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Best Bellevue Real Estate Pros

  • 4010 140th Ave SE, Bellevue
    Matt Gamboa - I used On The Go Moving when I moved back to Seattle from Austin. I had leveraged two moving pods from U-Pack and needed to get them unloaded and into my new house. Scot from the company set me up with a quote for two movers that were competitive and affordable and ended up being $340 for 3 hours.

    I would recommend them. But I was also targeting 2 hours to stay in the budget, so I wasn't particularly happy that it conveniently took exactly 3 hours and ended up getting charged an extra hour I didn't plan for. This wouldn't have been as skeptical to me if the time wasn't exactly 3 hours. All-in-all, that's what happens with movers and I would put them in consideration next time I move.
  • 11235 SE 6th Street, Suite 130
    Liz Pearce - Charlie was super professional, proactive, and fast when I worked with him recently. He's taken over the family practice from his dad Wally, who I worked with in the past. Charlie learned his trade at the knee of a master!
  • Pepper's Personal Assistants - Experience: Have not used yet but Bernice found, for clients looking for a seamless move from one house to the next. Contact: Laurie (Bernice)
    Hilary Massee Clark - Laurie and team are amazing!
  • 10900 NE 8th Street, Suite 780
    Cassie Walker Johnson - Trevor and his team are top notch when ensuring what our clients get the best product, the best service and commitment to close on time!
  • 305 108th Ave NE, Bellevue
    recommended by Hadi Partovi
  • 100 116th Ave SE, Bellevue
    recommended by Newcastle Life
  • 11400 SE 6th St 100, Bellevue
    recommended by Newcastle Life
  • 11100 Main St 200, Bellevue
    recommended by Newcastle Life
  • 505 106th Ave NE 210, Bellevue
    Natalie Steck - Peter Mann is THE MANN! If you need someone who knows Seattle Real Estate he's your Mann (pun intended).
  • 14405 SE 36th St 100, Bellevue
    Tom Murphy - If you are looking to do anything in Bellevue, particularly Somerset, Stephanie knows all!


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Snezana Popovic
about 1 month ago • Maple Leaf
Hello, can someone please recommend a lawyer specializing in landlord/tenant issues, in Seattle? Thanks
4 replies
about 1 month ago
Snezana Popovic Sadly, I am the landlord in this case.
Cassie Walker Johnson HI Snezana - I would definitely recommend Randy Redford with Puckett & Redford. As a property manager for 9 years, he was our go to legal source for all things Landlord related. Good luck!
Snezana Popovic Thanks, Cassie. I will definitely check Randy out.