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Tuesday November 17th

When my co-founders and I began working together to build Fresh Chalk in early 2019, the world was a very different place. We were frantically busy with the hustle and bustle of families, jobs, homes, and pets, not to mention travel, social activities, and community obligations.

Our shared problem was that when we needed help with managing our lives, good recommendations were too hard to come by. Online reviews from strangers aren’t trustworthy. We built this platform because we want to share our recommendations for the great businesses and services we’ve found with people we know, in one centralized, organized place. Fresh Chalk was born from that idea.

Fast forward to today, somewhere on the course of the lifecycle of a global pandemic. The kind of stress we’re feeling has dramatically changed. Home school, remote work, job losses, social issues, the never-ending political news cycles, and COVID fatigue are all taking their toll.

When you’re stuck in the same four walls all the time, both your appreciation for and your annoyance with the objects of your home becomes more pronounced. The coffee maker that just had to get you out the door in the morning now needs to fuel your entire day. The printer that was used once last year is now spitting out school worksheets on the daily. The poor lighting was easier to ignore before the basement became your full-time office.

Our mental energy and the way we use our resources has shifted. While we’re still relying on outside help for certain projects (or maybe even using this time to tackle a remodel), we’ve shifted a lot of our focus to nesting. We’re doing our best to make our homes both functional and comfortable, whatever our budgets. We’re investing in games that can make a rainy weekend go by faster, and frying pans that eggs don’t stick to.

As the months of COVID have worn on, we find ourselves increasingly interested in what products are making life easier. We want to share them with friends in the same way we do  recommendations for local businesses. That’s why we’ve expanded Fresh Chalk to allow you to find and recommend great professionals and great products.

Stay tuned for some more exciting announcements as we head into the holiday gifting season. In the meantime, explore product recommendations from our community. Add things you like to your wishlist. And share your own favorites. Your friends will thank you!

Liz Pearce
Fresh Chalk CEO

See what the Fresh Chalk team is recommending (top to bottom, left to right in photo above):

Oven - $600

"I've been a happy sous vide user for a few years, but this new oven is really a game changer. I can do everything my sous vide could, but better." - Patrick O'Donnell

Pots & Pans - $35

"This might be my favorite item in my whole kitchen. I use it so often (many times for 3 meals a day) that it simply goes from my stovetop to my sink and back again. Heats quickly and evenly, nothing sticks but food browns nicely, and the silicone handle is super practical." - Liz Pearce

"The ratcheting is smooth and reliable, with a chipper click for each twist. The bits are stored in a cozy chamber inside the handle. The blue and red body has a pleasing amount of friction, the kind that makes you want to use this tool above all others. The whole thing feels sturdy and well made." - Adam Doppelt

Ladder - $130

"I never thought I would get excited about a ladder until I came across this one. It's 12.5 feet high when fully extended, but collapses down to just three feet. This makes it very easy to store and transport. It easily fits into the trunk of our car, I can carry it around without crashing into things, and I don't have to get nervous bringing it into the house." - Nathan Kriege

"I've owned a ton of headphones in my years, and these are by far the best I've ever had. It's rare to find the right mix of comfort, performance, and reliability in a headphone. The noise cancellation is excellent on these, so much so that my wife often gets angry that I can't hear her. I've owned them for nearly 2 years now and their wireless charge is still phenomenal and there is minimal wear and tear despite significant usage. A real testament to the build quality!" - Jacob Hollenbeck

"There's a night and day difference between using an impact driver for screws and bolts vs a drill driver. And, if you're going to get an impact driver, you should get one that uses a brushless motor for added power. This one from Ryobi has worked out very well for me, but I made the choice long ago to go with Ryobi as my cordless tool set." - Ryan Bruss

"Filters are cheap and easy to replace, and make a very noticeable difference. The straw was definitely not something I was seeking out, but it's now one of my favorite aspects of this bottle. Because the lid opens using a spring-loaded button and the straw allows you to drink without tilting the bottle, it's easy to use one-handed. It does exactly what I need it to and a little bit more!" - Ian Jones

Laundry Detergent - $17

"This detergent is a game changer. I bought this product based on a recommendation on Fresh Chalk and it's truly great. The detergent really removes odors instead of just masking the smell. I am really impressed." - Meredith Fife

Shoes - $135

"These are by far my favorite pair of casual shoes! Extremely comfortable, easy to slip on, and completely waterproof!!! Like, go step in puddles waterproof. I wear these shoes almost every day and they are great rain or shine." - Kelsey Lockard

"I've tried some journal notebooks before but this one is the best. It's dotted, which gives you some references when drawing but it won't be too disturbing. The size of each page is great, not too small or too big to write down your thoughts. The quality of the paper is good and it won't make the ink pass through on each page." - Augustina Liu

Candle - $25-39

"These are by far some of the most potent smelling candles I've ever purchased without being overly perfumed or too powerful. The scents are all well balanced, unique and complex. And I love love love the branding. Each candle is named after a women in pop culture history with the scents invoking the essence of that icon. My favorite is "Dolly" which is scented with Peach and Lily." - Brooklyn Benjestorf

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