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Best Running Shoes

Liz Pearce - I bought Hokas after seeing so many recommendations from other Fresh Chalkers. At first I was a little put off by how wide the base of the shoe is, but the comfort and stability it provides makes up for it. I tend to pronate quite a bit and these seem to help. I had also been experiencing some kn...
Victoria Grinde - I ordered these after a recommendation on Fresh Chalk. I have only ran in them a couple times, each time indoors. Haven't tested them outside yet but so far they are proven to be worth the purchase. They will stay in my shoe toolbox for sure.
Amy Posner Wolff - I was an Asics girls since junior high. Eight years ago I got planter fasciitis and it was suggested I try this new brand of running shoes called Hoka. They were really bulky looking (reminded me of moon boots), but I didn't care, because I needed the support. Once my foot healed I tried to go ba...
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Dudley Carr, Troy Dennis and 1 other
Dakota Stern - I run, run, run, run! I can run for miles on end. This shoe helps me do it.
Melissa Gallagher - I've really liked my On Clouds.My biggest gripe was that I kept finding shoes that were comfortable but UGLY. You know the thing where athletic brands make women's items in pink and purple because all women LOVE pink and purple!... drives me crazy! I've liked that my On Cloud shoes have served me...
Lindsey S - I use On Clouds at the gym. Love them and worth the money!
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Kristie Presten - The only running shoes I'll buy! For the past 2+ years I've only purchased Brooks running shoes. I have a narrow foot and run anywhere from 3-5 days/week. I will purchase a pair of Brooks every time!
Sydney Mintle - If you love going on long, leisurely runs with your girlfriends, give the gift that keeps on giving with a pair of shoes from Brooks Running. They recently released the Launch 8, which features a breathable mesh upper, lightweight cushioning, and blown rubber in the forefoot for speed. Available ...
Kennedy Kirkland - It might not look like it because it is not a famous brand, but it is perfect to protect your ankles and prevent pain from ruining your workout session! Had the same pair for 5 years and they still look the same
Karline Nogales - The right shoes for running. I recommend any Asics shoes for high-impact activities.
Shannon Garbaccio - These shoes are incredibly comfortable out of the box, with virtually no breaking in period. They have great arch and heel support and are super durable.
Chanette Campbell - Womens Nike Vapormax !!! My everyday shoes , as a mother of 3 I don't know where I would be without these shoes !! The definition of COMFORT !!
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Dakota Stern - Get this incredible shoe! It offers so much support. If you're a long-distance runner like me, then you can't go wrong here!
Molly Pearcy - I am on my second pair of Nike Revolution 5 Running Shoes. They provide excellent support but are still lightweight.
Michelle Flandreau - I have ran/ walked in just about everything and swear by Mizunos (to be totally honest I'm not a huge runner anymore but I am walking 13 - 16 miles a day and these shoes make a big difference).
Carly Canter - Recently purchased my first pair of Brooks Running shoes. These are ultimately my new favorite. Once you go Brooks, you never go back!
They are super light weight and offer just the right amount of support for my low arches. PLUS they were on sale at the Outlet store in Bothell!
Victoria Grinde - These running shoes have been my normal go-to. While I like to switch up what I am wearing occasional for my outdoor runs, these always hold up and I never get sore les or shin splints!
Naomi Campos - I use Altra Torins. They have an open toe box and zero heel. I used to run in Nike’s but now I don’t know how I did because for me, their narrow toe design and lifted heel looks smokin hot, but squishes my toes together on long runs. I ain’t got time for that.
Zara Michael - I purchased a pair of the Mizuno Wave Inspires last year and they've been great. I used to get shin splints with my old Nikes and they haven't returned.
Carol Mullins - Light weight, good arch support, good ventilation and shock absorption.
Michael Stubbs - I bought these shoes two weeks ago to replace another pair of New Balance shoes that I had worn out over the course of a year. I have run six miles a day for about five days a week (so about 10 days and 60 miles) in these shoes. I am happy with my purchase.

New Balance is constantly changing the...
Tom Laramee - What most caught my attention for these was the outer part of the sole, which is fairly beefy, and sort of tilts my feet at a slight downward angle from outside to insole. They're also great for running through water (you don't want waterproof trail running shoes, as once they fill with water, th...
Reid Lambert - I am not a trail runner but I knew I needed a trail runner for the Grand Canyon. I love Merrells so I thought this would be a perfect fit. I really like these shoes and I ended up wearing them all summer. You can't go wrong with a pair of Merrells.

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