10 Best Seattle Electricians

  • 2442 NW Market St 599, Seattle • Ballard
    Ryan Bruss - I needed some GFCI outlets installed and my breaker panel looked at. The outlets were a quick change and the electrician gave me lots of info about the panel. He could have recommended changing it and I probably would have done it, but it's a big expense and gave me his honest opinion that it probably doesn't need to be changed, but that I should keep an eye on it. I appreciate that he told my what he would do if it was his house.
    Omar Shahine - They have done a bunch of electrical work for us and have worked out really well.
    Jessica M Shapiro - Mirsky Electric did a complete knob and tube replacement in our home. They also upgraded the electrical panel and meter, and wired for low voltage data and speakers. They were great with scheduling and communications leading up to and during the project (thank you Matt).

    The crew were professional, fast, and were great communicators. The work was finished ahead of schedule and on budget.

    Highly recommend.
  • 19233 Ashworth Ave N, Shoreline
    Liz Pearce - Great experience with these guys on a small job. With Wirecraft you always pay a $79 transportation fee, but for that they will come on site, provide an estimate, and do the work right away if possible. I recently used them for hanging a chandelier. The electrician got stuck in traffic and was a bit late, but he called to let me know and did a small freebie project to thank me for understanding. I will definitely use them again!
    Sara Eizen - Super hard to find electricians to come do small jobs - Wirecraft will!
    Laura - An electrician that does smaller (and larger) residential jobs, shows up on time, and does pristine work. In evaluating other jobs the team does a great job of walking you through different ways to tackle it and the pros and cons of each solution.
  • 11036 8th Ave NE, Seattle • Pinehurst
    Vanessa Laughlin - Love the team at SeaTown-- they did a wonderful job doing a FULL electrical re-wiring in our 1927 home earlier this year. Not an easy task. Really nice group of guys on the crew, and their leader Brent was super professional. Great communication from the front office, too.
    Ian Lurie - Seatown installed a mini-split HVAC in my garage and redid the wiring to match.

    When the city inspector came, she took one look and said, "Oh, Seatown did it. They do great work."

    She did the inspection and the install passed with flying colors.

    That's the best recommendation I can think of.
    recommended by Michael Mattmiller
  • 825 S Stacy St, Seattle • Industrial District
    Eva Monsen - Had a bunch of electrical work done - install a level 2 car charger, LED can lights, move the dryer circuit to another room, add outlets in the garage. The workers were prompt and professional. They returned twice at no charge: once when the inspector found an issue, and once to replace a wonky/blinky light fixture they had worked on.
    Nathan Bennett - Well staffed with qualified employees! Highly recommend!
    Susan O'Neil - I ended up using As You Wish Electric based on a recommendation and was very pleased with the crew.
    recommended by ERICA JORGENSEN
  • 1148 NW 50th St, Seattle • Ballard
    Adam MacBeth - Kemly came out the same day when everyone else was weeks out. Solved our electrical issues quickly and with reasonable pricing.
    Josh Barnard - Kemly has done some smaller jobs for me at a couple of homes. They were always professional and did good work, though they were not cheap.
    Paloma Hennessy - I was able to make an appointment to come switch out some fixtures for the same week. Electrician was on time and friendly.
  • 1003 S 197th St, Des Moines
    Steven Chayer - Ed Hlavacek, the owner of Benchmark Services, performed all of the electrical work for our American Dance Institute Magnolia dance studio project in 2020. He was competitively priced and very communicative, especially during the COVID pandemic shut down, and when reopening when ours, his and everyone's schedules were very difficult to navigate.

    Once construction was allowed to resume, Ed finished up his work promptly and did an awesome job. He is very easy to talk to, very detailed, and as I said excellent at communications.

    I've hired him again to perform the electrical work in our new Wedgwood studio location. I highly recommend him to you!
    Troy Dennis - We had Benchmark do several small electrician projects inside and outside our house and we were very happy with them.
  • 11300 25th Ave NE, Seattle • Greenwood
    Gonzalo Colo - Zack at Exact Electric is a great electrician. I highly recommend for all your electric needs.
    Nils Christian - Zach at Exact, as well as their whole team are incredible. We have been working with them on residential and commercial projects for many years; and intend to keep working with them for many more.
  • 19233 Ashworth Ave N, Shoreline
    Laura - They guys have now done a full re-lighting job of my kitchen (that included installing can lights in a 12+ ft ceiling), re-wired appliances after the contractor involved before I bought the place did some less than-stellar work, and re-did some bathroom lighting. This is all in a 1960's condo building with some really "special" set up. Not only was the work done perfectly but all of the rooms were left spotlessly clean. I don't know how they did that...but they did! Oh, and they come on time and exactly when they say they will.
  • 2315 N 65th St, Seattle • Greenlake
    Libby - High quality work, always on time & on budget.
  • 8119 240th St SW suite a, Edmonds • Bitter Lake
    Daniel Lindsey - This is a good company. With a fast response time. If I remember right the company has a Master Electrical Engineer running the show. They are smart and very very experienced.
    recommended by Elizabeth Friesen