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Justin Gough
about 24 hours ago • Wallingford
I have a new sink and show facet to install and I would love to find a handy man or company that can help. I am hoping to avoid a plumber because t...
2 replies
about 24 hours ago
Adam Loving Kelly at "The Fixit Sisters" (see reviews here) helped me with a troublesome faucet about a year ago.
Stuart Marshall Don Anderson is a good option: 206-909-7369
Don has done a lot of good work for me over the years
Jen Hope
2 days ago • Queen Anne
I'm looking to buy a guitar as a holiday gift and would like to try and buy local. Any suggestions?
6 replies
about 4 hours ago
Scott Porad +1 to Dusty Strings in Fremont. Or, Emerald City Guitars in Pioneer Square.
Daniel Lindsey Moore Brothers Music
Its where I bought my last axe

Also Guitar center in Redmond is pretty good. That's where my buddy gets his. If I remember right, they carried some pretty nice Les Pauls
Tom Laramee It would help to know a couple of things: (1) acoustic vs electric (2) for an adult vs for a child and (3) new vs used. Dusty Strings is a wonderful shop, but they specialize in acoustic instruments. I think they have a handful of electric guitars, but the overwhelming selection will all be acoustic. They also have a "Baby Taylor" or two, which is an acoustic guitar that's ideal for a child to begin learning (it's just a 3/4 scaled down version of a full-sized acoustic guitar and they're super easy/fun to play). Their staff is great and you can sit in there for hours and play as many guitars as you'd like before deciding.

If you want a massive selection and lots of price variance, The Trading Musician would be a great place to check out. It's mostly electric but I'm pretty sure they'll have a lot of both. They carry both new & used. Prepare to be overwhelmed with choices.

Emerald City Guitars specializes in vintage guitars, which I think would be ideal if you're looking for a vintage guitar (but not so much if you're looking for a new guitar). I also think they lean electric, meaning they have a handful of acoustic but many more electric.
Gail Borod Giacobbe
4 days ago • Madison Park
I'm looking for a way to support local businesses by ordering gift baskets to deliver to work colleagues. Edible treats. Local crafts. Wine. Etc. A...
11 replies
about 8 hours ago
Kim Rachmeler Intentionalist has a holiday gift guide from businesses locally-owned by women, people of color, veterans, LGBTQ, families, and differently abled people:
Kim Rachmeler You can also support local Pike Place Market vendors through their Christmas marketplace.
Amy Woidtke I second Intentionalist as a great resource for buying and supporting local, small biz, BIPOC, LGBTQ, veteran, women and disability-owned businesses.

You can search by state, city and type of shop, store, restaurant, etc.

Intentionalist itself is an LGBTQ, woman owned and local site.
Katie Drucker
6 days ago • Laurelhurst
I have an antique gold ring that is in need of some repair. Does anyone have a recommendation of a good jeweler who fixes older pieces? Thx!
7 replies
about 20 hours ago
Dawn Sabin
did a beautiful job on an antique ring that I had. And the prices can't be beat for a personal jeweler.
Lawrence Lerner Green Lake Jewelry Works. Amazing shop. Their repair lab is bigger than most jewelry stores. It's worth going in to see. They've done great work for me.
Linda Chow I would also recommend Green Lake Jewelry, which was recommended to me by a prominent jewelry shop owner. They did a seamless job with an ornate ring band that I needed to resize.
Edward Yim
7 days ago • Bellevue
The HDMI cable for my home theater broke. I need someone to either fix the end connector which broke or run a new cable through the wall. Any help...
3 replies
6 days ago
Steve Dossick Something small like that might be a good job for Capitol Hill handyman? Alternately you can probably purchase your own cable, protect the end with tape, and use the existing bad cable to pull the new cable through the wall...
Adam Doppelt Agreed - start with a handyman or try to do it yourself. I'm not great at this, but I've managed to pull a cable or two. It's not too hard, assuming there is some room in the wall. Google "how to pull cable". If you need a true home automation professional, I recommend Wipliance. They can fix your whole setup no matter how complicated, including hardware, electrical, etc for $$$.
Detlef Schrempf Have had the same issue and thought about doing it myself and was told it was not hard but this was not encouraging -
We were having some electrical work done anyways and the electrician was able to pull the cable through the drywall. Better off paying a professional :)

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