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10 Best Seattle Electricians

  • 2442 NW Market St 599, Seattle • Ballard
    Omar Shahine - They have done a bunch of electrical work for us and have worked out really well.
    Melinda Torres - They are pros and do a great job.
    Jennilyn Edrosa - Recently had them install a 240V in our garage for our new electric car. They were super professional and easy to work with. Will definitely work with them again.
    recommended by Beach Blvd, Adam Tratt
  • 11036 8th Ave NE, Seattle • Pinehurst
    Ian Lurie - Seatown installed a mini-split HVAC in my garage and redid the wiring to match.

    When the city inspector came, she took one look and said, "Oh, Seatown did it. They do great work."

    She did the inspection and the install passed with flying colors.

    That's the best recommendation I can think of.
    recommended by Michael Mattmiller
  • 19233 Ashworth Ave N, Shoreline
    Liz Pearce - Great experience with these guys on a small job. With Wirecraft you always pay a $79 transportation fee, but for that they will come on site, provide an estimate, and do the work right away if possible. I recently used them for hanging a chandelier. The electrician got stuck in traffic and was a bit late, but he called to let me know and did a small freebie project to thank me for understanding. I will definitely use them again!
    Sara Eizen - Super hard to find electricians to come do small jobs - Wirecraft will!
  • 825 S Stacy St, Seattle • Industrial District
    Nathan Bennett - Well staffed with qualified employees! Highly recommend!
  • 1148 NW 50th St, Seattle • Ballard
    Josh Barnard - Kemly has done some smaller jobs for me at a couple of homes. They were always professional and did good work, though they were not cheap.
    Paloma Hennessy - I was able to make an appointment to come switch out some fixtures for the same week. Electrician was on time and friendly.
    recommended by Adam MacBeth
  • 3418 15th Ave W, Seattle • Interbay
    Michelle Flandreau - Luke is such a fantastic guy - always on time, on budget and fast.
  • 22612 92nd Ave W, Edmonds
    Ben Shorr - Frankie did some work on my house 10 years ago - all good work.
  • 827 S Director St, Seattle • South Park
    Patrick O'Donnell - I used Keithly to wire my garage to charge my EV. There were recommended by a neighbor that had used them to do the same, and they were quick to reply and do the work, and their price seemed fair.
  • 2212 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle • Queen Anne
    recommended by Bill Carr
  • 2315 N 65th St, Seattle • Greenlake
    Libby - High quality work, always on time & on budget.

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Anne Gravrock
about 2 months ago • Madison Park
We are looking for a reliable and available electrician to do some work in Madison Park. We have a detached garage with old electric that is not wo...
3 replies
about 2 months ago
Sara Eizen I HIGHLY recommend @Wire_Craft - they are GREAT!!!! Let them know Sara Eizen sent you.
Brock Hutchinson Reed Hey Anne, Check out any of these. I had this list for myself and got these from my bro in Laws who have a remodel Co.
Mirsky Electric- Matt Morningstar​ - (206) 931-4395‬) - ​
John Pierce I recommend Ken Lanter of Lanter Electric, 206-498-0869