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Best Seattle Auto Pros

  • 1. Wrench
    2101 4th Ave 1060, Seattle • Belltown
    Liz Pearce - Used Wrench for the first time this weekend after giving up driving all the way to the dealership in Ballard, where I usually get service work done. Price was cheaper than the dealership and on-par with Jiffy Lube (this was for an oil/filter change). They had to reschedule my service from the time I requested, but they offered several alternatives and gave me a 10% discount. The mechanic was super nice and offered some helpful tips. Overall a very good experience.
    Shauna Causey - And during the pandemic, I think it's especially great because they come out to your house.
    Steve Banfield - I have used Wrench in the past when my car wouldn't start. Instead of me doing trial and error on the problem, running back and forth to the parts store the Wrench tech came and quickly resolved the issue. Great service.
  • 7900 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle • Phinney Ridge
    Tom Laramee - Matt's always takes the time to explain what they're going to do, how long it will take, and how much it will cost (and they're quite accurate).
    Wendy Quast - They are always professional, on time, reasonably priced and their customer service is wonderful.
    Jessica Bryant - Matt is awesome and honest. Takes great care of my car. I go to the second location on Aurora - it's brand new and plenty of parking.
  • 616 Battery St, Seattle • Belltown
    Shauna Swerland Youssefnia - super efficient- easy - fast
    Andrew Bohrer - I am not passionate about getting my car washed. That said, Pink Elephant does a good job, it is worth the money, and everyone else is no better than relying on rain. Also, the Deny Triangle liquor store is next to their downtown location, one of the nicer selections in Seattle.
    Steve Banfield - Fast and efficient every time.
    recommended by Carly Canter, Tonya Peck
  • 1513 NE 145th St, Seattle • Lake City
    Carly Canter - Affordable car wash, great for the environment and they are practically everywhere!
    Kirby Winfield - The Beary Best!
    Susan Stocker - I love that they make an effort to be green, conveniently located, take considerable pride in their business (those bear statues cannot be inexpensive) that makes it fun and pretty to drive through, and their monthly pass is only $22 (unlimited). We use them for our company cars, my personal cars, and the employees remember things (such as I don't like the hand held cleaning brush used on my car).
  • 4333 Leary Way NW, Seattle • Ballard
    Carl Haynes - Had the car (1998 Honda CRV) towed here the last couple times it broke down. They did a good job getting it back up and running
    Ryan Burt - Excellent service and super trustworthy!
    Jeff Malek - Best service in Seattle, after having tried many!
  • 1426 23rd Ave, Seattle • Central District
    Omar Shahine - Super convenient and well located
    Patrick O'Donnell - I feel like I do a better job than the machine in the self-serve here, though it's a race against the clock to finish quickly with the meter running.
    Darrell - Easy location and usually not too busy.
    recommended by Bill Carr
  • 2437 6th Ave S, Seattle • Industrial District
    Amy Woidtke - I love love love the folx at RR! Eli and their team are fantastic! They are honest, fair and educating. They operate with radical honesty, transparency and are striving to change the way folx experience car repair and maintenance.

    I love their diverse, multi-gendered team and fantastic wait lobby with coffee, tea and snacks- great for working, reading and waiting.

    They also offer Workshops so you can learn about caring for your car and DIY maintenance.

    RR is LGBTQ owned and operated, and they give back a minimum of 5 percent annual profits into the community.
    Tony Wright - Amazingly organized/communicative mechanics with mostly female mechanics.
    Stephen Nash - My dear friend, Eli Allison, owns/operates Repair Revolution. His staff is incredibly helpful and the service that they provide has exceeded my expectations. I just recommended RR to a friend at work and she was also thrilled with their work and customer service.
    recommended by Charlie Hall
  • 810 NE Northgate Way, Seattle • Northgate
    Erin McDonald - My husband and I have both got new tires from here! They give it to you straight with the "discount/cheapest" option and work their way up to recommending the middle tier of tires. I appreciate not being pushed to get the most expensive and learning the difference between ratings of the cheapest and middle tier.
    Ben Shorr - Excellent work. Do your research first. They will mount and balance tires that you purchase 3rd party. They also fix flats and rotate free.
    recommended by Mike Bohlander, Matthew
  • 3801 SW Alaska St, Seattle • West Seattle
    Carly Canter - I have purchased all the tires for the many cars I have had. They also offer a great deal on brake work and batteries with up to a 7 year warranty on most services.
    Gary Lundgren - They have patched multiple tires for free for me. Sold me tires without trying to up sell and are quick and thorough.
    Aren Kaser - If you aren't from the NW you may not be familiar with Les Schwab. They used to give away free beef years ago to customers, kind of a NW tradition. The service, warranty, and additional support they supply for their shocks, struts, tires, and rims are unmatched by dealerships or small mechanic shops. I have taken every car there since I could drive for those four purchases.
  • 4401 4th Ave S, Seattle
    Steve Banfield - Got a new set of tires there recently. Took a while to find the tires in stock online but once ordered they came in quickly. The installation was simple and painless. Great service.
    Jay Bjorn - great store!
    recommended by Amy Barker


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Amy Posner Wolff
about 2 months ago • Mercer Island
Hello Fresh Chalkers, I need a recommendation for a quality, reasonable body shop. My car was hit while parked and I need the front fender repaired...
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Daniel Robbins
3 months ago • Columbia City
It's that time! Our daughter is fifteen and at some point she'll want to do more than TikTok. Ideally located near Columbia City/Seward Park, unles...
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Heather Redman
6 months ago • Downtown
I don't know how to drive apparently.
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Lawrence Lerner
6 months ago • Queen Anne
Does anyone have recommendations to have a BMW serviced in Seattle? Thanks!
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Kim Tennican
6 months ago • Greenlake
I'm looking for local independent shops in the Green Lake/Roosevelt/Phinney/Ballard/Greenwood area like Larsons or All Volvo. Or has anyone tried y...
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Susan Stocker
8 months ago • Seattle
I love my detailer, but I don't want to wait in the shop during COVID for it be done or risk taking an Uber back home while it's being detailed. Th...
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