the same questions.
Super glad your keeping active during this time (& not something else) 👍
Kristen Cole
7 months ago • Central District
I have painted tens of rooms... And I usually miss the mark. And then live with it because it's such a hassle to repaint and too expensive to pay f...
8 replies
7 months ago
Shannon Garbaccio +1000 for @SaraEizen She's fantastic! Great sense of what looks good and loads of experience!
Sara Eizen Thanks for the love @Lindsay & @sbacciophoto
Laura Van Horne agreed- Sara Eizen is the best with colors!!!
Josh Barnard
7 months ago • Capitol Hill
I have a pretty large rear deck made of real wood. It's starting to need paint pretty badly, but also needs some minore pairs (a couple of boards a...
2 replies
7 months ago
Nathan Kriege I'd recommend starting by talking to a deck person. When we had to replace our deck we worked with Sam Hyde from Dogwood Designs & Landscaping. He did a great job, was very communicative, and answered all of our questions. I'm sure he'd be happy to discuss the project with you and offer advice.
Liz Pearce Hey, Josh - I remembered my friend @gondo1a recently recommended 12 Decks & Fences. He used them for a fence but guessing they're equally capable when it comes to decks.
Michael Mattmiller
9 months ago • West Seattle
My house has a fair bit of wood paneling, which needs to be restained every few years. Does anyone have a good house painter who would be up to the...
5 replies
8 months ago
Steven A. Chayer Three firms that immediately come to mind are Mitchel Painting (206) 610-1444. I've know the owner for 25 years and he is as honest as the day is long. Also Phinney Ridge Painting, and Queen Anne Painting. All are excellent. I used to compete against them for work and I always respected their ethics and integrity.
Melinda Lane We just used Rey Valle for our house near Lincoln Park. He and his crew did a nice job and finished in one day: 425-791-8784.
kelly malloy I have a great painter who is laying low. You want to text him and get on his may (maybe) list for when he resumes?
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