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10 Best Seattle Pediatricians

  • 7554 15th Ave NW, Seattle • Ballard
    Carl Haynes - Have taken the kids here their whole lives. Dr. Bowe is our primary Dr. but all have been wonderful.
    Matthew Berk - Took my son here for years. Healthy as a horse!
    Dana Silverman - Dr. Denae Nakoneczny is amazing! Very trustworthy and always has time to listen and make suggestions with an open mind.
  • 7554 15th Ave NW, Seattle • Ballard
    Ryan Burt - Great doctor, super nice guy, local Seattle guys too which I like! Would not take our kids anywhere else.
    Rebekah Bastian - Dr. Allen is great. He doesn't get you panicked about kid issues, but is still really thorough about diagnosing things.
    Robert Crimmins - Dr. Allen is terrific with kids and strikes the right balance between conservative and progressive approaches. He was the ped for both of our daughters while they were growing up. I highly recommend him.
    recommended by Jason Kono, Laura Van Horne, Cheryl
  • 904 7th Ave, Seattle • First Hill
    Vaneeta - Dr. Lindsay is fantastic and is the voice of reason any new/paranoid parent needs. She patiently listens to the list of questions we bring and provides great answers that ease our concerns. Our son loves her and we feel so lucky to have her as his doctor.
    Piragash - She’s right a lot. Very caring. Smartest pediatrician I’ve met.
    Melinda Torres - My kids love her! Having kids not be afraid of going to the doctor is fantastic.
  • 904 7th Ave, Seattle • First Hill
    Kirby Winfield - Dr. Spector was roommates with John Belushi in college. The funny rubbed off on him! But what really matters is Dr. Spector's dedication to his patients. He never takes a day off, he works overtime to help his sickest kids, and he's there when you need him (like, when our daughter was born a month early, with Down syndrome, and emergency surgery, and the neonatal ICU, he was THERE to help us process, and assure us we and the hospital were doing the right things). Dr. Spector has been a stalwart resource for both our kids and we are fortunate to have found him!
    Dan Shapiro - A genius and a kind heart, if you can stand the bad jokes.
    Steve Carver - Amazing Doctor. Unfortunately he is retired now.
    recommended by Larry Cohen, Brian Schultz
  • 4575 Sand Point Way NE 108, Seattle • Laurelhurst
    Sara Eizen - I've been taking my twin boys to see Dr. Jackson for 7 years - he's GREAT with the boys and love that he also has the parent perspective.
    Adam MacBeth - Ben listens to parents and is very gentle with kids. Highly recommended!
    Jana Riggan - He's great!
  • 410 9th Ave 4th Floor, Seattle • First Hill
    Gary Lundgren - Really knowledgeable, friendly and reassuring. Understands babies and toddlers.
  • 904 7th Ave, Seattle • First Hill
    Piragash - Loved by infants and toddlers, when it comes to pediatric medicine, she’s a baller.
    Josh Barnard - I have two children (4 and 7) that have been seeing Hathaway since they were born. She's kind, caring, great with the kids, and patient when answering questions.
    Libby - Dr. Hathaway is amazing. She is brilliant, so gentle and kind with our kid and a good listener.
    recommended by David Pierce, Danielle Lobo
  • 2671 NE 46th St, Seattle • University District
    Stuart Nagae - Great group of pediatricians. Can always get in when we need to.
    Garin Wedeking - Always looking out for the kiddos first, but also understands that the parents wants and needs are part of the package
  • 2671 NE 46th St, Seattle • Laurelhurst
    Maria Hess - Really like Dr Tom. Also like that Virginia Mason refers to Children's Hospital (best kids hospital care in Seattle) vs Swedish/Prov.
    Ernie Climenson - Both are kids go to Dr Numrych who is great with kids and is very communicative.
  • 7554 15th Ave NW, Seattle • Ballard
    Carl Haynes - We love our Ballard Pediatrics
    Stuart Marshall - Ballard Pediatrics and David Bowe in particular are great. Our kids have been going there for years. We switched to BP when our first pediatrician retired. We checked out a bunch of options and asked friends for recommendations. BP checked out well. We've been very happy with their care.
    recommended by Danna Redmond

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