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Berkwood Farms Hot Dogs

Berkwood Farms Hot Dogs

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about 1 year ago
I love hot dots. Love 'em. It's a food group for me. And honestly, I've always been a Nathan's girl. I love a Sabrett's too. Costco knows what's up. Anything in a dirty water cart, usually makes me happy. So when I got these hot dogs that were at our local farmer's market, I figured I'd be disappointed, but at least I'd be supporting regional and eating something from a good farm. Oh. My. God. Life affirming, if a hot dog can do that for you. We got addicted to a Pigs In A Blanket diet before the market stopped selling them for some reason. But fear not, they ship. And it's worth it. I buy them $50/shipment. And we freeze them or binge. So worth it. So this Memorial Day, I give you: the best hot dog ever. You're welcome!
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