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People following Ryan Bruss

Austin, TX • 261.4k karma
Living in Austin, Texas • Digital + Social Media Marketing + Graphic Design • I love exploring new restaurants, live music, and other Austin spots • IG @Sara.On.Social
Medway, MA • 213.8k karma
Austin, TX • 163.8k karma
Born and raised Texan and Austinite for over 20 years. Mom of 2 who loves all things Austin and what makes it weird and unique. I also love all kinds of beauty products and things that are useful to families.
Denver, CO • 150.8k karma
Colorado Born. Visionary & Creator. Live Music Lover. Iced Tea Aficionado. Owner of The Moxi Poppy - Creative Co-Op in Historical Morrison, CO + Small Business Branding and Digital Media Consulting
Boulder, CO • 127.4k karma
I am a mom of two boys ages 3 and 4, bonus mom to two kids, son 13 and daughter 16, and two pups! I was born and raised in Colorado and love to enjoy the outdoors in my free time! Being a mom of two young boys means I am always looking for recommendations about parks, businesses and products from people I know and trust!
Indianapolis, IN • 104.9k karma
Nature girl, gardening, and community connections. Mom of three awesome humans and two big fur babies.
Carmel, IN • 97.5k karma
Mom with a passion for helping my community and making the changes I want to see happen in our world.
Indianapolis, IN • 88.2k karma
Entrepreneur (CEO of InVogue Marketing) specializing in event planning, corporate event staffing and organizational development while also teaching at the local college. Dog-lover who's obsessed with her American Eskimo and Auntie/Bonus Mom to the best kids ever! Love to find small businesses and learn their stories!
Brookline, MA • 84.4k karma
I'm a Boston based foodie :)
Cambridge, MA • 61.9k karma
I love to meet people, try new things, and discover places. I would love to share with you my favorite products and services. Follow me for daily tips!
Vienna, VA • 60.3k karma
I'm a mom of a toddler who is trying to be eco-friendly. We love good products that help to make my little one more independent. I'm always looking for new recommendations about parks and activities to do with my little one.
Atlanta, GA • 57.0k karma
Welcome to my page! My name is Dakota, and I absolutely love my community for all that it is and for all that it does. Atlanta is a fast-growing, international melting pot filled with hidden gems, surrounded by everyday people doing incredible things, and I want you to come share in my adventure! Traveler ✈️ Book Lover 📖 Obsessed with cheese 🧀
Decatur, GA • 56.6k karma
I'm a former boutique owner & current Realtor. I'm a true Libra: lover of design & aesthetics and logic & justice. I strive for conscious consumerism, sustainability, and shopping with heart.
Portland, OR • 56.0k karma
Favorite things in life are my boys, sewing, embroidery, volunteering and sharing my experiences.
Sudbury, MA • 49.7k karma
Love travel, family, dining out and all sports. Lived in Boston for most of my life, but still consider NY my home.
Portland, OR • 39.9k karma
Portland, OR • 37.2k karma
Downers Grove, IL • 36.5k karma
Full time mama of 3 incredible girls • married to my college sweetheart • outdoor enthusiast • striving to spin the negatives into positives in this crazy & non-stop world!
Boulder, CO • 35.4k karma
Born in TN and moved to CO last year! Love playing my guitar, drinking beer, and hanging out with friends!
Flower Mound, TX • 31.6k karma
Foodie | Amateur Chef | Wine Enthusiast | Traveller | Digital & Social Media Marketer | Mom of 3 fur babies | Wedding Officiant | Outgoing & Kind
Denver, CO • 29.4k karma
Denver, CO • 29.0k karma
Some of the opportunities I prize most in life are helping local businesses succeed and helping my neighbors to get the best out of their community! We're all in this together...let's help each other out!
Lemont, IL • 27.0k karma
Busy wife + mama of two little dudes + two puppies! Chaos fuels our home! 😉 Work from home for a sports agency & here for all the positive recommendations & to maybe stop reinventing the wheel for just a minute!
Seattle, WA • 26.8k karma
I've lived in the Madrona neighborhood since 1999. I have 2 kids and love technology.
Lemont, IL • 26.7k karma
Mom of 3 beautiful kiddos- 1 girl and 2 boys! Work from home for a sports agent and spend all my free time with my kids… love the community in Lemont and trying new things!
Atlanta, GA • 26.6k karma
I am a Georgia State University Alumni with a passion for the perfect skincare routine, natural/curly hair care, and good food in and around Atlanta, Ga.
Boston, MA • 24.2k karma
Seattle, WA • 22.7k karma
Into dogs because they care more. Kids are cool too.
