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Sanjay Puri
about 2 hours ago • Bellevue
After 19 years in Seattle, it seems like we'll need to bite the bullet and install air-conditioning this summer (thank you Coronavirus). Any recomm...
Jessica M Shapiro
1 day ago • Montlake
I'm looking for a caterer who could do a COVID-safe outdoor dinner. It will be about 17 people (including 6 kids) in 5 different clusters that will...
3 replies
21 minutes ago
Shauna Swerland Youssefnia Gourmondo catering call Alissa
Kristen Cole Madres Kitchen -
Women owned. Farm fresh.
We've been doing weekly meals since March and have a safe, cautious system in place that allows our food to shine and you to enjoy without worry.
Email -
Liz Pearce I've tasted the Madres Kitchen food and it's delicious! Also personally know @MadresMama and she's great :)
Liz Pearce
3 days ago • Montlake
Hi, FC friends! My favorite local yoga studio, Ritual House, is on a (hopefully temporary) schedule break and I need to find a new option quickly. ...
7 replies
32 minutes ago
Kristy Morrison I am absolutely obsessed with the Peloton app. For $13/month you get yoga, meditation, cycling, walking (outdoors), running (treadmill), cycling, strength training, bootcamp... all the classes basically. Also a friend of mine created and it's so great! Not exactly what you're looking for if you wanted local virtual options but there they are regardless :)
Kathleen Baxley My friends like Not local but they rave about her.
Steven A. Chayer This is a very impressive organization, Liz.
Lisa Mesplay
6 days ago • Federal Way
Has anybody worked with an HVAC company to install a multi-split system in your home? We have a modest 1968 bi-level and we don't want to do centra...
5 replies
21 minutes ago
Steve Dossick Not sure how far south they work, but greenwood heating and air takes great care of us. Many of their sales folks are former technicians so are pretty knowledgeable on the various options to fit your home.
Dan Sundgren Glendale Heating is the best and they are right there in Des Moines and do a ton of work in the south sound.
Lisa Mesplay Thank you so much for the recommendations, everyone! I will add them to my short list. I appreciate your kindness in taking the time to respond. True July weather is coming!
Kenji Sazanami
6 days ago • Wallingford
Doesn't necessarily have to be specialists, but there's a few levels involved.
3 replies
3 days ago
Newcastle Life Try Rainier Fencing and Decking. They're great and local.
Liz Pearce My friend @gondo1a just worked with 12 Decks & Fences and had a great experience!
Snezana Popovic I recommend Dogwood Designs & Landscaping which is a small local company. The owner is Sam Hyde and he is great to work with. I recommended him on FreshChalk based on fence and pavers work he did for us and several people already used him for decks and provided very positive feedback after.

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