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The Fresh Chalk Blog

Meet the Fresh Chalk Team

Tuesday June 4th • by Patrick O'Donnell

Hello, friends and neighbors! We figured it was about time we properly introduced ourselves. We’re the team behind Fresh Chalk, a new site for sharing recommendations for professionals with your friends.

Meet the Pro: Howard Nevitt, Owner of Ravenna Locksmith

Tuesday May 28th • by Liz Pearce

Raised in Seattle, Ravenna Locksmith owner and operator, Howard Nevitt, still lives in the Maple Leaf house he grew up in. In his youth, Howard was keen on taking things apart, and developed an interest in becoming a locksmith.

Meet Fresh Chalk Seattle’s #1 Wellness Guru!

Wednesday May 22nd • by Liz Pearce

In Seattle, no Fresh Chalk user has offered more recommendations in the Wellness category than Lindsay Pedersen, a Ravenna mom, kick-ass business owner, and new author.

Prepping for Wildfire Smoke Season

Monday May 13th • by Patrick O'Donnell

In Seattle we’ve had an unwelcome visitor the past few summers - smoke from wildfires burning in the Pacific Northwest. You might recall lovely photos such as this one from last summer. What will you do when the wildfire smoke returns along with the evil red eye?

Amazing Renovations: A Carport Becomes an Indoor Pool Room

Tuesday May 7th • by Liz Pearce

You’ve got to love a good before-and-after story. To see a space completely transformed before your eyes is nothing short of magic. In this case, the “before” is a humble carport, a term coined by Frank Lloyd Wright way back in 1936.

Fresh New Features for Spring

Thursday May 2nd • by Liz Pearce

Thanks for the many awesome recommendations you’ve added over the past few weeks, and for continuing to help us improve the site. We’ve been putting your feedback to work with a bunch of new features.

The Real-Life Superhero Dream Team

Tuesday April 2nd • by Liz Pearce

Have you ever met one of those people who simply seem to have more energy, more motivation, more strength, and more ambition than us mere mortals? Where does it come from? How can I get some of that? If you’ve ever met Mike Torres of Seattle, you’ve probably asked yourself those questions.

Meet the Pro: Ryan Metzger, CEO of Ridwell

Thursday March 21st • by Liz Pearce

We love meeting pros who are in business to make a difference, not just a profit. That's Ryan Metzger in a nutshell. Ridwell was recommended by Fresh Chalk members, and we were intrigued to learn more.

Meet the Pro: Sara Eizen, Home Organizer and Interior Designer

Wednesday March 20th • by Liz Pearce

When you first encounter Sara Eizen, you will likely be bowled over by her sheer energy level. She first caught our attention by garnering several recommendations on Fresh Chalk for a variety of services -- home organization, interior design, and color palette selection. Everyone loves Sara!

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Tuesday March 19th • by Liz Pearce

It's Spring Cleaning week at Fresh Chalk! Of course we’re well aware that you probably don’t really want to spend a day, much less several days, cleaning your home. You could be eating brunches! Or hiking mountains! Or binge-watching shows on Netflix! So many possibilities.