Sammamish, WA • 22.0k karma
UW grad. Just moved back to Sammamish from Seattle. Love all things food, sustainability, and the outdoors! Connected with Fresh Chalk
Cumming, GA • 20.7k karma
I enjoy supporting all things L O C A L! There is nothing better than walking into a family owned, or locally owned restaurant, coffee shop, veterinarian (that's been serving the community for decades), or clothing shop that houses only the best local artists in your beloved area. I'm married and have 3 wonderful daughters! Life is FABULOUS!
Puyallup, WA • 19.8k karma
Fun | Outgoing | Love to network | Passionate about helping others reach their full potential
Austin, TX • 19.4k karma
Founder of Fresh Chalk and happy South Austin homeowner.
Seattle, WA • 19.3k karma
Grew up in West Seattle and still here. Bought the house next door to my childhood home. Work in tech. I dig real estate (have a few Airbnb's) and have remodeled a few homes.
Seattle, WA • 18.7k karma
Office Manager, Home Owner, general consumer of services.
Seattle, WA • 18.3k karma
I like this place.
Renton, WA • 17.0k karma
A software engineer who does far too much research for every decision he makes.
Seattle, WA • 16.5k karma
I have an MFA in Poetry! I own Susan's Green Cleaning in Seattle! I am an ergophile, a bibliophile, and I love kind people.
Seattle, WA • 16.3k karma
Creative writer who loves the Bachelor and everything trashy-pop-culture. Pure, unfiltered millennial.
Norwell, MA • 15.5k karma
Mommy of three crazy boys. Lover of all things outdoors...and wine. Airbnb Superhost (ask me about it!) Happy South Shore MA resident.
Powder Springs, GA • 14.9k karma
Born and raised in Atlanta, Ga I enjoy living out my early 20s trying new restaurants and exploring new places with friends and family!
Seattle, WA • 14.5k karma
20 something living in North Seattle with a love for food, beauty, and home decor. I'll be moving in with my boyfriend this summer and planning a wedding so I have a lot of venue, vendor, styling and moving tips ahead.
Pembroke Pines, FL • 12.4k karma
Seattle, WA • 12.1k karma
I'm the proud husband of Elizabeth, father of Andy & Dennis. E and I built that cabin in AK (pictured). I invented Vacuboom. I built a 2 million dollar a year WA painting business. I now work with Elizabeth, founder of the American Dance Institute. We've grown the school to 6 studios in 4 Seattle locations. I enjoy life and its adventures.
New Carlisle, IN • 11.2k karma
In school to be a Veterinary Technician. The more Karma points I get the more extra credit I get. If I follow you please follow back :)
Greenbelt, MD • 11.0k karma
Sports Writer. Narrator. Social Media guy. I'm looking to build a legacy and eat good and love God and my family in process.
Seattle, WA • 10.1k karma
Hi, I'm Augustina, a UX designer, minimalist, and environmentalist. I advocate for an inclusive society to make the world more accessible and inclusive for those people with different abilities.
Austin, TX • 9.9k karma
Owner of Sitter4Paws Austin LLC. I love caring for animals so YOU can PAWS and RELAX. I am a retired Special Education Aide/teacher. Married for 26 years, I have 2 boys 27 and 24 and have 5 beautiful grandchildren ranging from ages 7 to 1. Love to travel, walk, mountain bike and spend time with my family and friends.
Littleton, CO • 9.3k karma
My name is Larry proud representative of Champagne Movers established in 1991 . I have 2 amazing twin girls who are the driving force behind the ultimate goal would be able to to teach my kids that is better to give of yourself than to receive and volunteer when opportunity presents itself .
Apache Junction, AZ • 9.2k karma
I am the Director of Sales and Marketing at the Apache Junction Area Chamber of Commerce.
Seattle, WA • 8.9k karma
I live in Magnolia. I work on digital products. I love technology, cooking, gardening, running, fly fishing, spending time with my family and partnering with my wife on buy/hold real estate projects.
Dallas, TX • 8.8k karma
Scottsdale, AZ • 8.3k karma
Indianapolis, IN • 8.0k karma
Seattle, WA • 7.4k karma
Round Rock, TX • 7.2k karma
Bellevue, WA • 6.6k karma
Seattle, WA • 6.6k karma
San Rafael, CA • 6.3k karma
Austin, TX • 6.0k karma
Cloverdale, IN • 5.8k karma
Corona, CA • 5.7k karma
Alexandria, VA • 5.7k karma
Denver, CO • 5.6k karma
Seattle, WA • 5.6k karma
Seattle, WA • 5.6k karma
Austin, TX • 5.5k karma
Austin, TX • 5.4k karma
Westfield, IN • 4.8k karma
Santa Clara, CA • 4.8k karma
Austin, TX • 4.7k karma
Austin, TX • 4.5k karma
Atlanta, IN • 4.0k karma
Loveland, CO • 4.0k karma
Auburn, WA • 3.9k karma
Los Angeles, CA • 3.8k karma
Round Rock, TX • 3.6k karma
Austin, TX • 3.5k karma
Marlborough, MA • 3.5k karma
Austin, TX • 3.3k karma
Austin, TX • 3.3k karma
Redmond, WA • 3.3k karma
Austin, TX • 3.2k karma
Georgetown, TX • 3.1k karma
Denver, CO • 3.1k karma
Edmonds, WA • 3.1k karma
Austin, TX • 3.0k karma
New York, NY • 2.9k karma
Denver, CO • 2.9k karma
Carefree, AZ • 2.7k karma
Colorado Springs, CO • 2.7k karma
Mercer Island, WA • 2.6k karma
Seattle, WA • 2.6k karma
Greenwood, IN • 2.5k karma
San Tan Valley, AZ • 2.5k karma
Seattle, WA • 2.5k karma
Redmond, WA • 2.4k karma
Federal Way, WA • 2.4k karma
Seattle, WA • 2.3k karma
Redmond, WA • 2.3k karma
Snohomish, WA • 2.3k karma
Seattle, WA • 2.2k karma
Tacoma, WA • 2.2k karma
Austin, TX • 2.2k karma
Austin, TX • 2.1k karma
Tampa, FL • 2.1k karma
Arlington, TX • 2.1k karma
Mercer Island, WA • 2.0k karma
Sammamish, WA • 2.0k karma
Flower Mound, TX • 2.0k karma
Tacoma, WA • 2.0k karma
Austin, TX • 1.9k karma
New York, NY • 1.9k karma
Pflugerville, TX • 1.9k karma
Cedar Park, TX • 1.8k karma
Kirkland, WA • 1.8k karma
Round Rock, TX • 1.8k karma
Austin, TX • 1.8k karma
Cedar Hill, TX • 1.8k karma
Redmond, WA • 1.7k karma
Redmond, WA • 1.7k karma
Portland, OR • 1.7k karma
Redmond, WA • 1.7k karma
Broomfield, CO • 1.6k karma
Seattle, WA • 1.6k karma
Mercer Island, WA • 1.6k karma
Redmond, WA • 1.6k karma
Mercer Island, WA • 1.6k karma
Jacksonville, FL • 1.5k karma
Austin, TX • 1.5k karma
Bellevue, WA • 1.5k karma
Redmond, WA • 1.5k karma
Redmond, WA • 1.4k karma
Issaquah, WA • 1.4k karma
Austin, TX • 1.4k karma
Austin, TX • 1.3k karma
Renton, WA • 1.3k karma
Renton, WA • 1.3k karma
Seattle, WA • 1.3k karma
Austin, TX • 1.2k karma
Austin, TX • 1.1k karma
Redmond, WA • 1.1k karma
Bothell, WA • 1.1k karma
Chicago, IL • 1.1k karma
Arlington, TX • 1.1k karma
Seattle, WA • 1.1k karma
Redmond, WA • 1.1k karma
Austin, TX • 1.0k karma
Redmond, WA • 1.0k karma
Austin, TX • 1.0k karma
Redmond, WA • 1.0k karma
Bellevue, WA • 990 karma
Seattle, WA • 960 karma
Seattle, WA • 950 karma
Austin, TX • 850 karma
Cheyenne, WY • 850 karma
Austin, TX • 850 karma
Austin, TX • 850 karma
El Cajon, CA • 850 karma
Maple Valley, WA • 840 karma
Grand Prairie, TX • 820 karma
Euless, TX • 820 karma
Austin, TX • 800 karma
Fredericksburg, VA • 775 karma
Austin, TX • 750 karma
Austin, TX • 750 karma
Everett, WA • 700 karma
Woodinville, WA • 675 karma
Snoqualmie, WA • 660 karma
New Berlin, WI • 650 karma
Seattle, WA • 650 karma
Austin, TX • 650 karma
Bellevue, WA • 650 karma
Indianapolis, IN • 650 karma
Jacksonville, FL • 640 karma
Port Angeles, WA • 620 karma
Seattle, WA • 600 karma
San Angelo, TX • 600 karma
Tacoma, WA • 600 karma
Saint Johns, FL • 550 karma
Redmond, WA • 500 karma
Seattle, WA • 475 karma
Everett, WA • 450 karma
Austin, TX • 450 karma
Austin, TX • 400 karma
San Angelo, TX • 400 karma
Tacoma, WA • 400 karma
Everett, WA • 370 karma
Austin, TX • 350 karma
Puyallup, WA • 350 karma
Austin, TX • 300 karma
Austin, TX • 300 karma
Champaign, IL • 300 karma
Keller, VA • 250 karma
Seattle, WA • 250 karma
Kirkland, WA • 200 karma
New York, NY • 200 karma
Bothell, WA • 100 karma
Everett, WA • 100 karma
Mercer Island, WA • 100 karma
Kent, WA • 100 karma
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